A bowl half - empty?

The 'Cobb Road Dog Park'
Our best - kept secret?
No mention of Rotary Mount Eliza, our Club and Members?
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.. 'grassy fenced area with two big shady gum trees and eight smaller trees which don't really offer much shade'. [We could not afford mature ones @ $5,000 + each] .

There is no water tap and to compensate dog owners have provided some metal water bowls for the dogs and replenish a milk grate [sic] which is full of plastic bottles with water. It's good manners to help to keep these bottles full of water. There is a seat someone has brought along and a bin in the north-east corner. No doggy bags are provided. [!!] The area outside the fenced area is not leash-free. [It is not part of the Park and is on COBB ROAD!!]. indecision
We are delighted by the efforts of our Members [and MPSC] to achieve such progress ... especially during the perpetual lockdown?... and being appreciated for what it is. A few months back there was no facility. YOUR local Club is a key participant in this development.
We agree / admit The Park [being a Work -in - Progress] is not easy to find, but it is utilised greatly. Rotary and MPSC have not finished YET? No! Rotary is a Service Club, and like ROME, this long - needed facility will not be built in a Day. We jest that Rotary Mount Eliza 'could have' provided all the trees, waited FIFTEEN Years, then discovered that the land had dog - free housing on it. wink
The ROTARY contributions have reduced costs and the lead -  laugh time for our Community. Daily we see this 'new' dedicated green space and Community gathering place, with dogs, adults and children. We do admit, that as well as not always providing the comforts expected by dogs.... the name 'COBB ROAD DOG PARK' may be unintentionally misleading; dogs aren't supplied either crying
These projects are like Hungarian Goulash: FIRST, steal one chicken, [just don't give the bones to the dogs].
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Our Member of the Month

James Voss is a nuclear engineer who has dedicated his career to the protection of the environment and the safe management of nuclear materials.  Mr. Voss is a dedicated supporter of secondary and tertiary education with firm knowledge that education is the path to better social outcomes.  He has chaired Australian and American foundations and has raised millions of dollars for this cause.  
To our delight, James [having attended a number of our pre - lockdown and ZOOM meetings] was sponsored by our Secretary Pauline Mc Farlane and welcomed on 21 May 2021. James' 'official' induction was at our Fiftieth Anniversary Event mid - Year. He is uniquely suited to his agreed role with Rotary Mount Eliza inasmuch as it involves the development of a stronger link between Rotary and Secondary students in District 9820... and beyond. Jim was welcomed by our outgoing [non - related] President Sue Voss.
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Rotary exists because of the Community

Rotary in Australia was charternd one hundred Years ago here in Melbourne. Subsequently, our organisation has spread throughout  the Country. Rotary is not a bank. We are a service club and to that end we support our communities. Commonly, we provide labour, materials, logistical support and equipment according to our ability. Clubs are formed into Districts; the Mount Eliza Club is in District 9820, governed and coordinated by Bill Degnan from Traralgon. 
Every Rotary Club pays its own expenses by member subscription. Not ONE penny of the funds we raise is kept; the entirety of our raised income is provided to our projects. We rely on the expertise of our Members to facilitate the administration of our Club via donated time and service. You may imagine the paid staff needed to run a COMPANY of our size [around sixty people]. 
When the demands are great, Bill and his team ensure that we all provide all we can, and avoid the duplication of purposes.This process was on show during both the Gippsland fires, then the floods. Mount Eliza supplied knitted clothing, power and manual tools and appliances, power generator sets, school supplies and household goods. 
When there is major action, like the Fires and Floods in Gippsland and the Earthquake in New Zealand, the dedication and liaison between District, our Club, Emergency Services and other Clubs has to be seen. [We add apart from the Local CFA and Bunnings] …. Another Gratitude Award must go to Victoria Police Mornington. Year in, Year out.
Our close relationships with OfficeWorks and Bunnings facilitated both gratis and discounted supplies to be delivered. Indeed, we are fortunate enough to have Rowan [Biggles] Miller as a Member, 16 Years and going strong. Not only does Rowan own a transport Company, handy for State - wide pick up and delivery of donated goods, Rowan is also an Air Ambulance pilot!
When not otherwise engaged, Rowan can be discovered at our scheduled Farmers‘ Markets in Mount Eliza overseeing our barbecue and related equipment. You‘ll know Rowan by his perennial shorts and Hi - vis top. Come over and HELLO him. smiley
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A Little Humour 

The Cat may need explaining to us….
In China, the Peoples’ Republic of China surprise has a program called 9 9 6 meaning ‘working 9 am to 9 pm 6 days per week’.
Beware ‘Peoples’ and The Democratic Republic of …… as a title of ANY Country.
Dare I say, the Asians seem to have a proclivity for slogans, maybe the slogan has a Life cycle. 
In The REPUBLIC of Singapore one sees, from time to time ‘Speak more Mandarin an less dialects’.
So, two problems: It is grammatically incorrect [speak FEWER dialects] and it is only displayed in English
I do now need to explain Tâng Píng [LYING FLAT] . The PEOPLE who do not wish to be 9 9 6 ….. 🤣 ‘lie flat’, that is, do nothing, opt out, go for coffee, watch FOXTEL…. The effect of LIE FLAT is spreading ho, ho, and is a really unthinkable action to the ‘People’; the equivalent of switching to rugby.
The picture of the cat with the bag on its head? Opting out of opting out? All too hard? A panic attack? A Peking Cat? 
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October Update

Some good news from the Foundation in that our District Grant for the improvements at the off leash dog park in Cobb Rd has been approved and the Student Scholarship grant is also likely to be approved. We are also seeking applicants for the revamped RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) program to be held in January. We are looking for 18 – 30yo people with leadership ambitions in their vocations/community interest who can spend 5 days on this program.
It appears our community in Victoria is in for a rocky road ahead as we adjust to living with COVID and the restrictions it puts on us. At least the many of the sports lovers can get back to outdoor sports – even the golfers! Let’s hope the vaccination level gets to 90% as quickly as possible and stay safe everyone.
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