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Sep 22, 2020
Palliative Care/ Advanced Care/ Assisted Dying
Sep 29, 2020
Oct 06, 2020
Third World Survival in this COVID-19 Challenged Environment
Oct 13, 2020
Author: 'The New Social Contract'. Major Funraising Event. Please invite Family & Friends
Oct 20, 2020
History of the Zither in Australia
Oct 27, 2020
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Our Future - Community Webinar
Oct 13, 2020
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Nov 11, 2020
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Meeting Responsibilities September 22
Rew, David
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Morris, Linda
Meeting Responsibilities October 6
Selth, Maurie
Three Minute Speaker - Chloe Holmes, Exchange Student
Meeting Responsibilities - October 13
Young, Jim
Meeting Responsibilities - October 20
McCauley, Kay
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Angerer, Chris
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Horscroft, John
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President's Message
Sue Voss
member photo
Hi everybody
I would like to thank Rotarian Phil Dressing who conducted our Club Visioning session at this week's Zoom meeting. In next week's column I will look at how we can go forward with this important work.
While on the subject of thanks, I am especially grateful to Rotarian Kay McCauley who has taken on the task of providing our weekly guest speakers. Working with and building on the excellent work of Judy Coultas, Kay is doing an outstanding job and I am sure that you all join with me in thanking her.
Keeping in mind that our Club's 50 Year Anniversary is just around the corner, may I again encourage Members, Honorary Members & Friends to recall some of the initiatives and projects that the Club has achieved over this period. Details, people involved, how the Club made a difference, ongoing legacy and the like are of great interest. Articles can be published in the Bulletin in either the Remember When column or as a stand alone story. People could also use their recollections as Three Minute Speakers.
Finally, may I remind everyone about our major fund-raising event for this half year - the 13 October Zoom Webinar with Tim Wilson, MP speaking about his new publication, "The New Social Contract". As Carolyn Such, our Fund Raising Director, has said we are aiming to maximise attendance at what promises to be a most interesting and newsworthy event. 
As we as encouraging all Members, Honorary Members, Friends and Rotarians from other District 9820 Clubs, I am asking all readers to invite at least four friends and family members to attend.
We are asking attendees to pay $25 per head, keeping in mind that this is our major fund raising effort and the fact that we have an outstanding guest speaker who has the potential to be a future Australian Prime Minister.
Until next time
Yours in Rotary
District Governor Mark Humphries and Past President Linda Humphries
Greetings to all Rotarian members at Mt Eliza and other readers of this Bulletin.
As many Rotarians would be aware, October is Rotary mental Health Month and we are holding a special "Lift the Lid" Afternoon Tea with Professor Felice Jacka.
Members from the RC of Mt Eliza heard last week's guest speaker Rachel Arthur mention the work of Professor Jacka in her talk about the impact of nutrition on mental health.
On Saturday 10 October from 3.00 pm until 4.00 pm Felice will talk on a Zoom webinar about her research into diet and mental health.
Professor Jacka has pioneered and led a highly innovative program of international research that examines how individuals' diets interact with the risk for mental health programs. Following her presentation, Felice will take questions.
I encourage all Rotarians and Friends to join us for this wonderful opportunity to hear a world renowned speaker who has dedicated her career to mental health and to consider making a donation to Australian Rotary Health.
The link that allows people to register for the Zoom webinar is 7-YjXDvES-K6MAuERa5jvg
Donations to Australian Rotary Health can also be made by clicking on this link
Professor Felice Jacka
Until next time
Warm regards
Mark & Linda
Guest Speaker Phil Dressing Sets the Scene
Our Club had thirty-one members present to hear Rotarian Phil Dressing from the Rotary Club of San Remo-Phillip Island set out the strategy behind and steps to be followed in the Club Visioning process.
Phil's talk generated a lot of interest and discussion, with President Sue emphasising that she wants to see a ground up approach to this important change initiative.
What will our Club look like in five years? Over the next few months we will decide on how we approach this question. If we decide to proceed with Club Visioning (which the Editor hopes we will) we will need to come together for an exercise that will take approximately four hours.
Phil has provided two email address where he can be contacted - and
What we learn from 'the Law'
Ross Schweitzer presents:
On occasion, circumstances converge that at first sight seem unrelated. Witness President Sue Voss' initiative with 'Visioning' and its concept explanation. Visioning encourages us to develop where we'd imagine, not where we may wind up by default. As was said by Dev Patel 'everything will turn out all right in the end; if it is not all right then clearly you have not reached the end'.
If we buy a plant and leave it un- planted, it will die. Worse, if having planted it, we keep digging it up to check for root growth, it will die. This is known as Ross' First Law of Gardening. There is a basis of precedence, with no need for 'No, but what if...?'
My Second Exhibit, as Happenstance has it, relates to ordering the transportation and taking delivery of ten barrels of ale.
The effect that 'the past' has on our day - to - day lives; asks 'does it perpetuate itself'? Those ten barrels of ale were contracted for delivery by a Public House owner named 'Archer' to his friend 'Giles', for delivery to 'The Old Sheep' Tavern in Linton, England. for the sum of eleven Pence. Although arriving safely, one of the barrels split during unloading, so Archer withheld one Penny and a ha' penny in payment. Giles sued. Hizonner ruled in favour of Archer, saying that 'delivery' meant safe delivery. The Year was 1446. From this precedent we are covered when ordering goods, online or otherwise. Is anyone ordering wine this week?
But I digress: Our past may influence our future; it does not dictate it. 'We've never done it that way before.....'. We do not 'go boldly ...' Star Trek .... because 'go boldly' is a split infinitive; we just go. ROTARY in its short history has acquired many fiefdoms and sacred cows; decisions open to interpretation by vested interests in most Clubs. The Giles versus Archer case was settled before 'the morn' sitting and decision well before the fore - noon time'. At which time refreshment was provided to the Parties by Archer.
Our Club does not need to look back nearly six hundred Years to establish an initiative flexibly commenced by a number of other Clubs. Not that we need their approbation; it is some comfort to have touchstones and the support of our District Governor Mark Humphries et. al. We must show our Fearless President Sue that she has our full support. [Don't start me on fulsome; that means 'less than complete'] and has been mangled by the 'media' and unfortunately ScoMo. We must be able to grow, like my lime tree; unlike the camellia.
Be in good health.
my regards,
Crazy Dave Wine Sale on Again
Treasurer Chris Angerer reports:
Hi everyone - it is Crazy Dave Sale again!
Remember the Wines from last year?
Pfeiffer had sold out within 24 hours of their original Crazy Dave sale lot.
However especially for RCME they have put together attached alternative, but for Red only!
Delivery to all individuals (that is: all individual members that order from our club. So no issue re 5km and lockdown rules for our members) is included, as long as we supply delivery addresses!
Also please note:

Pfeiffer Wines will donate $6 of every pack sold to the GI Cancer Institute.  As a very special and generous act, a philanthropist in Sydney is also DOUBLING any donation made to the Institute in September.

That means they will receive an extra $6 for every case we order for GI Cancer research!!!!

Each case of 12  is $145, which includes $10 for Club fundraising!


  • e-mail me your order
  • number of cases and
  • a delivery address- Pfeiffer will deliver to your door, the delivery will be left outside, so please note where to leave ( ie ‘beside front door’)
  • Please pay correct amount to club account
  • BSB 633000 Acc no 152 498 093

Please note:

I will collate and forward order to Pfeiffer on Friday afternoon, so please forward all details to me by  this Friday 18th September 4pm to

Feedback on Bulletin
Following last week's story, thank you to those Rotarians who provided feedback on the Bulletin.
While two people said that they like the Bulletin as is has been, a number of people have made suggestions, including
  • it is too long
  • a majority of members have attended the weekly meeting and we don't need to recapitulate the talks of the guest and three minute speakers
  • some stories are too long and not really interesting
  • the Remember When column is a great initiative by President Sue and there should be more of it
  • stories for information only (eg Meals from Toorak and Weekly Zoom) should be truncated. 
  • there are too many jokes
This feedback is greatly appreciated and will be acted upon.
Remember When - 50 Years of the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza
Rotarian Ray Manchester joined Rotary in Traralgon and after many years service he transferred to the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza on 17 October 1995.
Ray chose to join Mt Eliza because Clarrie Heron, one of his close Rotarian colleagues in Traralgon, had a nephew who was a member of our Club: Our current Club Service Director Neil Heron.
Ray has promised to put pen to paper and write some of his favourite memories of our Club in next week's Bulletin.
A kindly reminder to members asking them to send the Editor their stories and recollections of our Club.
Further Memories from Graham Reid
Graham remembers that at the time of formation of our Club in 1971, the thought of starting a Club in a residential area with an evening meeting was a new and controversial concept.
The were only a few residential/ evening clubs in Rotary at that time, with most existing clubs being in cities and towns and with the majority meeting at lunchtimes.
Two members of the Rotary Club of Frankston who were great mates, District Governor John Emmerton and Wal Cubbin, initiated what would lead to the formation of the RC Mt Eliza. Both newsagents in Frankston, they called a meeting to gauge interest in February 1971.
After strong interest was shown at that meeting, they telephoned Mornington Rotarian Bill Parsons and persuaded him to become Charter Secretary.
Mornington was the Club that sponsored the formation of the Mt Eliza Club and both that Club and Frankston gave strong support as the early steps to chartering our Club took place.
Graham would like to recognise, give special gratitude to and thank three Rotarians in particular who, with their hard work and persistence, ensured the successful start of our Club:
  • John Emmerton, District Governor
  • Wal Cubbin, Charter President
  • Bill Parsons, Charter Secretary
Graham feels sure that these three would be pleased that our Club has measured up to our original Charter.
Laughter The Best Medicine
During a lesson on adjectives a teacher at Mt Eliza Primary School asked her class to describe their grandmothers. She explained that adjectives are describing words.
Little Johnny came out and said, "My grandmother is beautiful. She wears pretty clothes, always has a glowing smile and she has auburn hair."
The teacher was very impressed, especially with the use of the word auburn.
She asked Johnny, "How do you know that your grandmother's hair is auburn?"
He replied, "Well, that what is said on the box!"
The local church run retirement village was in uproar. Good Friday was approaching and each year on that holy day, old Jenkins, who was agnostic, took out his BBQ and cooked steaks.
The other residents were outraged that he would eat meat on this sacred day.
They complained to the Village Chaplin who took matters in hand. He went around to see Jenkins and had a lengthy conversation, explaining that he was getting on in life and that one day soon he could have a lot of explaining to do when he met his maker. He specifically explained that he should eat fish on Good Friday.
After several more visits Jenkins was convinced to be baptised. The whole village turned up at the church on Palm Sunday before Easter to see the Christening.
The Minister sprinkled holy water on his forehead and said, "You were born innocent, you were not raised in Christ, however you are now a Christian."
At lunchtime on Good Friday the villagers were astounded when Jenkins fired up his barbecue and threw on a steak.
They watched in amazement as he sprinkled some water on it and said, "You were born a cow, you were made into steak and now you are a fish!" 
Meals from TOORAK
As mentioned at this week's Zoom meeting, Toorak is looking at the use of reusable containers. When ordering you are asked to indicate whether or not this acceptable to you. Thanks to Bernie Edwards, David Rew and Rhonda Vincent who have already answered YES.
This week's meal from Toorak is: 
  • Crumbed Pork Schnitzel with scallop potato
  • Blueberry, apple and coconut crumble
The cost is $15 per meal cash on delivery
Order by emailing Jim Young by 11.30 am this Friday, 18 September. (
Kindly note that orders for the next two weeks will be delivered between 1.00 and 2.00 pm
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We meet at 6:00 PM Every Tuesday at Toorak College