Ross Schweitzer presents:
On occasion, circumstances converge that at first sight seem unrelated. Witness President Sue Voss' initiative with 'Visioning' and its concept explanation. Visioning encourages us to develop where we'd imagine, not where we may wind up by default. As was said by Dev Patel 'everything will turn out all right in the end; if it is not all right then clearly you have not reached the end'.
If we buy a plant and leave it un- planted, it will die. Worse, if having planted it, we keep digging it up to check for root growth, it will die. This is known as Ross' First Law of Gardening. There is a basis of precedence, with no need for 'No, but what if...?'
My Second Exhibit, as Happenstance has it, relates to ordering the transportation and taking delivery of ten barrels of ale.
The effect that 'the past' has on our day - to - day lives; asks 'does it perpetuate itself'? Those ten barrels of ale were contracted for delivery by a Public House owner named 'Archer' to his friend 'Giles', for delivery to 'The Old Sheep' Tavern in Linton, England. for the sum of eleven Pence. Although arriving safely, one of the barrels split during unloading, so Archer withheld one Penny and a ha' penny in payment. Giles sued. Hizonner ruled in favour of Archer, saying that 'delivery' meant safe delivery. The Year was 1446. From this precedent we are covered when ordering goods, online or otherwise. Is anyone ordering wine this week?
But I digress: Our past may influence our future; it does not dictate it. 'We've never done it that way before.....'. We do not 'go boldly ...' Star Trek .... because 'go boldly' is a split infinitive; we just go. ROTARY in its short history has acquired many fiefdoms and sacred cows; decisions open to interpretation by vested interests in most Clubs. The Giles versus Archer case was settled before 'the morn' sitting and decision well before the fore - noon time'. At which time refreshment was provided to the Parties by Archer.
Our Club does not need to look back nearly six hundred Years to establish an initiative flexibly commenced by a number of other Clubs. Not that we need their approbation; it is some comfort to have touchstones and the support of our District Governor Mark Humphries et. al. We must show our Fearless President Sue that she has our full support. [Don't start me on fulsome; that means 'less than complete'] and has been mangled by the 'media' and unfortunately ScoMo. We must be able to grow, like my lime tree; unlike the camellia.
Be in good health.
my regards,