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Great Aussie Hike
Mornington Peninsula
Mar 24, 2023 8:32 AM –
Mar 25, 2023 6:00 PM
March Farmers Market
Mar 26, 2023
8:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Youth Fund Raiser - John's spit Roast
Apr 15, 2023
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
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President's Message - John Welsh

President’s report 1st March, 2023
It was great to welcome Alan Wickes as our guest speaker last Tuesday. Alan apart from playing with Collingwood has been an integral part of the football scene here in Frankston and the peninsula. He was passionate about community involvement and talked how the footy fraternity put back into the community not unlike Rotary.
We also welcomed Max Butler a friend of Jim Young and Chris Such.
We have a busy weekend this weekend with Friday and Saturday the great Aussie Hike where we will help marshalling the walkers and running a sausage sizzle on Saturday. Sunday is the Farmers Market, all hands on deck so check your rosters and we look forward to seeing you then.
I want to alert everyone that we are having a fund raising for Jim Voss and youth on Saturday 15th April. It will be a spit roast at Neils farm so please put it in your diaries.
On the welfare front, I  spent time with John Patterson who  is struggling physically but is getting out and about and enjoying the company of others. We wish him well on his progress with his illness.
Congratulations to David & Grace Rew on the successful golf day. The day was enjoyable and the auction a great success although Judy who won the police package may have got more than she bargained for. It seems she will spend more time locked up rather than sight seeing!
Carolyn is arranging a fireside on the 18th of April; information will be given on the club assembly night next Tuesday. Look forward to seeing you then.
I hope you have a great weekend.
Jim & John with Guest Speaker John Wickes
This Weeks Speaker
Guest SpeakerAlan Wickes: The Second Storey Man
Three Minute SpeakerJim Voss
This Week’s Guest SpeakerAlan Wickes: The Second Storey Man
Aussie Rules Football has been the driving force behind Alan’s life and he combined this with his passion to support his local community. Alan has played a key role in every aspect of the game – a player in the local Frankston Football league all the way through to a player at Collingwood (1958 – 61), a Coach of the Millennium at Seaford Football Club and an administrator as President of the F & DJFL and the way up to the President of the VFA. I would appear he lived everybody’s childhood dream when comes to a job!
 Alan spoke to us about the importance of junior sporting clubs. He believes they have evolved from a body that taught a sport and provided an environment for them to have fun into a key development tool for turning  young people into responsible and positive citizens, and active community members. It was interesting to hear that the Mt Eliza Junior Football Club is the largest junior sporting club in Australia with 37 teams and over 2500 people involved.  Alan took the view that junior sporting clubs have a large role to play in developing the culture and community spirit of young people. He went further and suggested that these clubs have a lot to offer other community organizations such as Rotary. We don’t need to support them so much, as the AFL is committed to Junior Clubs as the source of players for the AFL. Alan believes that Junior Sports Clubs can/will be the source of future Rotarians and members of other community organizations if we can plant the seed and build partnerships now.
Alan also explained a bit about funding of sport infrastructure. Unfortunately, the AFL tends not to support senior clubs as they have little to offer the AFL. A bit short sighted! The money from all levels of government tends to be politically motivated and spent on facilities and grounds that have junior clubs attached. If anything, community organizations need to rally around the senior clubs and help them. Alan pointed highlighted this with an example of the flood effected clubs in the north of the state. There has been little help for them other than the efforts of local community groups. It is ironic in a way that the sporting clubs are the rallying points for all towns/communities in times of natural disaster yet may miss out in funding when disaster strikes them.
Alan finished by explaining /offering his book, The Second Storey Man as a history of his life involved in the game and the development of his ideas that modern sporting clubs are now a key component in the development of young boys in girls. . I am sure those of us that follow Aussie Rules would be most fascinated in learning about the history of the code in that period between the late 60’s to the new century where everything changed as explained in Alan’s book.
 Thanks to Jim Young for inviting his friend Alan to speak with us, we were lucky to have him as our Guest Speaker
Three Minute SpeakerJim Voss on Nuclear Waste wrt nuclear submarines.
Jim Voss gave us an excellent overview of the nuclear waste produced by the proposed AUKUS submarines. The waste from these subs is exactly the same as that produced from the Lucas Heights reactor in Sydney presently stored at Sandy Didge in the outback. This waste will not be produced for at least another 50 years, towards the end of the life of these submarines. The subs will also produce regularly low grade waste similar to what is produced from hospitals using radiation treatment processes and is dealt with daily throughout the country. Jim also noted that CSIRO is already planning and researching the storage of waste in preparation of the high grade waste. He did put the issue of the waste into perspective and suggested there are far larger issues to be concerned with.
Rotary Golf Day
Our Golf Day
Thanks to David and Grace Rew and all the sponsors and helpers and somebody up there for the great weather for an extremely successful Golf Day last Friday.
David spoke at the meeting and thanked everybody who helped and commented on the great feeling of well being and fellowship the day engended. He highlighted how a fantastic team effort from all parts of the Club can produce outstanding results. He particularly thanked Phil for his ability to extract cash from the attendees during the raffle and, even though the final figures are yet to be totalled, he felt around $11,000 was raised. Interestingly, Phil managed to raise another $110 selling leftovers from the day in 1 minute 52 seconds during the meeting. If only all our fund raising was so efficient! He also thanked the key sponsers Michaelona, Carl Voss' wine company, Jim Voss' company, Ross Schwietzer and Brynton Fennell. Here are some happy snaps of the day.
Club Meetings
Club Meetings
Mar-28Club Assembly
 Chairman - Carolyn Such
 No 3 Minute Speaker
 Cashiers - Trish Stamp / Rhonda Vincent
 Fellowship - Jenny Baker assisted by Kay McCauley
 Furniture - Jim Voss
 Sergeant - Mike or Ross
Apr-04Speaker Robin Stewart Fort Grey Project _ A Desert Project for Endangered Species
 Caryl Coulthard
 3 Minute Speaker - Rhonda Vincent
 Cashiers - Sue Voss / Pauline McFarlane
 Fellowship - Carol Wallace
 Furniture - David Rew
 Sergeant - Mike or Ross
April 11No Meeting - moved to April 15
April 15Youth Fund Raiser at Heron's property
April 18 
Brynton's Joke of the Week
Brynton's Joke of the week 
Paddy was driving down the street in a sweat as he had an important meeting and couldn't find a parking place. Looking up to heaven he said "Lord take pity on me. If you can find me a parking space I will go to mass every Sunday for life and give up me Irish whisky. "
Miracuously a parking space appeared!
Paddy looked up and said "Never mind I found one"
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