Posted by Rowan Miller on Sep 11, 2019
Another initiative from Rowan.
Be seen. 😃 Don't go topless in Mt Eliza.
On the next occasion you are rostered for the Farmers’ Market, Bunnings or community service, look the part of the dedicated RCME volunteer you are.This range of Hi vis garments; shirts, hoodies and hoodless tops offer a flexible choice of Club identification, irrespective of the weather. Oh, also be sure to wear one if Biggles takes you flying.....

Fellow Rotarians

I will send the order  board around next week at the meeting for those of you who want to order Hoodies ($55-00)  or a Polo - Polar Fleece ($35-00)   (i.e. one of the jumpers).

At the same time if any of you want to order a shirt .. this can also be done  .. please let me know, and we will place the order on the second page SEPARATE from the jumper order.

If you are uncertain of size you can go to Hip Pocket Mornington & try them on. Their staff are very helpful.

I will then place the order with Hip Pocket  so that these can be delivered as soon as they can get the embroidery done.

Payment on pickup please .. cash is preferred, but I will let everyone know that they are  available & before I bring them to Rotary for collection ...

Although it is preferred if these are done in bulk .. we can do small orders at anytime .. so we can order them in the future. 

Pictures of the Jumpers are on the Club website  .. 

I will also try to remember to bring the samples again next week.



Note from the Prez. There’s nothing to stop you paying upon order. Rowan is not a bank. 😃