Home hosting has proven to be very popular with Club Members over many years.
Unfortunately as a result of COVID, the home hosting program in the 2019/20 Rotary Year was not fully completed and in the Rotary Year that finishes this week it wasn't held at all.
It is proposed to re-introduce Home Hosting in the 2021/22 Rotary Year.
Rotarians who participate invite two fellow Rotarians and their partners (where applicable) to lunch or dinner. In turn they will be invited to dine at the homes of two other Rotarians.
Participation in the program is totally voluntary.
Single Rotarians are able to fully participate.
It is important that people who wish to participate must commit to their hosting responsibilities.
In the past there have been some people who did not reciprocate and this caused some concern.
If you would like to participate in the coming year's home hosting program, please email Jim Young - jimyoung3@icloud.com - no later than Friday 10 July 2021.
A reminder will be circulated at Rotary next week.