President's Message

Neil Heron


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What a marvellous meeting we had last Tuesday with 50 members, partners Friends and guests present to hear the CEO of Interplast Cameron Glover give an excellent presentation on how Interplast not only coped with the pandemic but flourished. Interplast became a “telehealth” provider and an educational resource for the indo-pacific region, training surgeons, doctors and nurses how to improve their knowledge and technique. Cameron’s understanding of Interplast and his passion for the cause shone through and his delivery technique was impressive. We all understood why we support this great Rotary initiative. Once again Le Hoang put on a great spread and we are lucky to have this business available to us as we come out of lockdown
Our meetings coming up are a zoom this Tuesday 7 December, followed by the Christmas Party.
The Centenary Project for our cluster continues to gather momentum with the co-ordinator of the project, Ross Kilborn from the Rotary Club of Mornington announcing a $10,000,000 funding commitment from the Mornington Shire Council. For those interested here is a link showing the latest update from Ross:
We, as a Cluster, are making great progress on the Peninsula Trail.  On Sunday November 28 Cluster Presidents and Working Group representatives attended a meeting devoted to it. You can view a 10 min presentation that was the backbone of the meeting at
(If the link does not work please copy and paste it to your browser, open it with Powerpoint and then under Slide Show, simply click on the “play from beginning” icon).  
The Farmers Market last Sunday was once again a success as a community event and a fund raiser for the Club, and although it lacked the “hustle and bustle” we expected, it was a glorious day and we all enjoyed the fellowship of the market place. Th Club’s new aluminium A-frames were on display and they will be an excellent promotion tool for many years. Our next BBQ is on Sunday 12 December at Bunnings. We suspect this could be a very busy day this close to Christmas. George-Ann is very close to releasing the roster (if she hasn’t already done so).
A safe and healthy as we navigate the choppy waters of COVID times. Hopefully the medical people keep ahead of the variants and we have a great Christmas season. We have our tree up! 
Justin Mason and fellow Rotarians cleaning FRANKSTON beach….