A record gathering to honour those who served, continue to serve and those who remember.
Neil Heron President of Mount Eliza Rotary welcomed all present.
I will pass this way but once, and if there’s any good that I can do, Lord let me do it now for I’ll never pass this way again.....
​​​​​​…. Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are lying around you, no harm shall befall you …. 
Psalm 91 [The Soldiers’ Psalm]
Rotary Mount Eliza hosts the ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day Services. We are as always well supported by Mornington Shire, Mount Eliza CFA, Federal, State and Local Government representatives, community support groups and a plethora of Government and Independent schools.
The audience was approximately 200 residents, which is a record or close to it. The ecclesiastical component of our service was conducted by Reverend Tanya Cummings of St James the Less. The Reverend was also our Guest Speaker; she gave a personal insight into her historical connection, and that of others to Australian Campaigns going back to WW1.
James Richards of Mount Eliza Secondary College and Maisie Walker and Oscar Taylor from Kunyung Primary School. Oscar and Maisie also gave service as Colour Guards. Our Bugler was Jennifer Hutchinson.
Students and Participants
Rotarian Rhonda Vincent
Ms Peta Murphy MHR Dunkley laying a wreath.
Rotarian Ms Rhonda Vincent 
Our stalwart Rotarian Bernie Edwards
Chris Crewther and Daughter representing Mount Eliza North Primary School