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Jun 16, 2020
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RCME Changeover
Jun 23, 2020
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Jun 27, 2020
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
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Meeting Responsibilities 16 June
Hoban, Brendan
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Flowers, Frank
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President's Message
Ross Schweitzer
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Dear Folks,
This is my last column as da Prez.
The next one will be written by President Sue Voss. In her Wisdom, Sue invited me to write as the Feather Duster; hence le plumeau. President – elect Sue told me that she enjoys reading my column. A fan club of one!
[The then President Jim Young,  self nicknamed Frogless Jim, and I used to meet every Monday early evening to discuss the Tuesday agenda]. I recommend this approach; it comes with red wine. He told me, and again recently, that the ‘first’ 3 months of non – Presidency were the hardest. It was advised to him by Frank Flowers I believe.
I have pondered this sage advice*. Why is it true, he asks rhetorically? Because during that time, many members will be providing you with gratuitous advice; to enable you to [in my case] to stop being Secretary / not offering your view of matters / just to stand up, be cheerful wot! / support your Board and understand that you are not everyone’s favoured choice [The Selection Panel never gets it wrong; I add] .
I am unable to thank my supporters face – to – face; yet. That Day will come.
We have created an Icon since last July; a small group managed to start this Bulletin platform, complete with an integrated roster [G – A] an Editor [Frogless Jim] Sue, Mark, Pauline. The Rannoch Avenue Summit.
Some PHF recognitions have been temporarily held over because of The Fires and Corona virus; others like Ric Berg’s were long overdue. How did he get overlooked? Likewise, John Horscroft and George – Ann Sullivan.
The incoming and outgoing Boards will meet in person Tuesday 23 June for a Stage One handover. It is an important event. Later this Year a special Club dinner will occur.[In the midst of this I have sliced my thumb not good when typing…].
* At Changeover there is a secret rite; the outgoing President gives the incoming President three envelopes. The whispered instruction is only to open the first one if things are not to one’s vision. In the following months, if matters are not good, repeat the process and open the second, and so on.
The First Envelope may say something like ‘Ross, I see that you tend to put in too many jokes …. maybe if you left these to the Sergeant …try and stop annoying Steve Daley and Janne Speirs be humble. Etc’. So, I did that, and matters were fine for about four months, then I was noticing whispers and rumours of secrecy, so I opened the Second Envelope.
This one contained the observation ‘Ross, as President, allow the Committee full credit for all they do. Don’t do their work for them, try and not be intimidated by Linda Morris and Carolyn Such. Don't be upset that only Biggles submitted a story ALL YEAR! Apologise to John Gilbert and Ray Manchester; they won't know why, but that doesn't matter, they are old. ‘ I did as Jim suggested. All were stunned and gratified.
During May  I was concerned about the fact that only ‘the usual Suspects’ were supporting initiatives relating to the welfare of our Community. So, I invited Jim around for a glass of wine [being allowed to do so by then]. It was like ‘the Old Days of the Monday night chats, but with a tad less wine. I think.
We discussed how we, along with PP David Rew, had instigated things that Members now regard as ‘normal’. The EFTPOS machine, ladies rostered on ‘furniture’, integrating records with ClubRunner. And how ‘we’ve never done it that way before’ was just as well, as we now see. How some actually believe 'experts'. That Pauline had overcome new procedures and technology. She added ‘anyway, things will be better when Sue is in charge.’
As FJ and I parted, having considered our discussion, he turned to me and said ‘Ross, I think it is time for you to open the third envelope’.
I did. The message from Jim said “PREPARE THREE ENVELOPES”
A person wearing a suit and tie

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allah blesses those who strive and fight instead of those who sit behind a desk

Yours sincerely
Da Prez
District Governor Elect Mark Humphries
On Sunday the 21st June we are holding District Assembly online, we are going online. A new format, this year we will have 3 parts;
Part 1   Rotary Learning Centre modules for key club roles – this is to be done preferable before the
Part 2   Sunday 21st June - Main Plenary 2 hours ONLINE VIA ZOOM and then President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer Breakouts
Part 3    Rotary Role and Topic Online Breakouts - Various dates through July 2020
This is an exciting new way of being involved.
On Sunday the 28th June 2020, District Changeover will be Zoomed into your living room. Another first for our District, just like most clubs we are embracing the use of technology. This will be commencing at 12:15 with the formalities. Join in and listen to District Governor Adrian recap his year, then hear a short message from District Governor Elect Mark about the year ahead. Our very own Past President Jim Young will be the MC for this occasion. Thank you Jim.
Rotary International Virtual Convention is nearly upon us. This is your opportunity to attend an international conference in your national dress or in our case, perhaps your pyjamas. All the time listening to inspiring speakers and being involved with breakouts sessions. Rotary International want to break records for the number of attendees, we want you to be a part of this record! Whilst the main plenaries will be around 11:00pm, they will be well worth sitting up for, have the fire burning, dressing gown on and a glass of your favourite beverage at hand. What more can you ask for?
Please sign up at and keep informed.
Mark & Linda
Please Read
Dear members
Please read the article in this Bulletin about our future dinner meetings.
You are encouraged to let our Secretary know, via email, your preference - should we meet at Toorak College or the Canadian Bay Hotel?
At the Zoom meeting on 16 June it was decided that we should endeavour to meet in person at the Canadian Bay Hotel on 30 June.
There is no Zoom meeting next week as a small Changeover function will take place at 1001 Nights.
Thank you (Ed)
Our 16 June Speakers
Our Guest Speakers at the ZOOM meeting on 16 June were President elect Sue Voss and Secretary Pauline McFarlane.
While the topic had been set as "how COVID-19 has affected us", Sue indicated that she had enough of Coronavirus and instead she would be talking about her work and interests.
Sue is a partner with Craig Robinson in the Mt Eliza Accounting firm Robinson Voss.
Prior to establishing her current firm, Sue had worked as an accountant for twenty years.
These days she concentrates on taxation strategy and self managed superannuation. Sue has also qualified as a financial planner.
At Robinson Voss there is a team of eight. The firm, which has members from their 20s through to late 50s,  has concentrated on team building and having fun at work. The company has taken the staff to the Gold Coast and has had team events at the football and skiing weekends.
Robinson Voss has a strong commitment to the community  and each staff member is encouraged to undertake some form of community activity.
Sue has been married to Carl for 31 years and she has two children and one grandchild.
Sue's grandparents and parents have lived in the Frankston area for many years with her grandparents coming to the area just after World War 2.
She is very active with her hobbies including trekking (including Kokoda, Machu Picchu and Mount Kilimanjaro) .
Sue looks forward to her year as President of the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza.
Pauline told us that in mid March she was working in her office as per usual when in the afternoon, all the office staff were called to a meeting – they were all updated on the status of Covid-19 and those of them that could, were
advised to pack their things, take everything that they would require to work from home and get out of there.  
Everyone was advised to apply to JobKeeper as there was no guarantee as to what the future would hold beyond and during Covid.
Pauline worked from home for approximately 10 weeks and handled it quite well.  She had her mail specially collected from her P.O. Box and other paperwork from the Company was supplied to her via a special courier – paperwork and mail being distributed quite efficiently. 
It is now many weeks later and the novelty has worn off – Covid restrictions have been decreased, so Pauline has reclaimed the key to her P.O. Box, collects her own mail and delivers Company mail to the office when necessary. There is no longer a requirement for a special courier to do this and it gets Pauline out of the house.  
Pauline is a people person and she does so miss the comradery in the office and working from home just is not the same.   
Due to the restrictions being decreased, others working from home have gone back to work in the office again and Pauline's work load has decreased as the other staff have slowly taken over most of her work and yes you guessed it!
Her employer – her son – who purchased the business from her in 2004 - has been trying to get Pauline to retire for approximately 18 months now, to start having more time to herself and family – well!  It has finally happened!
All good though!!  Now is the time to move forward, enjoy life a little more, get out and about.
Who knows what the future holds??    Exciting times are ahead!! 
Yes! Pauline's life has most certainly changed!!
Frank Flowers - Three Minute Speaker Recipes
Our three minute speaker on Tuesday 16 June was Rotarian Frank Flowers.
Frank spoke to members about two recipes that he has recently made. Frank has kindly provided the recipes as follows:
Chocolate, Walnut and Sultana Brownies
Block of dark cooking chocolate or bag of dark chocolate melts
100g butter, 3 eggs, 1 cup brown sugar, 100g crushed walnuts
100g sultanas, 2 tablespoons plain flour
  1. Break up the chocolate and cut the butter in to cubes. Mix. In bowl, heat for 1 to 2 minutes in microwave, mix the chocolate and butter until smooth. 
  2. In another bowl, add eggs and sugar and whisk together
  3. Gradually add the melted chocolate to the eggs and sugar and mix.
  4. Mix in the walnuts, sultanas and flour
  5. Place in a small (I use 18 cm x 28 cm) baking tray, lined with baking paper and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 deg C for about 25 minutes. Poke with a fork to ensure that they are ready. Allow to cool before cutting in to squares.
Cottage Pie (serves 4)
500g premium minced beef, one medium sized onion, 1 pack of steam fresh frozen vegetables, 400g of sweet potato, 400 ml beef stock, 3 tablespoons of fruit chutney, 1 tablespoon of plain flour, milk and butter for the potato mash.
  1. Peel the sweet potato, dice, place in pot, cover with water, bring to boil and allow to simmer for 20 to 25 minutes.
  2. Place minced beef in pan and cook with medium heat until all meat is browned, usually about 5 minutes. Take meat from pan with a slotted spoon or lifter and stand aside in bowl
  3. Onions should be cut up and placed in pan. Cook using the fat left from the meat for 2 to 3 minutes until the onions start to colour. Whilst the onions are cooking, heat the steam fresh vegetables in the microwave  for 2 min 30 sec. Add the vegetables to the onions. Stir the mixture.
  4. Add the beef stock to the vegetables, stirring whilst the stock is simmering. Return the minced beef to the pan and add the fruit chutney and flour. Cook for a further 4 minutes, stirring.
  5. Take the sweet potato from the pot, drain and then mash the sweet potato with milk and butter
  6. Place the mix from the pan into a casserole dish and cover with the mashed sweet potato.
  7. Place in a pre-heated oven at 200 deg C for 15 minutes. Then serve.
Advice to Sheriffs and  Presidents
With apologies to the late Leslie Townes Hope.
The 1948 movie ‘The Paleface’ contained within it prescient advice. Although I was only one Year old, and Rotary Mount Eliza was yet to exist, I should have paid attention. Indeed, I watched the movie more than once.
So, with apologies to ‘Bob’ Hope
Lance : [as Potter Hope walks out of the bar to the shootout]  Hey listen, the man that's after you just killed my brother. Here's a tip: He draws from the left, so lean to the right.
Potter : He draws from the left so lean to the right.
Greg : Son, I'll let you in on something. Along towards sunset there's a wind from the east. So you better aim to the west.
Potter : He draws from the left so lean to the right. There's a wind from the east so better aim to the west.
Pete : I know this Joe like a book. He crouches when he shoots so stand on your toes. 
Potter : [Outside in the street]  He draws from the left so lean to the right. There's a wind from the east so better aim to the west. He crouches when he shoots so stand on your toes. Thanks... Growl.
[Goes out into the street]

Potter : He draws from the left so stand on your toes... There's a wind from the east, better lean to the right... He crouches when he shoots, better aim to the west... He draws from his toes, so lean toward the wind. Ah ha! I got it!
Potter : That's Indian country out there!
Calamity Jane : You're not afraid of a few Indians, are you?
Potter : It's not the Indians I'm afraid of. It's their attitudes.
  • Potter Indian country. Do we have to go that way?

    Calamity Jane : Now Painless, I'll be with you. You're not afraid, are you?

    Potter : No. I can always get another scalp.


Under the heading of 'WHY ROTARY', the Rotary International website says that "you’ll find Rotary clubs in small towns and big cities across the globe. It’s where like-minded professionals and community leaders come together to exchange ideas, take action, and make new friends. See why Rotary is their choice–and why you should make it yours–for creating positive change at home and around the world".

Why the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza (RCME)? For almost 50 years the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza has been a vibrant organisation that continues to make a strong contribution to our local district, Australia and internationally. 

The many groups we support include young people, local businesses, medical facilities, local organisations, those in need, the disadvantaged and we foster the development of leadership in our community.

Each year we undertake a broad range of activities, projects and worthwhile events. Monies raised make a major contribution to others - both here and abroad.

Rotary has something for everyone and members enjoy each others' company and fellowship.

Over the last few months things have been difficult for our Club and Members. Now is the time for all existing Members to remember why they joined Rotary and work towards making the organisation fully functioning again as COVID-19 restrictions are gradually lifted.
Like all organisations the RCME would benefit from new blood and ideas. Friends of the Club, non Rotarian members of the community, former members and other readers off this Bulletin are encouraged to join. Potential members can visit the website of the RCME -
YOUR DECISION - RCME Dinner Meetings
With a strong desire to recommence holding dinner meetings, following our Board meeting in May there have been a number of conversations with both Toorak College and the Canadian Bay Hotel.
Both Toorak and CBs offer us the opportunity to resume dinner meetings.
However, there is one major change - both venues will require that all persons attending have a meal.
Going forward our choices are: 
Option 1 - Toorak College
For the foreseeable future, Toorak must limit the total number of people in attendance to 32 (4 Rotarians per table on a total of eight tables).
The cost of a meal will remain at $33 and members will continue to be able to bring their own drinks.
The menu will remain as in the last year with a main meal, bread role and dessert plus tea and coffee.
At this stage Toorak cannot provide a definite starting date because they need to resolve how Rotarians "do not encounter any staff or students remaining on school premises". However,  it is expected that this matter can be resolved such that we could resume meeting again at Toorak early in the new Rotary Year.
Option 2 - Canadian Bay Hotel (CB)
CB is able to accommodate 45 people in their upstairs function room. Like Toorak they have a microphone and projection facilities.
The cost of a meal will be $33 and members will be able to buy drinks at bar prices. No BYO is available.
A similar meal option will be available with a bread role, main meal and dessert plus tea and coffee.
We would be able to resume holding face to face meetings at CB on Tuesday 30 June.
Members are asked to consider these two alternatives and email the Secretary with their preference, saying either TOORAK or CANADIAN BAY,  no later than 12 noon on Tuesday, 23 June so that a final decision can be made by the Board later that day.
Living with COVID-19 16 June
A 103 year old Chinese grandmother has made a full recovery from COVID-19 after being diagnosed in Wuhan three months ago.
If  you  can work from home why do I have to go back to school?
The world's youngest Coronavirus patient, a newborn in London, who was infected shortly after birth is said to be "out of danger" and recovering well.
Across Spain and Italy, social media has been used to organise for people to come out onto balconies and sing and dance. People are also giving applause in gratitude to health workers on the frontline with cries of "Long Live Doctors" ringing out".
Thank goodness, now I can have a rest!
As at midnight on 16 June there were 8,034,461 confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally with the death toll standing at 436,901.
 I think that I preferred it when Trevor was here telling the story rather than reading his book!
Venice canals, usually bogged down with tourists in gondolas and motorboats are now crystal clear. Those who venture out into the city and peer down into the water may even see little sliver fish swimming around. Local  authorities claim that the famous canals have never been cleaner.
Laughter The Best Medicine 16 June
A 95 year woman was being interviewed on 3AW because she had just been married for the fourth time.
The interviewer asked her questions about her life and how it felt to be marrying again at the age of 95.
He then asked what her new husband did as a job. 
"He's a 60 year old funeral director", came the prompt reply.
"Interesting" the announcer said, then he asked, "What did your first three husbands do?"
The woman though for a while and after pausing said, "I married my first husband, a banker, when I was in my 20s. Then in my 40s I married a circus ringmaster. When I entered my 60s I married a preacher and now at 95 I have just married my fourth husband, a funeral director".
The interviewer was astonished and he asked her why she had married four men with such diverse careers.
She smiled and explained, "I married one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and four to go!"
A man was sitting at the table reading his paper when his wife came up behind him and hit him on the back of his head with a frying pan.
"What was that for?" he struggled to ask as he picked himself up from the floor.
His wife said, "I just found a piece of paper in one of your shirt pockets with "Georgie Doll" written on it."
He said, "Darling please that was the name of the greyhound that I backed last Thursday evening. You know that I like to have a bet on the dogs."
His wife shrugged and walked away.
Three days later he was reading the paper again when his wife walked up behind him and hit him even harder with the frying pan.
As he struggled to get up she said, "Your greyhound rang!"
An elderly man was on the phone to his son, "I feel like my body has become totally out of shape. So I went to the doctor and had him give me a physical so I could join a fitness class and start exercising!"
When I arrived at the gym I decided to take the aerobics class for seniors. I bent, twisted, gyrated, jumped up and down and perspired for half an hour. But, by the time I got my ym gear on the class was over."
A young man was walking around a supermarket to pick up some milk and bread when he noticed an old man following him around.
He thought nothing of it. However in the checkout line the old man was just in front of him.
He turned and said, "Pardon me. I'm sorry to stare at you, however you look just like my son who died three weeks ago."
The young man said, "I am so sorry. Is there anything that I can do for you?"
"Yes", the old man said, "As I'm leaving could you please say, Good bye Dear old Dad? It would make me feel so much better."
The young man was happy to oblige.
As he went today he saw that his total was $325.50.
"How can that be?" he asked. I only bought milk and bread."
"Your father said that you would pay for him", said the checkout person. 
An elderly woman had just returned to her home from a church service when she was startled by an intruder.
As she caught the man in the act of robbing her home she yelled, "STOP! ACTS 2:38" (Repent and be baptised, in the name of the Lord Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins.)
The burglar stopped in his tracks.
The woman calmly called the police and explained the situation.
As a policeman cuffed the thief to take him in, he asked, "Why did you just stand there. All the old lady did was quote scripture."
Two elderly couples were having dinner together at the home of one of the couples.
As the ladies retired to the kitchen the two gentlemen were left talking.
One said, "Last night we went to a new restaurant and it was really great. I would recommend it very highly."
The other elderly chap asked, "What was the name of the restaurant?"
The first man though for a while and finally said, "What is the name of that flower that you give someone you love? You know, the one that has beautiful colours and thorns?"
"Do you mean a rose?" he said.
"That's the one", replied the first man.
He then called out to his wife in the kitchen, "Rose, what was the name of the restaurant that we went to last night?"
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We meet at 6:00 PM Every Tuesday at Toorak College