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Jul 28, 2020
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Aug 18, 2020
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Aug 25, 2020
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President's Message
Sue Voss
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Hi everybody
Firstly, thank you to Club Service Director/ President elect Neil Heron for conducting our first Club Night for this Rotary Year using Zoom. A most successful evening which I am sure was enjoyed by all in attendance.
Last week I outlined my plan to hold a Club Visioning exercise for our Club as soon as we are able to get back together.
Building upon last week's message, I would like to expand on this concept.
A reminder that Clubs need a Vision for the following reasons:
* The current tradition of annual cycles breaks continuity, consistency and consensus;
* Clubs end up "re-inventing the wheel" instead of moving forward;
* The vision keeps forward motion on critical issues; and
* A Club with Vision "sees" the reality of today with the possibilities of tomorrow.
The Vision process being promoted across Rotary starts with the "end" in mind.
Our desired outcomes (the endgame) include: 
- Increasing and sustaining membership;
- Implementation of successful service projects;
- Support for the Rotary Foundation; and
- Developing leaders in our Club and beyond.
In next week's Bulletin I will provide more detail on the Vision process include the THREE "Cs" - Continuity, Consistency and Consensus.
Until next time
Yours in Rotary
District Governor Mark Humphries and Past President Linda Humphries
DG Mark doesn't have a column this week.
Shortly the District Newsletter will be coming out. Please keep an eye out for it.
Club Night - 21 July
We held a Zoom Club Night on Tuesday 21 July with President elect/ Club Service Director Neil Heron as Chair.
A pleasing number of 30 Rotarians attended this evening during which Neil spoke about the need to increase our Club's membership.
President Sue outlined her three key priorities for this Rotary Year - Club Visioning, establishing a Satellite Club and participation in the development of the Peninsula Trail with other Rotary Clubs in the Mornington Peninsula Cluster.
Each of the Club's Directors outlined the plans that they have underway working with members assigned to their areas of responsibility.
As Editor, over coming weeks I intend asking each Director to write an article for the Bulletin outlining the work of their Committee.
The first such article appears this week detailing the planned initiatives of International Director Maurie Selth and his Committee.
Community Service
Ross Schweitzer presents
To attempt to judge the USA by viewing President Trump is akin to judging Australia by seeing Crocodile Dundee. Both are incorrect on two counts; they are stereotypes and second, they are the subject of ‘media’ management.
The Americans pride themselves on community involvement across their lives. My cousin lives in Rye [Westchester, New York State]. Rye Township [it being about the size of Mount Eliza] has its own police force, fire brigade, ambulance service, and beach; the latter kept up by local taxes. One of my favourite beaches is Cape May on the Atlantic Coast at the tip of New Jersey. You must buy and display a ‘Beach Pass’. Likewise, many others around the Country follow this system.
The County  of Rye has its own Sheriffs’ Department; the head Sheriff is elected. The State funds the Highway Patrol. In the Southern States, Counties are commonly called Parishes. Both are a legacy of English settlement.
If Australia operated under this model, substitute Mount Eliza for Rye and Mornington Peninsula Shire for Westchester and you will get an idea. The American model is in fact based upon that of England in the 1600s; ours is Federal and caused by interstate rivalries.
I was often in Horsham, Sussex visiting a member of the East Sussex Constabulary. He and his colleagues were always greeted politely by the locals. Desmond did a really good ‘ullo, ‘ullo ‘ullo  too. The Horsham Constabulary had their ‘tea’ at 5PM sharp. I was wont to ask what happened to those ‘in the Nick’ during teatime. I was told that said ‘guests’ knew better than to ’misbehave’ at that time.
Likewise, one summer, whilst out for a saunter in Rye [hardly anyone used to walk] a police ‘Cruiser’ happened along. Now, the officer [and I did have a witness] did not say ‘ullo ‘ullo ‘ullo. He ‘pipped’ his siren to get our attention and asked our intentions. We told him that we were staying privately and had just come to perambulate. I gave our local address and he said ‘aah the Stewart  Home’ and bade us to have a good day. The Rye Town Police. So, ‘Town hall Meetings’, ‘Block Committees’ and the like can be a pain to we Australians. However, they bind other communities and are ‘a given’ within their lives.
If you ask the meaning of ‘local’ around here, there are more opinions than I have had hot dinners. Which of our supermarkets is ‘local’? More people go to Woolworths than IGA; and IGA is a Cooperative. Is Flight Centre ‘local’? If you get run over, or robbed or molested, do you conveniently call 000 and viola vehicles appear with occupants from …. ?
The MICA unit that took Evelyn to Peninsula Private Emergency last Thursday [I had just finished the ZOOM board meeting, priorities] well, I forgot to ask if they were local! In my defence, Carolyn, I did bestow upon them a box of our chocolates. Watch out for obese Paramedics with chocolate – scented breath. Maybe, the choir from St James the Less or The Chapel of the Resurrection, once determining which is local, could have attended in their place.
The Hospitals are not local. The recipients of ‘Shine for Kids’ are not. RDA is not. The MICA units, I am told first – hand, ‘orbit’ [much like Fokke Wulf night fighters [although with the opposite intent one hopes, Biggles and Sir Crackers] so to ask for a ‘local’ one could well prove your to be famous last words. By the way, the Paramedics, both  good Christians, told me that Evelyn needed more than hymns. I left with the feeling that the Americans got it right, no argument. Their ‘local taxes’ determine and define communities, if not charities.
In last week's Bulletin it was reported that the first female member of the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza was Trish Stamp. This is correct. However, the date was given as to when Trish joined our Club was wrong. The correct date is 18 February 1997. Apologies to Trish (Ed)
Maurie plans an exciting year for International
Our very experienced Rotarian and Past President Maurie Selth has rejoined the Board of the RC Mt Eliza as our International Director.
The International Committee this year consists of Maurie, Rob Cracknell, David Rew, Tony Kafrouni, Brendan Hoban, Kay McCauley and Ray Manchester.
Following contact and discussion with members of his Committee, Maurie recently reported to the Board on his plans for International in 2020/21.
Key planned activities are:
  1. Cambodia - Donate towards uniforms for children to attend school at ODA at Siem Reap - continuing a long association between the RCME and ODA. Friend of our Club Shirley Hawe is involved in Cambodia and hopefully will speak to the Club when she returns to Australia.          
  2. Interplast - Club promotion and guest speaker involvement with a possible RMCE Trust donation.  Ray Manchester to lead this project.  
  3. International Dinner and Fund Raiser - an Italian night and auction at Vinnies Restaurante with an emphasis on Italian meat dishes. Rob Cracknell & Tony Kafrouni to run this event.
  4. Guest Speaker during the International Month in February 2021 - will be a Partners night with a Speaker from the School of St. Jude in Tanzania (Rotarian Linda Morris has a contact)                                                                                   
  5. Involvement with ROMAC including a possible guest speaker. David Rew to organise.    
  6. Robinson River Indigenous Community.  Friend of RCME Alana Street is being contacted for suggestions possibly in education or health area or assistance for families of incarcerated villagers. RCME book collection for younger people to be arranged and forwarded with Maurie Selth and Kay McCauley leading this program.
  7. Papua/ New Guinea.   A donation for a specific project or cause to be identified following contacts with either Charlie Lynne (Sue Voss ), DG Mark Humphries (D 9600 DG Neil Black), Goroka Hospital (Kay McCauley), RC of Lae (Alex Anderson). Committee persons responsible ----- Brendan Hoban and Kay McCauley
  8. Rotary Foundation Scholarship for local disadvantaged secondary students. While not a direct International cause, to be arranged with Mount Eliza Secondary College to be awarded in Term 1 to help with $1000 ( $500 Foundation and $500 RCME).  It may be one scholarship of $1000 or 4x$250 awarded, Application sent to District committee. Contact at Mount Eliza Secondary College --- Brenda Barker business manager. This initiative to be arranged by Maurie Selth, Mike Weber (Youth Director) and President Sue Voss.
Laughter the Best Medicine - 21 July
After a very long drought in Western Queeensland, it had eventually begun to rain.
Then it rained for days and days on end.
The local river had swollen, broken its banks and the whole district was flooded.
Not to be outdone by the weather a travelling salesman had rowed a boat across to the homestead where a farmer, his wife and children were sitting on a galvanised iron roof.
"Pretty bad, eh?" called the salesman, clambering onto the roof.
As he sat chatting with the family he noticed a battered old Akubra moving round and round in circles on the floodwater.
"Do you see that? What is it?" asked the salesman.
"Oh, that," said the farmer, "That's Grandpa. Last week he said that, come hell or high water, he was going to mow the lawn today!"
Three men were having a beer in their local pub and arguing about when life begins.
The first fellow, a young university student studying theology stated: "Without doubt, life begins at the moment f conception!"
The second chap, also quite young said, "Life begins at the time of birth. I am sure that this is the most realistic and sensible way of seeing things."
There elderly colleague looked at him, shook his head and said, "You're both wrong. Life begins when the kids are married, the pets are no longer with us and the mortgage is paid off!"
"Yes sir, what's your pleasure?" asked the barman at Young & Jackson's upstairs bar.
"A scotch and a box of matches," said the fellow who had just walked up to the bar.
He drank the Scotch and put 50 cents on the counter. "This is for the matches. I didn't really want a drink, however you were so kind to give me one."
"Don't come the raw prawn. Cough up for the Scotch," said the barman.
"Certainly not. You offered me a drink," came the reply.
"Get out of here. You're barred," said the annoyed barman.
A week went by and the chap walked back into the bar.
"You!", said the barman. "You are barred from here."
"There must be some mistake," said the fellow. I've never been here before. You must have me mixed up with someone else."
The barman starred and said, "Then you must have a double."
"That's very kind of you." said the chap "And a box of matches!"
Advice to a young politician from a long-term time server: "Always be sincere, even when you don't mean it!" 
Reminder - $20 Payment
Members are respectively reminded that the next $20 payment was due on 1 July to cover Heads & Tails and Club Fines with monies going towards the year-end hampers organised by Trish Stamp.
The payment should be made into the Club General Account - BSB 633 000  Account number 152 498 093.
Thank you for your support.
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