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President Carolyn's Notes
President Carolyn's Notes
Thanks to Rhonda Vincent for introducing us to Rebecca Adam.  Our Rotary Club was delighted to have Rebecca as a guest speaker last week.  I am sure that she left a lasting impression on all members.  Now we will all be more aware of how to understand and communicate with the  deaf community. It was interesting to see how a deaf person worked with their interpreter Kelly to deliver a very professional presentation.
Rebecca is married to a deaf man Richard and has two hearing children. She was educated at Glendonald School for the Deaf, then Kew Primary . Being in a mainstream primary school enabled her to make more progress.   
Secondary Schooling at Methodist Ladies College Kew
Graduated in Law from Melbourne University.   Became the first Deaf signing Lawyer Worked At IBM for 17 years In 2016 became CEO of Western Australia Deaf Society Currently, CEO Expression Australia.
I would to thank all members and partners who sold Legacy badges in the freezing cold at Bunnings.  It is traditional that we halp Legacy in their most important week of fund raising.  We had a successful day.
I am pleased to confirm that our golf day is scheduled for April 19th 2024.  We can look forward to this event which is one of our major fund raisers. 
There has been a change of date for the Moondah celebration drink.  The new date is Thursday 19th October 4-6pm at the Mornington Community Support Centre.  All members that were involved in the Moondah project are invited. 
I give thanks for the opportunity to be a Rotarian. Rotarians dig wells from which we will never drink. We vaccinate children we will never meet. We restore eyesight for those we will never see. We build housing we will never live in. We educate children we will never know. We plant trees we will never sit under. We feed hungry people regardless of race or politics. We know real happiness, can only be found by helping others. For this opportunity, we give thanks
3 Minute Speaker
This week's 3 Minute Speaker was Frank Flowers
Frank gave us a really terrific talk about Apex
Apex was a Service Club founded in 1931 by 3 young architects in Geelong. The Club was for males aged 18 to 40 and was structured along the lines of Rotary, with a basis of Community Service. I joined the Apex Club of Karingal when it was formed in 1966.
I will run through a few of the service projects, some with a fund raising aspect.
In the first few years, we supported the Woorinyan Sheltered Workshop project which had an estimated cost of $120,000. Our Club demolished the old asbestos cement clad cottage that had served as a workshop up until that time. The first fund raiser was a playhouse raffle. We had a couple of builders in the club who basically built the playhouse, a painter who painted scenes of cowboys and Indians on the outside, and one of the members had space in his store to house the construction. With the playhouse on a trailer, each Saturday, down to the BP garage in Wells St to sell tickets. We raised around $1,000 from this project.
Other projects supporting the Workshop included slashing of blocks of land that had a fire clearing notice. The Council gave us the list of the blocks that had the clearing notice, and we would take a home made slasher,  and clear the block for a fee that went straight to Woorinyan. No worries about snakes. They were as scared of the  slasher as we were. Slave jobs where we did gardening, painting and similar jobs for a fee, again to Woorinyan.
The biggest fund raiser was done in conjunction with the other service clubs in Frankston, a walkathon, from Woorinyan in Cranbourne Road, out to Boundary Road  (now McLelland Drive) and back down Skye Road. A great supporter of this  walkathon was the father of one of our members, Sir Reginald Ansett, who also made sure that his fuel supplier for his planes, Mobil, kicked in. Support from Council and Police was also given freely. Over all, $40,000 was raised, and with the Government 2 for 1 subsidy, the Workshop became a reality.
Another project was a Mile of Cents raising money for the Peninsula Air Ambulance. In  Central Park Frankston, (where the Hoyts Cinema complex now exists) . We encouraged pedestrians to put coins along a line on the pavement, raising $300 for the Air Ambulance. Not sure if that one would work today. There were no $1 or $2 coins at that time.
Another fund raiser with a lot of fun. Wine bottling. We would purchase a 200 litre drum of wine. Our 1st lot was claret and reisling. Bottling was done at Peninsula Cordials, which was owned by one of our members. Corks were rated at 2 or 3 years. The most sought after task was the syphon. The syphoners needed to be driven home. The spillage had to go somewhere.
The last project I will talk about is the emergency lights. Electronic gismos to bring help were many years away. One of our members developed a box which housed a battery and switch and a flashing red light which was located in a front window. These were given to elderly ladies living on their own. One lady in Seaford got us some interesting publicity when she kept testing if the alarm was working. I enjoyed my time in Apex very much and I still have many friends from that time. Unfortunately, Apex has faded to just a few clubs in the country area, although Queensland and Western Australia look quite active from the web page. I am glad that Apex led me to Rotary.
This Week's Speaker
This Week's Speaker
This week's speaker was Rebecca Adam, a childhood friend of Rhonda Vincent's daughter Phillipa Sandholm. Rebecca is now the CEO of Expression Australia.  Rebecca gave a fabulous presentation about the life and times of living with total deafness, which was expertly signed for us by Kelly North
      It was amazing to see and hear how effectively Kelly was ale to sign what Rebecca was saying to make such an
intriguing presentation - many thanks to Rebecca, Rhonda, Kelly and of course Bernie Edwards for his continual support with our audio visuals.
Club Meetings
Club Meetings for September
Sep-05ProgramPeter Orton & David Coruff - Founders Peninsula Voice
 ChairmanBernie Edwards     
 3 Minute SpeakerBrynton Fennell     
 CashiersSue Voss & Pauline McFarlane   
 FellowshipCarol Allen     
 FurnitureRob Cracknell     
 Heads & TailsTrish Stamp     
Sep-12Program ZoomJonathon Green - Royal Flying Doctor Service 
 ChairmanBrendan Hoban     
 3 Minute SpeakerJudy Coultas     
 Zoom HostBrendan Hoban     
Sep-19ProgramJames Farquinson - East Timor Experience 
 ChairmanSue Voss      
 3 Minute SpeakerCaryl Coulthard     
 CashiersJenny Baker & Frank Flowers   
 FellowshipCarol Wallace     
 FurnitureRowan Miller     
 Heads & TailsTrish Stamp     
Sep-26ProgramClub Night     
 ChairmanCarolyn Such     
 3 Minute SpeakerNo 3 Minute Speaker    
 CashiersJim Voss & Suzie Adam    
 FellowshipKay McCauley     
 FurnitureTim Worrall     
 SergeantTrish Stamp     
Brynton's Joke of the Week
Brynton's Joke of the Week
The Professor
The Professor started the class by telling them, "In Veterinary medicine, it is necessary to have two important qualities as a doctor. The first is that you not be disgusted by anything involving an animal's body."
For an example, the professor pulled back the sheet, stuck his finger into the butt of the cow, withdrew it, and stuck his finger in his mouth. "Go ahead and do the same thing," he told his students.
The students freaked out, hesitated for several minutes, but eventually took turns sticking a finger in the butt of the dead cow and, sucked on it followed by assorted gagging, retching and spitting, etc.
When everyone had finished wiping their faces, the Professor looked at them and said, "The second most important quality is observation. I stuck in my middle finger and sucked on my index finger. Now learn to pay attention. Life is tough but it's even tougher if you're stupid."

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