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Sep 29, 2020
Oct 06, 2020
Third World Survival in this COVID-19 Challenged Environment
Oct 13, 2020
Author: 'The New Social Contract'. Major Funraising Event. Please invite Family & Friends
Oct 20, 2020
History of the Zither in Australia
Oct 27, 2020
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Oct 13, 2020
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Nov 11, 2020
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Sue Voss
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Hi everybody
Following last week's very successful meeting with Rotarian Phil Dressing followed by the Survey of Members to ascertain whether we proceed with Club Visioning, I am delighted that the overwhelming majority of members voted in favour. There was one against and several members had queries.
As I have previously said, I want this to be a bottom up member driven exercise not a top down Board decision.
The Club Visioning process aims to involve all members of the Club in developing a strategic plan for the future of the Club.
In order to assess how members feel about the Club's current situation, as Club Service Director/ President elect Neil said last night, a Visioning Questionnaire is to be distributed to all members. I ask all members to complete this questionnaire as it will provide valuable feedback on our new steps. 
While this is a 'tick a box' survey with a 1 to 5 rating scale it does require a little thought. Some members may be able to rattle through it in 30 minutes or so, while others will take longer.
Your time allocation will be a valuable investment in the future of our Club. Please take the opportunity to provide comments where you feel strongly on an issue.
Members commentary and feedback is essential as we determine the way forward for our Rotary Club in its 50th year of operation. Thank you in advance
Until next time
Yours in Rotary
District Governor Mark Humphries and Past President Linda Humphries
Greetings to all Rotarian members at Mt Eliza and other readers of this Bulletin.
During these difficult times of COVID-19, where travel is not possible, the concept of the District Governor's Fireside Chat has become a very valuable way of keeping in contact, communicating with Rotarians and keeping members in the District up to date with various Rotary and allied initiatives.
We have now had eight Fireside Chats, with the latest this week being a presentation from Rotarian Phil Dressing, from the Rotary club of San Remo/ Phillip Island, on the National Vietnam Veterans Museum which is located at Newhaven on Phillip Island.
I encourage all Members in District 9820 and especially those in our Club, Mt Eliza, to take the time and opportunity to attend one of the Fireside Chat sessions.
Regular notices about the timing and Zoom link are distributed by District Secretary Carol Crewe. I look forward to seeing you soon.
Until next time
Warm regards
Mark & Linda
"OUR FUTURE" Webinar
Tuesday 13 October 2020     7.30-8.30pm
Special guest: Tim Wilson MP
For more information: Carolyn Such  0400 492 873
on-line bookings only  - CLICK HERE
Ralph the Dog is how Old?
Ralph the Dog is a supernumerary member of our Board. This photo is not of him, as Mike Weber will attest. Once a dog has used your arm as a 'depository'  you never mistake it again. The Board Meeting somehow lost its focus....
However never let the facts get in the way of a story. He belongs to Chris and Carolyn Such.
I erred in my email that referenced Dog Year calculation, because I was in a rush...... to meet Alex for coffee.
So, Chris Such being ever helpful, sent me the calculation, for publication.
Don't shoot the messenger. Parsi; thy name is Charity.
We are a fairly benign lot; just trying to raise money for the less fortunate in very difficult times. So, as requested I circulated from our ClubRunner database >200 invitations to a fundraiser, it having universal Club backing. 'Just kick the can along the road and see who comes out to check'. Things are that tight.
Once before, I wrote [as President]  about the difference between a-political and non - political. We have enjoyed hosting presentations from several 'politicians'. These events are always well attended and Question Time is robust and polite. Our invitations are sought - after by said speakers. In fact, the incoming Federal Member [Labor] was told by the loser [Liberal] to make certain she got an invitation from RCME.
All 'sides' materially support our Club. I received immediate and very favourable responses [one by telephone from a VicPol - PHF person]. Why doesn't it happen with raffle tickets?
You'll all remember the DG from another District, who although not the Guest Speaker, was invited as a courtesy to greet us? We were then told what was wrong with our Club. Stunned silence and no free glass, I confess.
Well, in my capacity of one off email - sender I received a complaint with opinion from another Club. I'm thinking that any of us who did something similar would be held at the Mercy of our Constitution.
No Good Deed goes unpunished.
I am a little surprised by the content of your email, as I don't believe it is in keeping with the ideals of Rotary.

During my [edit] years as a Rotarian, I have always understood that politics has no place, particularly as it limits the freedoms Rotarians have working within a community, and also the potential to create divisions within a Club.

Whilst the details within your attached flyer are interesting and possibly meaningful to many, I don't believe it is appropriate that I share.

John Horscroft Email Address
Rotarian John asks that everyone remember his message from a few weeks ago. John's email address is
John requests that people delete his old bigpond address from their contacts list and stop sending emails to that address (which unfortunately it is apparent that some members are still doing).
Thanks to everyone from John.
God [or the devil] is in the detail
Ross Schweitzer presents
Depending on whom you believe, the saying about God / the Devil etcetera can be attributed to Gustave Flaubert [1821 - 1880]. It was meant to express that 'whatever you do should be done properly'. I believe that in learning about historical items, accurate data can be found in Court or Judicial records. The handwritten decision of King James i of England about Guy Fawkes can be read today. The matter is, there's a significant amount of detail relating to the decisions that give us a look at day - to - day life in those times. These are actual records, not recollections.
Many people are inclined to take 'factual' movies as being complete records of an event. The Dunning - Kruger effect describes illusory cognitive bias. You know, 'people' are relying on Face Book and Twitter for 'news'! This is the self - licking ice - cream [existing purely for its own perpetuation]. If we want to get facts about an important event, and it has made it to Court, we can rely upon unvarnished facts.
Historians rely upon Court papers to dissect the minutiae of contemporary and mundane life. For instance, in wartime Germany there was not just one, but eight trials about the White Rose movement. Only the first, a show trial, was the substance of a film. In the later trials, the chief prosecutor Roland Friesler did not bother to show up; he sent an underling. Robert Mohr the chief interrogator, worked in a spa after the war, and died at 80 Years of age in 1977.
A postage stamp in Germany cost three times what we pay today. Legal representation cost [in effect] three months' pay for a University professor. Given the defendant was guaranteed to lose, he or she still had to have representation; often someone appointed by the prosecutor. Citizens could still get orange marmalade [a breakfast staple]. You know how the Chinese bill the family for the bullet used to execute the criminal? The Germans charged our equivalent of AUD twenty - five thousand for 'wear and tear' on the guillotine. The same machine was in use by the Federal Republic until 1965. I'm not certain what the fee to the family was....
But life went on; you can determine transport costs and other matters, like what services were free [university fees and no HEX]. Routine correspondence between Public Service Departments and disagreements about areas of authority and regulations. There was no curfew. there was still rail travel. It was reliable yet longer distances [like Berlin to Ulm] ran regularly, on a single gauge and left 1940s Melbourne to Sydney 'express' trains for dead [so to speak].
I mentioned last week about an English legal decision dating back to the 1400s. Well, German Law was rewritten and ratified in 1949 and has been in need of revision over sixty times since.
If you have nothing better to do, on YouTube watch 'Sophie Scholl: The Final Days'. You can stream it to a smart TV [is this an oxymoron?]. It has English sub - titles, but often, due to the casting, they are not necessary.
Be in Good Health
My regards,
Remember When - 50 Years of RC Mt Eliza
10 minutes to 10 on Saturday morning when a resplendent Rotarian Ray Manchester, with mask in place, rang the front door bell to deliver his Remember When column. Door answered by a slightly embarrassed editor still in his PJs!
Ray Manchester joined the Rotary club of Traralgon in 1967 and was a member there until 1978 when he moved to Melbourne. Neil Heron's uncle, Clarrie, was a member at Traralgon as was Alan Gamble. Alan, who had previously been in Rotary at Lakes Entrance and Sale for six years. Alan was to be President of Traralgon and Mt Eliza. 
In 1979 Ray was made a Life Governor of the Victorian School for Deaf children for services to Gippsland handicapped children who attended Special Schools in Melbourne. Little did Ray know that through this association he was to meet the respected Stan Spencer.
Margery and Ray came to Mt Eliza in February 1995. Alan Gamble invited Ray to rejoin Rotary and he was inducted by Bryan Ingram in December that year. Ray notes that he is number 8 of 13 members in the Club inducted last century (excluding honorary members). When he joined all lists were altered from wife to partner.
Ray was Treasurer of our Club for three Presidents - Harry MacDonald, Keith Burren and Malcolm Hull. In all other years he was the auditor for the Club. He notes that he tried to hold both roles in the three years that he was Treasurer however he didn't get very far!
Of many memories over the years, Ray remembers with some fondness the 2001 New Year Breakfast when, due to wet weather, the function was transferred to Ray and Margery's garage with five minutes notice.  
At the 2001 Changeover, with the assistance of carolyn Such, Ray had pleasure in presenting Catherine Boaden (Gore) with a Paul Harris Fellowship for her voluntary work with Interplast. She was part of a team to Ecuador in 1983 followed by a further 24 programs through until 2001. All the equipment take on 288 programs from 1983 to 2001 were packed at her home in Mt Eliza and transported by her to Tullamarine. Catherine received an OAM in 2003. Her last program was in 2014, her 38th, including a rushed trip in 2008 to Tanzania.
In 2004 the Club enjoyed aa Progressive Dinner where 54 attended commencing at Catherine's where we were able to see her involvement with Interplast. Main course was at Coy, Dunn, Gilbert, Pigdon, Such and Manchester followed by dessert at Heron's.
Rotary's involvement with Interplast was due to the input of then District Vocational Chairman Keith Walter who became the first Chairman. He was the brother-in-law of Bill Parsons, our first Club Secretary. On Catherine's return from Tanzania, President Frank Flowers organised a joint meeting with Carrum Downs to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Interplast. Also invited on that evening were all of our Honorary Members.
In October 2007, the Club organised "Ramble with Rotary". Five gardens were opened - Glanville, Canadian Bay Road, Such, Old Mornington Road, Horscroft, Allfrey Court, Coy, Hammersley Court and Manchester, Granya Grove. Inner Wheel provided great help with the organisation and the day successfully raised over $5000.
Ray says that he has enjoyed his time in Rotary with a great deal of involvement apart from his Board, Treasurer & Auditor roles, including Bulletin (joint editor), Sargeant (rigged), Programs, organising Home Hosting, Changeover, Weekly Rosters and the Fellowship of our meetings. Bunnings, raffles, working bees and other projects have been most enjoyable.
Ray was surprised and honoured when he was presented with a Sapphire Pin to his PHF.
Ray congratulates the Club on recognising community people with PHFs (approximately 1 in 3) as there are clubs who only recognise their own members.
Thank you Ray, for your great memories. Next week with hear from Rotarian Karina Webb.
Dr Katrina Recoche, Guest Speaker
Our guest speaker via Zoom this week, on Tuesday 22 September was Dr Katrina Recoche.
It was delightful to have 33 members in attendance including a Zoom novice - Rotarian Ray Manchester. Welcome Ray and thank you Margery for guiding Ray through the challenges of technology!
Katrina is an academic expert on palliative care at Monash University.  She teachers and does research on Palliative and End of life Care and works in the Monash School of Nursing and Midwifery In this context she, teaches palliative and end of life care in the undergraduate and postgraduate nursing and occupational therapy courses.
An experienced Palliative Care Nurse, Katrina is on the Australia National Palliative Care Committee and she is the Chair of their Conference organising committee
Katrina's aims for the evening were to be able to have Rotarians understand and be able to:
  • Define palliative and end of life care;
  • Outline the principles and models of palliative care;
  • Identify palliative and end of life care on the Mornington Peninsula;
  • Access information to help develop personal Advance Care Plans; and
  • Access information about Voluntary Assisted Dying
While the subject matter was somewhat confronting Katrina explained things in clear easily understood language and her talk was extremely interesting. Our Club is fortunate to have been able to listen to such a gifted speaker.
From an individual point of view Katrina emphasised the need for people to make Values and Instructional directives that clearly outline their wishes at a later time when they may not be able to so do.
Appointing a medical treatment decision maker and support person are key decisions that require care, thought and attention.
Following Katrina's outstanding talk, all forms and further information can be found with the following link - 
Mt Eliza Primary Says Thanks
Readers will remember the story two weeks ago from Rotarian Trish Stamp about distribution of hampers to the needy.
Trish has received this lovely note from Mt Eliza Primary school.
Hi Trish
I just thought I'd let you know how grateful the people were who I gave the hampers to from rotary... a couple of families who are really struggling at the moment... not just money wise but other issues as well. sad
👍... they were absolutely amazed by the generosity and asked me to passion their thanks 👍 ... thank you so much for thinking of our school community.
Laughter the Best Medicine
The policeman's teenage daughter came home in a rage.
She looked at her father and said, "We had a class in sex education at school today Dad and you lied to me. You told me that if I had sex before my eighteenth birthday, my boyfriend would die!"
The policeman looked his daughter in the eye and said, "Oh, he will my dear. He will!"
I told my son, "You will marry the girl I choose."
He said, "No".
I told him, "She is Bill Gates' daughter."
He said, "Yes".
I telephoned Bill Gates and said, "I want your daughter to marry my son."
Bill Gates said, "No."
I told Bill Gates, "My son is the CEO of the World Bank."
Bill Gates said, "All right."
I called the Chairman of the World Bank and asked him to make my son the CEO.
He said, "No."
I told him, "My son is Bill Gates son-in-law."
He said, "Very well."
And that's exactly how politics works. The practice of hiring inept people to work in influential positions of government. This practice is unbroken to this date.
Meals from TOORAK
This week's meal from Toorak is: 
  • Herb and orange roast chicken
  • Roast potato and rice pilaf
  • Croissant bread and butter pudding
The cost is $15 per meal cash on delivery
Order by emailing Jim Young by 11.30 am this Friday, 25 September. (
Kindly note that orders will be delivered between 1.00 and 2.00 pm next Tuesday.
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