Ralph the Dog is a supernumerary member of our Board. This photo is not of him, as Mike Weber will attest. Once a dog has used your arm as a 'depository'  you never mistake it again. The Board Meeting somehow lost its focus....
However never let the facts get in the way of a story. He belongs to Chris and Carolyn Such.
I erred in my email that referenced Dog Year calculation, because I was in a rush...... to meet Alex for coffee.
So, Chris Such being ever helpful, sent me the calculation, for publication.
Don't shoot the messenger. Parsi; thy name is Charity.
We are a fairly benign lot; just trying to raise money for the less fortunate in very difficult times. So, as requested I circulated from our ClubRunner database >200 invitations to a fundraiser, it having universal Club backing. 'Just kick the can along the road and see who comes out to check'. Things are that tight.
Once before, I wrote [as President]  about the difference between a-political and non - political. We have enjoyed hosting presentations from several 'politicians'. These events are always well attended and Question Time is robust and polite. Our invitations are sought - after by said speakers. In fact, the incoming Federal Member [Labor] was told by the loser [Liberal] to make certain she got an invitation from RCME.
All 'sides' materially support our Club. I received immediate and very favourable responses [one by telephone from a VicPol - PHF person]. Why doesn't it happen with raffle tickets?
You'll all remember the DG from another District, who although not the Guest Speaker, was invited as a courtesy to greet us? We were then told what was wrong with our Club. Stunned silence and no free glass, I confess.
Well, in my capacity of one off email - sender I received a complaint with opinion from another Club. I'm thinking that any of us who did something similar would be held at the Mercy of our Constitution.
No Good Deed goes unpunished.
I am a little surprised by the content of your email, as I don't believe it is in keeping with the ideals of Rotary.

During my [edit] years as a Rotarian, I have always understood that politics has no place, particularly as it limits the freedoms Rotarians have working within a community, and also the potential to create divisions within a Club.

Whilst the details within your attached flyer are interesting and possibly meaningful to many, I don't believe it is appropriate that I share.