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Meeting Responsibilities - 22 June 2021
Welsh, John
Rew, David
Assistant Cashier
Horscroft, John
Flowers, Frank
Schweitzer, Ross
Three Minute Speaker
Edwards, Bernie
Meeting Responsibilities - 29 June
Assistant Cashier
McFarlane, secretary@rotarymtel
Juraschek, Hardy
Sullivan, George-Ann
Three Minute Speaker
Young, Jim
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President's Message
Sue Voss
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Hi everybody
In what feels like deja vu, this Rotary Year is now drawing to a close as we experience yet another COVID lockdown.
In June last year we were optimistically coming out of the first lockdown as the Rotary Year began at the start of July. Little did we realise that the extra long lockdown 2 would commence within a couple of weeks.
At the time of writing it has been announced that our current lockdown, four, will continue through until at least Thursday 10 June. 
All of this makes me appreciate how fortunate we were to have successfully held our 50th Anniversary Celebration last week. Sadly the Rotary Club of Seaford/ Carrum Downs have had to cancel their 50 Year Celebration which was to have been held this week. On behalf of our Club, I congratulate Seaford/ Carrum Downs and wish them many more years of successful Rotary activity.
One positive that has come out of these wretched COVID times is that we have learned to successfully meet via Zoom.
Thank you so much to presidential nominee John Welsh who stepped in at the last minute this week to deliver a most interesting talk on a visit that he had made to Gallipoli.  Thanks also to those members who quickly adjusted back to our Zoom meeting format. While not perfect it is great that we can continue to keep in contact this way.
Next week's meeting will also be via Zoom. Hopefully our Changeover the following week, Tuesday 15 June, can proceed at the Pavillion at Peninsula Grammar.
In the meanwhile please take care and keep safe!
Until next time
Yours in Rotary
District Governor Mark Humphries and Past President Linda Humphries
Greetings to all members of the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza and other readers of this Bulletin.
This week, I thought that I would do something a little different and look at Rotary in China.
Rotary has a long history in China that dates back to 1919 when the first club in China (and the second club in Asia) was chartered in Shanghai. This first English-language club was predominantly comprised of expatriate Americans and British, but it soon took on a very international flavor as it welcomed other nationalities to its roster including prominent local Chinese businessmen.
Rotary flourished in China before and after the war, and ultimately spawned 33 clubs throughout the mainland up to the revolution in 1949.
After 1949, however, it quickly became impossible for Rotarians to meet as many members had moved abroad and so Rotary International formally disbanded the remaining clubs in 1952.  
Today there are currently 16 Rotary Clubs in mainland China - 3 in Beijing, 4 in Shanghai and single clubs in Chengdu, Chongquig, Changzhou, Dalian, Kunshan, Nanning, Qingdao, Suzhou and Tianjin.
In addition there are two Rotaract Clubs in Shanghai and four Interact Clubs - 2 in Shanghai and 2 in Changzhou.
During these troubled times it is to be hoped that the Rotary goal of promoting peace can be useful in building bridges between China and the Western world.
Until next time
Warm regards
Mark & Linda
Club News
Zoom Meeting - 1 June
As a consequence of Victoria being in lockdown following the latest COVID-19 outbreak this week's meeting was held via Zoom. Twenty four members attended the meeting to hear Rotarian and President Nominee John Welsh delivere a most interesting talk, accompanied by some great photographs, on a visit that he had made to Gallipoli.
New Rotarian Leanne Trembath who was due to speak on Tuesday will now provide autobiographical details at a later date.
Next week's meeting - 8 June
Following the extension of the current COVID lockdown, next week's meeting will also be via Zoom. Members can use the link available in the story at the bottom of this Bulletin to attend that meeting. Everyone is asked to log onto Zoom well before 6.00 pm (however after 5.45 pm) so that the meeting can commence on time. 
Pleasing News on Tim
Rotarian Bernie Edwards informed members at this week's meeting that Friend of the Club and former rotarian, Tim Acton, continues to show improvement after his recent hospitalisation. Tim is now in rehabilitation and we look forward to seeing him up and about in the not too distant future.
Meeting Responsibilities - 29 June
As Club Runner does not yet have the names of newer members, the Meeting Responsibilities section of this Bulletin cannot list the Cashier & Chair for Tuesday 29 June.
The Chair for the evening will be Suzie Adam while the Cashier is Leanne Trembath. 
Rotarian David Rew thanks all involved in our Annual Golf Day
Rotarian, Past President David Rew has sent the following letter to everyone involved in the Annual Golf Day. Congratulations to all involved and, in particular David & Grace.
                                              ROTARY CLUB GOLF DAY IN AID OF “SHINE FOR KIDS”
Dear Players, Sponsors and all of you who gave so generously.
A huge thank you on behalf of myself, The Rotary Club of Mount Eliza and of course “The SHINE for KIDS” foundation for all the support you have demonstrated in your participation of the event in so many ways either by sponsorship or the donation of items to be auctioned or simply by just being there.
The absolute final result for the day will be announced very shortly but I can tell you that at this time it is in excess of $13,500 which is a wonderful result with all of these proceeds going to improve the lives of the children and their families who are the innocent victims of our penal system.
We were blessed with superb weather on the day and we must thank The Frankston Golf Club for allowing us to utilise their unique course which was, as always, presented in spectacular condition.
This year, which was the sixth in a row, has turned out to be the biggest so far with an unprecedented number requesting to register for the event. Always difficult to turn people away especially when they have supported us so strongly in the past and in the light of this I am aware that a few players suffered an extended period out on the course. This is not an acceptable situation and it has been a learning curve from which we have already made changes to ensure it does not happen again.
Once again, thank you enormously for all your support and I look forward to seeing you  next year when once more we will be looking to help those in our community in great need.
David Rew 
(Golf day coordinator)
Probus Congratulates RC Mt Eliza on 50th Anniversary
Len Christie, President of the Probus Club of Mt Eliza and Honorary Member of our Club sent the following letter to President Sue and all Club members to celebrate our 50 Years Anniversary.
Did you hear about the cheese factory that exploded in France?
There was nothing left but de Brie!
Did you hear about the first restaurant to open on the moon?
Apparently it has great food but no atmosphere!
Q. How do you measure the length of a snake?
A. In inches, they don't have feet!
You should hear the rumour going around about butter and margarine. However, I can't tell you because I shouldn't spread it!
When I was in my final year at secondary school my teachers told me that I'd never amount to anything because I procrastinate too much.
I told them, "Just you wait and see!"
Photographer Ross Schweitzer's Pictorial Commentary on our 50 Year Celebration
Past President Ross spent most of the evening on the camera at our 50th Celebration. Here is his pictorial report.
I, Ross, must say that the ALERT among you .... will have noticed that in the issue of last week, I was credited with one photograph [being that of the Group] that frownI was in. That photograph was taken by CARL VOSS.The one published was one of several the indefatigable Carl took, but one of only two where where EVERYONE was looking at the camera and not ignoring the Carl's futile requests to do so.
The Winner of the photo caption competition:
                    "Eh? Did you say it's not free!"
                     Is President - elect, NEIL HERON.
Neil wins a bottle of either white or red wine from my secret stash.
President Sue Voss PHF with David Morris MLA PHF
I hold circa 90 shots, so do not be too incensed if you were omitted. I have included a representative number of those who could still speak, or were in the act of doing so, or drawing breath, or had decided to keep silent.
Now..... coming from a Club near You..... [the original Hi - res are available] just call 1 - 800 - WHAT - A - MOB
ADG Rawlings was told to wear his PHF, not show off!
The Fragrant Janet Richards
[note the peripatetic Chris Such in the background].
Our Secretary Pauline PHF lifts the tone....
John Horscroft PHF + One of our Gentlemen
Oh, Dear! angel The Jewels in the Crown
They stopped taking as I approached frown
Messrs Greer, Degnan and David Rew KSJ PHF
Bernie Edwards, George - Ann Sullivan and Carolyn Such.
[Ralph, the Such Human Dog was at home].
Graham Reid holding the Form Guide
Three Rotarians beyond reproach.
REPROACH is a town just west of Grong Grong. smiley
What had Rhonda Vincent just said? heart
One half of the Four Musketeersangel
Brynton Fennell & Mike Weber
Our own Stylish and debonair couple.
Margery and Raymond.
What is the name for 'part' of a Satellite? wink
Both very energetic new members.... and assets to Rotary.
As under - Editor I am allowed Favourites heartsmiley
The Andersons, Alex and Patricia
Our contemporary Soul Mates ..heart
The Lovely Judy Coultas, our Treasure laugh
What a way to get One's wine glass filled .....
Alex Anderson PP PHF + etc.
In just one of his many voluntary Community Roles.
Our Club Member AND DG Mark Humphries
.... AND a man who can tie his tie correctly !!
DG Mark Humphries with wife Linda, [DG in 2023 - 2024].
Not that RCME is showing off.
'Biggles' [not flying] and Mrs Margaret Miller. 

President Sue with spouse and uncredited photographer
the debonair Carl Voss.
Guenter PHF +1 & Inez Steinbrecher PHF heart
Don's Party with Ray Manchester on Tasting :-)
My lovely Evelyn .... Jandra Berg looks on approvinglykiss
Charter Member Graham Reid and wife Barbara
P - E Neil Heron with security slingshot around his neck.
The 'People in Grey' [gulp].
Prez - select John Welsh PHF et maître à boulanger à droit.
The FUTURE of our District is in their hands
........ :-) Peter Rawlings and Bill Degnan
Linda Morris ... angel In charge of everything.
Carolyn Such ... that's not a lipstick...
Ritter Chris Angerer von Bayern. Our Bean Counter.
Receipts! Bring me RECEIPTS !devil
Maurie Selth - Gentleman and retired dentist indecision
Organising Committee Member for tonight's celebration.
Style: George - Ann Sullivan heart
Good God, Poirot! It is  ....
DG Mark Humphries and Don Ripper surprise
Ross Kilborn, not wearing Lycra surprise
President of Mornington Rotary [Our Sponsor 1971]
New Member Jim Voss and Satellite Charter Members
..... with President Sue Voss. Not related, they claim.
Oh dear! Plaid alongside a checkered pattern surprise
Sue as President has seniority. A fine for Jim.
Mike Weber PHF & Officer and Gentleman
Prez Sue presenting Satellite Member Inductions
pro bono winkSue insisted.
All but a handful of us will be dead in another 'few' to 50 Years..
[That's me at the back in the red tie, standing next to Alex Anderson angel]
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