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Chartered 1971
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Mount Eliza
Service Above Self
Tuesdays at 6:00 PM
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Mt Eliza
Mount Eliza, VIC 3930
0419 386 900
Dinner Meeting at Toorak College & Zoom Meeting Conference Number 826504424487
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President's Message - John Welsh

Hi Fellow Rotarians.
It has been a busy week with the changeovers that I attended and finalising some thoughts for our
meetings. At Warragul for Paul Mees changeover his wife had stolen Carolyn’s ideas for the flower
pot as centre pieces on the tables, they looked great with Ingrid winning our tables prize!! Thanks
Last meeting, I found Charlie and Janne Spears presentation to us on the current state of the fight
against Polio and Disaster aid very enlightening, they have done so much work for Rotary over the
years and continue to do so. The Centurion application forms have been sent out for your
It was good to catch up with past DG Mark and DG elect Linda Humphries on Tuesday and look
forward to them addressing the club in July to tell of their travels to Rotary convention in the states.
Thankyou Suzie for your 3-minute talk. Caring for family members with drug and mental problems
is a very poignant subject with society at the moment which was explained very well.
Maurie has been in hospital this week he tells me that he will be home by the weekend. I hope to
catch up next week.
Next Tuesday we have Tim Worrall with his autobiography. It is always a great way to learn about new members, I look forward to seeing you there.
Please check the roster for next week.
July 5th and 12th Meeting Responsibilities 
As this Bulletin will only be published every fortnight from now please read ahead and know your responsibilities
There are presently a few spaces in the Rosters but I'm sure we'll get it right within the next few weeks
July 5th will be Chaired by Rhonda Vincent
Other Responsibilities for the night are from Week 5 Roster
July 12th will be a Zoom meeting Chaired by Bernie Edwards
Other responsibilities for the night are from Week 6 Roster


Week 5 - July 5 - Speaker Tim Worrall - The Man behind the Badge - 3 Minute speaker as per next on Members List Alex Anderson

Chair - Rhonda Vincent

Cashier - Sue Voss

Asst Cashier - David Rew

Furniture - was to be Neil Heron - TBA

Fellowship - Janet Richards

Sergeant - Ross Schweitzer


Week 6 - July 12 - Zoom Meeting  - Speaker Dr Stuart Kininmonth from Heron Island - The Health of Coral and the Barrier Reef

3 Minute Speaker Chris Angerer

Chair - Bernie Edwards

Cashier - Jim Young

Asst Cashier - Chris Angerer

Furniture - was to be Neil Heron - TBA

Fellowship - Janet Richards

Sergeant - Mike Weber

After this we go back to Week 1 Roster for July 19 - Please familiarise yourselves with this rotation as it makes it easier for everyone

And just a forward reminder that July 19th will be a partners and friends night to hear Chrestyna Kinetz, Chair of the Victorian Ukraine Association.  Please note that we MUST have numbers by July 15th 1200 cutoff.
New Rotary Year Changes
Changes to Responsibilities and Emails

Please note that George Anne now has taken over the Secretary email -
Also PLEASE only send any Bulletin information to:
Brynton's Joke of the Week
The Princess and the Paratrooper

A Paratrooper asked a Princess to marry him

The princess said, "No!"

And the paratrooper lived happily ever after and jumped off airplanes & helicopters all
over the world, and drove hot cars with LEGs' girlfriends & wives, and chased skinny
long-legged big-breasted flight attendants, and went to the world's finest clubs, and
didn't worry about what time he had to be home, and he hunted and he fished, and
went to topless bars and dated women half his age and drank whatever he pleased, as
much as he pleased, whenever he pleased, and never heard bitching during ANY time of
month, and kept his house and his guns, and ate cold leftover meals, potato chips and
beans and blew enormous farts and never got cheated on while he was at work or in the
field, and all his friends and family thought he was frickin' cool as hell, and he had tons
of money in the bank and he left the toilet seat up.
The End.

Editors note - "and the Princess thanked her lucky stars each and every day for not marrying a total tool"!!!
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P O Box 95 Mount Eliza 3930
We meet at 6:00 PM Every Tuesday at Toorak College