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President's Message
Ross Schweitzer
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The Thoughts of President Ross
Remember this from last week?
Is there only ‘room’ for so much news in our World? I wonder how the victims of ‘The Fires’ are faring? You know, just our @#!%^& luck.
Announced two days ago: Since last December: Apart from those who died ‘immediately’ .... 3,000 plus were hospitalised, a further 1,500+ were treated as outpatients and 417 have died from the effects of smoke inhalation. But we knew that, didn’t we???
  • How is our fire response doing? Not a lot of information.
Our BBQ offer to Bairnsdale has been stalled, by Bairnsdale, prior to the Corona pandemic. Our Offer remains in place, for an ‘appropriate’ time.
Yesterday, at our 6:30 PM Club Meeting, I proposed we assist the elderly by shopping for them [contactless] / wash their cars / do their gardens /care packages / walk them [usual caveats] etc. I was put in my place. smiley
This morning, our next door neighbour texted us to offer shopping / dunny rolls and so on. I thought because they discovered Evelyn is laid up. Wrong. Because we are ‘elderly’.  We declined graciously because we are fine, not for other reasons. 
I thought, what a headline! Rotary President accepts selfless help from neighbour whilst Club denies same service to community. 
If your son or daughter asked you to provide this service to them, would you tell them to ———  off?
OK! If ‘we’ personally disinfect every packet and bottle and container in our house, and do so for all incoming items including mail and parcels, the newspaper, its wrapping and have done so for the past few weeks, I will consider our default position as acceptable. Maybe.
From Last Night’s Meeting smiley
A select group [one or two could not connect I found out today]. My thanks to those who did participate and contribute.
Regrettably, Brendan’s vision is still impaired. Also John Gilbert’s hearing is not what it once was. We need both these members’ input. I do not have a solution for Brendan [I think that there’s a setting on computers for vision compensation]. In John’s case, a headset / earphones may help?
Without prejudice, if we don’t get more members joining, it may have the unintended consequence of skewing Club discussions and direction.
DG E Mark Humphries:
We RCME have now scheduled up to [so far 12 May] and the links will be forwarded by me to all. 
Each club to make best efforts to stay connected with members, Cluster and District. ZOOM meetings are Club Meetings and we can / should have guest speakers participate. ZOOM and ‘Microsoft Team’ are used daily by very many organisations. 
Regarding contact with others and related matters [Hearsay, ‘Expert Opinion’ and Facts] we are all advised to follow the Chief Medical Officer; he is a - political.
[In a conversation with RI that I  (Ross) had, I was told that they are taking the advice of their equivalent of our [Commonwealth] Chief Medical Officer].
A ZOOM meeting involving Peninsula Health Network et al need help with producing and distributing gowns and masks. I expect more details shortly, and these will be circulated.
David Rew has recommended that the Shine for Kids Golf Day be deferred until Friday 20 November 2020 [tentatively, like everything else]. This is technically a Board decision. The following Board members have agreed, at Date: S Voss. A Anderson. D Rew and me. Those members who participated in the meeting, apart from those already named, are: G - A Sullivan, F Flowers, Linda Morris, Bernie Edwards, Brendan Hoban, DG E Mark Humphries, and anyone I forgot smiley. Sorry.
I suggested these ideas:
ZOOM Bridge [for those who play it].
A ‘discussion Hour’ - Members can set up their own Zoom meetings; you then simply email the link to the participants.
What happened to the request I made last July for members to submit stories to the Bulletin? I think that we had one, from Sir Biggles.
Facts: I personally have been  [at presentauthorised, in writing, by the Shire’s relevant department head to oversee a small, brief, ceremony. As a Public Service [not as Rotary] thus:
A bugler and / or piper.
An Australian flag escort.
A Victoria flag escort. 
A small honour Guard.
A ‘reader’ of Binyon’s Ode.  [at present I am hoping that the invited speaker will now, instead read this Ode, and be our Speaker at Remembrance Day].
Me as ‘MC’ coordinator.
Government representative/s.
Last: Where are all the ideas from our Members? 
The ‘argument’ that we are only using ‘mine’ doesn’t wash; particularly as no others have been suggested. At all, let alone for ‘comparison’. 
Given that this  situation is [choose one]  predicted / expected / forecast / believed ..... to segue into the Presidency of Sue Voss if ‘we’ are waiting until ‘then’ and / or the Revival, ✝️🔯☪️🕉⚰️ ☠️.
A prudent person may wish to start contributing now.
🏴‍☠️ 🐻 🧓🏻
Da Prez
District Governor Elect Mark Humphries
Well, we are all in uncertain times. There is a wealth of information out there, we need to ensure we heed the advice that is from the authoritative sources.
What can we do as a club? That is a club decision. We are a service club, we can continue to function, BUT we need to do things differently. We don’t need to meet face-2-face, we can meet online, we could setup a WhatsApp group, we could run webinars and broadcast these across our District. We can run different projects online, we can fundraise online. We are limited by our imagination. I certainly don’t have the answers, but I would encourage everyone to start thinking outside the square. Let’s start a discussion. Would you like to start a WhatsApp group? How about we meet online sooner rather than later and have a discussion.
There is no right or wrong at present, we need to think as a collective and work on a solution, we are a service organisation, we do good in the community, our challenge is how can we still do this? I throw you the challenge, help me. email me
Lets be bold, remember Rotary Connects the World and Rotary Opens Opportunities. How are we going to grasp this Opportunity
Mark & Linda
And The People Stayed Home
You may have seen the following story on the internet. It has gone viral during this time of virus concern (pardon the pun)
Kitty O'Meara, a retired teacher from Maddison, Wisconsin, turned to writing in an effort to curb her own anxiety amid the nerve-wracking news of the Conoravirus pandemic. 
O'Meara's writing suggests that we take the opportunity provided by social distancing to undertake activities such as exercise, meditation and dancing which may lead to a type of global healing.
Her poem, "And the People Stayed Home" reads as follows:
And the people stayed home
And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised
Made art, played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still
And listened more deeply
Some meditated, some prayed, some danced
Some met their shadows
And the people began to think differently
And the people healed
And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mines and heartless ways
The Earth began to heal
And when the danger passed
And people joined together again
They grieved there losses
And made new choices, and dreamed new images
And created new ways to live and heal the Earth fully
As they had been healed.
Hand sanitizer [Part 2]
If you liked my recent advice about methylated spirit [ethanol w/w 90%] the other day; not to mention Brasso® and going blind, yet being sanitized [undertakers encourage this] read on ......
Listerine is a proprietary brand of mouthwash. The company is ultimately owned by Johnson & Johnson. The original translucent yellow - coloured Listerine®  is 54 proof [26.9% alcohol]. 
You buy is at the supermarket, convenience stores etc., but do not get the 'no - alcohol' version.
I routinely use it to clean my golf club heads, post washing them, overseas. Before I fly home and pass through quarantine. Border Force et al are really impressed by such creativity.
So, you can use Listerine® for hand sanitizer, too!
Drinking it to excess !?! can result in death, as like Brasso can cause organ failure and blindness. Your kidneys do not like to filter it, as both contain [as previously written] Methanol ['wood alcohol'] hydrogen peroxide and chlorhexidine gluconate.
Hence 'blind drunk' or 'dead drunk'.
But it is fine for hand sanitizer. Trust me :-)
A Public Service announcement from your President.
A Great Gardening Story
Rotarian Judy Coultas attended our AUCTION DINNER on 18 February and on the evening was the successful bidder to have a team of gardening enthusiasts come and work in her home garden.
Rotarians Carolyn Such, Kerry Margalit, Caryl Coulthard and Hanne Falkiner formed the team that came to transmogrify Judy & Michael's garden.
Judy has written to the Members of the Garden Team to express her thanks and amazement, as follows:
What an incredible job you all did yesterday in our garden. Six hours of hard toil in a garden seriously out of control... and your thoughtfulness in bringing plants, creating a special space seen from the balcon, getting stubborn weeds from trick places, and making do with rustic garden equipment.
I loved the way that you just got on with the job and left me to tackle several personal matters.
I'm sorry not to have been more supportive ... your energy was quite overwhelming and I never expected the result to be so transforming when I first bid at auction for the garden ream.
Michael has really enjoyed walking around, so a very big thank you.
When the virus is over, I would love you all to come back to enjoy the space with me. Let's hope that is not too far away but in the meantime I will acquire wood chips for mulch, water the new plants in and try and keep the weeds under control.
With sincere thanks for all that you did, well over and above your original commitment.
Rotary Farm Aid for Fires Impacted Families
Rotarian Bernie Edwards was a member of the RC Glen Waverley prior to joining our Club.
Bernie has passed on the following article from the RC Glen Waverley Bulletin:
Alan Newstead (Rotary Club of Mitchell River - Bairnsdale) has advised members of the work being carried out by his Club, and others, in East Gippsland. The extent of the fires is enormous being at least the equal in extent to the country of Ireland. His Club has been operating a respite project, in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Canterbury, where local farmers and families are offered a weekend away in Melbourne. This project has subsequently been extended to help families in distress. A farm aid project is operating currently for those affected by the fires. Not a lot of donated money has reached those who led it apart from what has been provided by various Rotary Clubs & Districts. In excess of $400,000 has been donated by Rotary. There is a need currently for fence posts and wire which is in short supply.
Members of our Club are reminded that donations towards East Gippsland Fires Relief can be made to the Rotary District 9820 District Disaster Fund.
CANCELLED RCME Bowls on Tuesday 7 April
Rotarian Bernie Edwards advises as follows:
The Bowls Club has been caught in a pincer. Bowls Victoria has advised all affiliated clubs to cancel all bowling and affiliated activities from 18 March. The Shire Council has taken the action of not permitting any events or activities on Council land from 16 March till 13 April (at least) - the Bowls Club is on Council land. The Bowls Club has advised that it will not be possible to hold our Bowls Night at the Club on 7 April and accordingly we cannot proceed with this event. 
RCME Golf Day - Now 20 November.
Rotary ‘Shine for Kids’ Golf Day 
The ‘Covid - 19  virus claims yet another  ‘wounded in Action’. Expectations are that there will be a complete recovery. 
Rotarian David Rew and his organising committee have undertaken a great amount of work for the Annual Rotary Club of Mt Eliza Golf Day, which is being held at the "Little Frankston" Golf Club (Golf Links Road Frankston)
This flagship event is postponed until, nominally, Friday 20 November 2020
The charity Shine for Kids will benefit from all monies raised on the day.
The format of the day is both 18 or 9 holes Ambrose.
Registration and coffee will commence at 7.45 am and the 18 hole event will commence with a shotgun start at 8.30 am. The 9 hole event will have a 10.30 am shotgun start.
With lots of prizes, a succulent roast lunch, drinks (wine beer and soft drinks), novelty items and auction items, an outstanding day is assured.
To repeat, at this stage the event will definitely be proceeding in spite of COVID-19. 
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P O Box 95 Mount Eliza 3930
We meet at 6:00 PM Every Tuesday at Toorak College