If you liked my recent advice about methylated spirit [ethanol w/w 90%] the other day; not to mention Brasso® and going blind, yet being sanitized [undertakers encourage this] read on ......
Listerine is a proprietary brand of mouthwash. The company is ultimately owned by Johnson & Johnson. The original translucent yellow - coloured Listerine®  is 54 proof [26.9% alcohol]. 
You buy is at the supermarket, convenience stores etc., but do not get the 'no - alcohol' version.
I routinely use it to clean my golf club heads, post washing them, overseas. Before I fly home and pass through quarantine. Border Force et al are really impressed by such creativity.
So, you can use Listerine® for hand sanitizer, too!
Drinking it to excess !?! can result in death, as like Brasso can cause organ failure and blindness. Your kidneys do not like to filter it, as both contain [as previously written] Methanol ['wood alcohol'] hydrogen peroxide and chlorhexidine gluconate.
Hence 'blind drunk' or 'dead drunk'.
But it is fine for hand sanitizer. Trust me :-)
A Public Service announcement from your President.