Do you hope to be the last one eaten?
My Good Wife informs me that ’70 per cent of Victorians think our Premier is doing a good job’.
The Stockholm Syndrome is derived from a botched bank robbery in Stockholm in August 1973. Four hostages were held in a vault for six days and an incongruous bond developed between captive and captor. This psychological connection develops over the course of days, weeks months or even Years of captivity and abuse.
The captives after whom this syndrome was named refused to testify against their captors and even raised money for their [the captors’] defence. Patty Hearst likewise, 'kidnapped' by the Symbionese Liberation Army and upon arrest listed her occupation as 'urban guerilla' has ... wait for it... segued into a minor millionairess? celebrity. Only in America.
Victims begin to believe that the objectives of each group share the same goals and values. To clarify my view; that anyone would testify or give money to our captor beggars belief. Now this is not political, because the alleged figure of seventy per cent means that the Premier has cross – party support. The mind boggles.
The only other people I can recall who exceeded this figure were Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe.
But I digress.
The ‘real stories’ the facts about the impact of snatching defeat from the Jaws of Victory can be measured by a refusal to admit and deal with promises. We were told that localised outbreaks would be managed individually; ‘much like one handles a scrub fire’. The covering up of the escape [actually the doors were wide open] of the pandemic into the Our Community matches the Russian denial of the Chernobyl disaster and indeed the failings of China itself by imprisoning their ‘whistle blower’ doctor until he died.
Now we find the very State Premiers who blamed the Federal Government for the summer fires turned back the ADF and then unilaterally closed their borders. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. [Baron Acton 1834 – 1902]
Then we come to blame shifting; from the States to US; some of whom then attack our Police Officers for no reason.
Blame shifting; it is for another Column.
A person jumps off a tall building. People hear him crying out 'so far, so good'.
Be in Good Health.
Ross W Schweitzer