If you cannot see the humour in this, please read the whole article.
It proves that Swedish saying “We are like the Germans, only without their sense of humour”. My personal experience, acquired here and in Sweden, is that this is understated. I admit to being a host for a Swedish Exchange Student; he and his family are exceptions. As if to reinforce the perverse nature of the Swedes. I was told by a colleague not to speak any German there [largely because the Country pretended neutrality during WWII - it had to do with their iron ore supply]. So, one evening later I visit a restaurant in Stockholm. My NZ colleague said ‘well you will have to speak English here anyway’ ...... The menus arrived; one side Swedish, one side German. 
So, to the anecdote:
......Oh yes, card came on Friday, thank you.
It was brought to the door by postess because she had a registered letter too.
Of course, my electronic doorbell didn’t work....
..... I may have told you that when my car was hit from behind 2 Years ago, the battery disconnected for safety (by an explosive link, ironically) and without power the car was locked in park and had to be dragged off the road by the tow truck after causing a peak hour traffic jam.
I found a video that shows how to manually engage neutral on the ZF 8 speed (used in several car brands). There is a screw on the left side of the transmission, you wind it in to push a lever. I think it’s under a shield. Not something you could do without jacking the car and having the right tool. Oh, and they don’t supply a jack with BMWs any more......
BTW: One other brother owns an X -5 so I must tell him. Not to mention Carl Voss. surprise
Herr Angerer reliably informs me that one may access the Porsche Diesel engine in both the Tiger and Panther Panzerwagens from either behind or below [there is ground clearance; also you are protected smiley].