The Cat may need explaining to us….
In China, the Peoples’ Republic of China surprise has a program called 9 9 6 meaning ‘working 9 am to 9 pm 6 days per week’.
Beware ‘Peoples’ and The Democratic Republic of …… as a title of ANY Country.
Dare I say, the Asians seem to have a proclivity for slogans, maybe the slogan has a Life cycle. 
In The REPUBLIC of Singapore one sees, from time to time ‘Speak more Mandarin an less dialects’.
So, two problems: It is grammatically incorrect [speak FEWER dialects] and it is only displayed in English
I do now need to explain Tâng Píng [LYING FLAT] . The PEOPLE who do not wish to be 9 9 6 ….. 🤣 ‘lie flat’, that is, do nothing, opt out, go for coffee, watch FOXTEL…. The effect of LIE FLAT is spreading ho, ho, and is a really unthinkable action to the ‘People’; the equivalent of switching to rugby.
The picture of the cat with the bag on its head? Opting out of opting out? All too hard? A panic attack? A Peking Cat?