3 Minute Speaker Maurie Seith 

Maurie has had to titanium discs inserted between vertebrae in his back. These have been attached to two metal rods to stabilise/fuse that section. Prior to the operation Maurie received varying opinions on how successful from absolute failure and worse than what it was to vast improvement and back doing his normal things - Golf primarily! Maurie believed the cause of the injury was probably a combination of arthritis, vocation of dentistry which had him on his feet all day often bending over and his sporting life when younger. Maurie was an elite rower in crews winning Head's of River events and state championships. All of this put a lot of strain on his back. The prognosis for Maurie is looking good, however, there is a way to go for full recovery and a lot of exercising especially in the pool. Mauries' message: Look after your body.