So, this is how it is: stereotypical behaviour
Tak to wyglada: Zachowanie stereotypowe     هذه هي الطريقة النمطية: السلوك النمطي
So, this is who I am; And this is all I know    Celine Dion 1997        
Do different ethnicities [not nationalities] perpetuate the intrinsic traits expected of them by 'us'? The wife of the late Senator Missen taught my brother and I English, in a State School at a time when teachers had to be qualified and erudite. [Did you see in the Sky News report today about Chairman Dan needing to be suttle?].  I proffer some examples: Molly Missen [nee Anchen] ran our debating team and would select topics like ‘Fat men can’t be trusted’.
Those of us with a working knowledge of Slavic languages, like Polish and Czech know that the adjective is placed after the noun. They do it with adverbs too, as do the Japanese, but in their case for a different reason [to endeavour to detect agreement with the speaker]. My English friend [let us call him Daniel because that is his name] assures me that there is a degree of this in Yiddish, already. To avoid splitting infinitives [the Oral and Written Torah explain this as you know].
But I digress. Cirkus Černy and Cirkus Novy Sad in Eastern Europe are cases in point. Which is why we think that ‘Is Don, is Good’ is how they all speak. Just like in the movies all Europeans speak English and you can go there and drive around without any reference to a map. The Good Wife lost a valuable necklace bought at Minzenmay’s and worn in Prague. In due course, AMEX asked to receive an email from a person in Prague who was aware of the circumstances. Our friend, Karel Fišer of Easy Prague Travel had to get me to write an email for him to copy and forward. The reason? Karel’s English is perfect, and the insurer would not have believed him. So [in part] I wrote for him …[sic] ‘The poliz are having speech difficulties with Mrs Sayers who is thinking she is losting the necklace on the car or in somewhere other place…. ‘. Karel’s accent has a Scottish burr to it. Do not ask. We had the claim paid.
So, a couple of weeks back I requested a second Foxtel iQ4 be installed, it being for the lounge room. To replace a Foxtel original of 18+ Years old that had precious few abilities by current standards. The Bride has the iQ4 with Netflix. The ‘installer’ was making excuses about the difficulty before he alighted from his van. I was not surprised as I had in that instant decided that his nature did not fill me with confidence. He was incredibly early for the set time, which subsequently left me believing he was picking jobs and was lazy because what else can you expect from them?’. About as logical as ‘Fat men cannot be trusted’, above, or Collingwood supporters.
I therefore pondered my options; after all, the bloke who showed up from Gordon Glass is a real tradie and knew his stuff and had the estimate done and dusted like ‘that’. As did the sparkie who also showed up when he said and knocked the work off in even time, then showed me his work and charged me fairly.
Where was I? Oh, yes. Foxtel. I cancelled the installation, waited until Monday, then re - booked it. An installer came the very next day. This time I am delighted to tell you, I got Piotr. He is Polish. Now, My English friend [again, let us call him Daniel because that is his name 😊] told me that in the UK the Poles are ‘cleaning up’. On time, great prices, quality work, no issues… but if so, they come back and fix it gratis.
So, I knew things would be fine, already. Rain threatened. Not problem, you want to see rain. Go to Danzig. Is Piotr, is good. He did speak like that! There again, the Poles did resist the Third Reich with cavalry and biplanes. Remind me to tell you about the Russians getting their horses stolen on Saturday nights some time.