'Envision Hands'   https//:envision.org.au With acknowledgment of Sean Teer of Envision Hands. 
'bespoke': adj. Made to individual order; custom - made
The Phoenix [Hand]: An emblem of reborn idealism and hope. A person or thing that has become renewed or restored after suffering calamity.
One was tempted to say 'hands up' all those here tonight who believe that a prosthetic hand can be manufactured utilizing 'plastic' from milk and soft - drink bottle tops. In our case, however, our members were already told that such a product was in existence already. What most of us did not know was that these hand are partially articulated... [O.K. built in sections, having a joint or joints]. 
Who on Earth would need or even want such a device that is clearly artificial? Children, to begin with; those who are without a hand for whatever reason.  Manufactured from HDPE2 'plastic' otherwise destined for landfill.  HDPE [resin Code 2] products are actually formulated to be recycled, but few are.
Children use Envision hands not only to perform simple tasks; simple to us, but also to feel just like everyone else. It could be worn with or without a glove, perhaps displaying a 'Batman'© Warner Brothers device [see 'bespoke'] to turn a child into a Super Hero!  
Each hand is, as is already stated, custom made; a one - off per child. Lest the reader think these 'Envision' hands' lack quality because of the use of recycled material, go and look at the nobs and controls on your car. The precision manufacture, utilizing Laser 3 -D printers and other high - tech equipment, belies the outstanding crafting of each hand. 
Mr Sean Teer is the driving force behind Envision. The choice of 'Phoenix' as a descriptor for the Envision Hand is more than accurate. 
We, the Rotary Club of Mount Eliza Inc. along with Coca - Cola Australia are actively supporting this campaign, as are many other Rotary Clubs. Please take a look at the website for comprehensive information. https//:envision.org.au