Ross Schweitzer presents:
Aristophanes of Byzantium [3 Century B.C.] produced - introduced ‘the period’ a.k.a           The Full Stop to denote the quantity of words a man could read aloud without drawing breath. Many decisions were read aloud because some of the masses were illiterate; the rest did know their parents anyway, so it didn’t matter! Since then, other punctuation has evolved; within Europe it is similar [save for the errant apostrophe in English about which I have previously written]. Arabic uses the period. Many Eastern and I include ‘sub - Continent’ languages, in their written form, do not.
If some wish to be politically correct [a moving target] forget about saying a plethora of words: ‘black’ - now African  - American OR ‘a person of colour’  [what do the Egyptians, Moroccans, Libyans think of this ?] Mrs., waitress - wait person and so on. All these changes courtesy of the United States who go to tortuous lengths to avoid the ****** obvious. Not to mention [you’ll lurve this] ‘Would you prefer steak or fish for your ENTREE, sir?’. [Me, tongue in cheek, the UPPER right ...’well, Customer Service Executive Steward Person....  IT DEPENDS UPON WHAT THE MAIN COURSE IS]’.
ALL European Languages apart from American - Inflenced English still use GENDER. They assign a gender to all nouns.  FRANCE is feminine don’t you know? La France. White rifles and all. Le fusil Blanc. The Germans have THREE genders, and always have. Not because of some unintended ‘progressive’ [read: leftist] agenda. Latin assigns gender. WATCH ‘Life of Brian’ Latin Lessons. Romani ite domum in. 💂‍♀️
 And which lobby group decided [certainly not a Christian one] that BC - before Christ, should be BCE .... Before the Common Era. Come on!
This BCE idea has backfired on ‘them’. They have effectively acknowledged that Christ existed, these ‘WOKE’ 🤪 people. Likewise they are sufficiently brain dead, that they don’t realise that we are Judeo - Christian as a society and ‘we’ appreciate that the Moose Limbs, Jews, Japanese also have their own calendars. ✝️🔯☪️🕉🛐🛐 Who’d a thunk it? Captain’s Log Stardate 1513. 🚀 Or.... the second reign of Ming the Merciless; 1949 - 1966..... AD.
This type of contorted correctness has itself created conundrums. Witness; a ‘first Australian’ must now be referred to by their tribe.... for instance ‘Ross, a Mount Eliza Man’. I asked one of my aboriginal friends [aboriginal is the adjective form of aborigine meaning literal ‘native’] Listen, Iluka [Luke] when your Mob get together at a conference or something, being from different tribes, what’s the collective term? He replied ‘Dunno, Ross. Nobody’s ever asked that before mate’. I suggested that if he finds out, to be certain to Corroborate it! [We thought that funny]. 
But I digress:
Did we really think [as did the person who painted the ceiling in the Prague Library c. 600 Years ago] that Australia would not be discovered? No ‘Country’ to be ‘welcomed’ to, a concept invented by whites; sorry: Caucasian types, although that term is a misnomer. The subject of a later column, perhaps. 
Said WTC acolytes missed a major change creeping up, yet in plain sight: Remember Aristophanes of Byzantium? From Hellenic Alexandria. He was the librarian and it was the largest library in the known World. Of course you do. Well, he got upset 
by the fact that the Hellenic - Greek non- African Americans ranalltheirwordstogetherlikethis. Visit the Parthenon and you’ll get the idea. Aristophanes’ idea was not widely embraced. Really. Ifyoucangetusedtoreadinglikethisitbecomeseasyyoudontknowanydifferentway. That said, the incorrect placement of a period sent hundreds of the Light Brigade to their doom at Balaclava not where you get bagels; in the Crimea;
Trong tiếng Việt, ngôn ngữ sử dụng 'dấu nhấn' và 'dấu thở' như bạn đã biết 😃 🇻🇳 🧸 🐀
So, I hear you ask ‘What is this pernicious major change evolving?’ [Ghosts appear and fade away .......] The current generation, say from 15 - 19 DO NOT USE PUNCTUATION when messaging. They regard a ‘full stop’ as an end of discussion, a slight. They communicate one line at a time, then move on. Said generation does not reply to an SMS that they feel requires none, even as a courtesy. Because they all understand this; it is we who are incorrect.
Maybe they saw, between texts, the ‘message’ ‘written’ on a log in the Federal Parliament.
So. What are we doing, saying and writing now that will be deemed thoughtless, coarse and otherwise ‘wrong’. For my part, I ask my grandchildren, after explaining the meaning of ‘Maaate, it was bigger than Ben - Hur’. ZOMBIE Grammar; you kill it, but it comes back. 
🎶  👻 Ghosts appear and fade away.....