Posted by Ross Schweitzer on Sep 18, 2019
Saturday 30 November 
How are you going getting some friends to come along?
Our Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ Party will be held at St James the Less on 30 November. It is not only a fund - raiser, but a membership drive.
Our target is 120 patrons. We have 50+ members and friends. Carolyn wants table of ten please. 
St James the Less Hall was secured at a very favourable rate by John Paterson, meaning the price is but $40 per head. 
Bring a plate please and also your drinks. We will be having a spit roast.
Music courtesy ๐ŸŽธ pro bono by Alex Anderson jp and his Swingers. 
Remember, this soirรฉe is really modest a fund - raiser; also it is a major new member drive. 
Carolyn, our newly - minted PHF +2 lady will look forward to your assistance in reaching 120 attendees. Please.