Carolyn Such - Topic :Westgate Park
What a great idea and great project by Parks Victoria. 
Carolyn spoke with enthusiasm about the Westgate Park, under Westgate  Bridge, where she and Linda M. took their 5 Grandchildren aged 6 to 10 during the school holidays. It is an outstanding green oasis in the midst of industrial surrounds.  It is a flourishing park on the banks of the Yarra River. Good parking, lots of walking, riding trails with many joggers and riders. Excellent BBQ area and facilities. They visited the nature trail, the sculpture park, together with the lakes filled with bird life. Area was full of indigenous plants. Carolyn commended the park as worthy of a visit for all ages.
Carolyn suggested that in the future the Environmental Committee look at hosting a BBQ at Westgate Park for friends and family to enjoy the "green oasis" located in the heart of industrial Melbourne.