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Aug 04, 2020
Pathology & COVIS-19
Aug 11, 2020
Inside the Musician's Performance
Aug 18, 2020
Colette & Jacqui were previously Rotary Youth Exchange Students sponsored by RCME
Aug 25, 2020
Interplast - Repairing bodies/ Rebuilding lives
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Meeting Responsibilities 28 July
Morris, Linda
Three Minute Speaker
Welsh, John
Meeting Responsibilities 4 August
Selth, Maurie
Three Minute Speaker
Juraschek, Hardy
Meeting Responsibilities 11 August
Cracknell, Robert
Three Minute Speaker
Angerer, Chris
Meeting Responsibilities 18 August
Anderson, Alex
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Reid, Graham
Meeting Responsibilities 25 August
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Coultas, Judy
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President's Message
Sue Voss
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Hi everybody
At this time of COVID-19, it is great to see that Toorak College is looking to retain its relationship with our Club by offering members an opportunity to purchase meals at a very reasonable cost. Please see the story about this offer later in the Bulletin.
As I have previously explained my three key priorities for this Rotary Year are the establishment of a Satellite Club, the Mornington Peninsula Trail and running a Club Visioning Programs.
Over the last couple of weeks I have expanded on various elements of Club Visioning and this week I continue providing further information about this exciting opportunity.
Last week I mentioned the three "C"s - Continuity, Consistency and Consensus.
Continuity of Leadership, Vision and Process provides us with a roadmap to know where we are going (and includes planning as to where we want to go).
Consistency requires that all elements of our programs, processes and activities fit together ensure that we take an integrated approach to wall that we do.
Consensus requires that we all agree and work together on our approach and agreed outcomes in purpose and actions by emphasising solidarity and unanimity.
Paul Harris, the founder of Rotary said that, "Rotary is not an organisation for retrospection. It is rather one whose worth and purpose lie in future activity rather than past performance."
We need to look forward; to have vision and adhere to Rotary's core values of Diversity, Fellowship, Integrity, Leadership and Service.
Next week will be my final column on Club Visioning where I will outline further aspects including Back to Basics, Priorities & Goal Setting. 
I do look forward to having the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza participate in our Club Visioning exercise assign as we are able to meet together in person. 
Until next time
Yours in Rotary
District Governor Mark Humphries and Past President Linda Humphries
Rotary Club flexibility
Historically clubs have regular weekly meeting, strict attendance rule, traditional classifications, evening or morning meeting, high costs. All these are still valid today, however they are often restrictive to todays generations and todays work life balance.
Rotary over the past few years have relaxed rules and have offered up several different club models. There is nothing stopping a club to change its meeting style to fit within a new model type. Most new clubs immediately start with one of the new models.
What are some of the new models? Satellite Club, Passport Club, Online clubs, Cause based club, Rotaract, Interact, Earlyact, Corporate Club, Alumni based.
There are many options available now, giving people options to find a model that fits their lifestyle.
It is fantastic that Mt Eliza is looking at forming a Satellite club. A satellite meets at a different time and place, it has a different focus, may or may not have a meal. Satellite club members are members of the sponsoring club. Both the sponsoring club and satellite club are encouraged to work together. There is mutual benefits for both parties.
A satellite club is an exciting opportunity for everyone. I am so excited that Mt Eliza are looking forward and have a clear vision of how they can expand their reach and engage with other in our community who find it hard being involved in a traditional club.
Mark & Linda
Introducing Meals from TOORAK
As mentioned at our Zoom meeting two weeks ago, during this time of COVID-19 lockdown, Toorak College is offering members of Rotary Club of Mt Eliza a great Meal Deal.
Kristy Russell, Catering Manager, has suggested that each week on a Tuesday Club members will be offered a different meal.
These main meals would be packaged in foil trays ready to reheat in the oven. This means that they can be eaten when you wish and not necessarily on the day of delivery.
Toorak has even said that they can home deliver to Mt Eliza for the first few weeks.
The cost of the dinner is $15 per person.
The menu for Tuesday 4 August is an Italian Dinner - Chicken cacciatore with scallop potato and ciabatta roll with a Tiramisu dessert.
The menu for week 2 (11 August) is French Dinner - Beef bourguignon with creamy mashed potato and ciabatta roll with homemade chocolate eclairs.
At our Zoom meeting a considerable number of members expressed interest in making an order.
May I ask that anyone who wishes to order the Week 1 Italian Dinner, delivered on Tuesday 4 August, email Jim Young by 1.00 pm this Friday, 31 July? (
Kindly indicate the number of meals required and your address for delivery.
Members who order will be given instructions as to how to pay Toorak at $15 per person.
Warning from Dr Selth
Maurie Selth has asked all Rotarians to be careful and DO NOT LET SUPERMARKET STAFF SCAN YOUR FOREHEAD TO TAKE YOUR TEMPERATURE.
Maurie is sure that such action erases your memory.
He went into IGA for bread and milk and came out with wine, gin and chocolates!
Link for RCME Zoom Meetings
For the information of members and at the suggestion of our Youth Director, Rotarian Mike Weber, the following link should take you to our weekly Zoom meeting -
Alternatively, open the Zoom app and join meeting number 82650442487.
Scott Walker, CEO Carers Victoria - Guest Speaker
Our Guest Speaker at the Zoom meeting held this week on 27 July was the CEO of Carers Victoria, Scott Walker.
After being introduced by Chair for the evening, Linda Morris, Scott spoke about the strong support that the RCME has provided to Carers Victoria since 2006.
Scott pointed out that there are some 700,000 Victorians (one in eight) who carry out caring duties in some way or another. 
The organisation pays particular attention to Young carers, aged 12 to 25 and this year the Young Carers Scholarship Program has awarded 89 scholarships totalling $50,000 to young carers.
Almost all young carers are balancing their caring duties with the demands of school.
Anyone at anytime can become a carer.

A carer provides unpaid care to a family member or friend who has a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness, addiction or is an older person with care needs.

Everybody knows somebody who cares.

A carer may not choose to become a carer; it can be something that life chooses for them.

Carers Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation providing advice, information and support to unpaid carers to improve their health, wellbeing, capacity and resilience. They also offer tailored services for young people (aged up to 25) who are in a caring role.

The organisation operates a number of state-wide services which are available to help carers navigate the different challenges they may face.

Scott spoke about the particular difficulties that COVID-19 has caused this year, making the life of many carers even more challenging.

It’s good to know there are services available to help carers – but finding out about them is not always easy.

The experienced staff of Carers Victoria listen and help carers and potential carers navigate the various supports available in their caring role.

Carers Victoria also connect carers of all ages to a range of services, including:

• support services
• counselling
• funding opportunities 

• carer education, and 

• respite services.

Further information can be found the website

Linda mentioned that in the early days of fund-raising for Carers Victoria, the Club Sponsored a day at the Mornington Races with the feature event being the Carers Victoria Handicap.

Following Scotts presentation there were a number of questions demonstrating members interest in this very worthwhile charity.


Scott Walker, CEO Carers Victoria on Zoom

Mike's Plans for Youth in 2020/21

Our Youth Director Mike Weber is continuing in this new Rotary Year.

Following last week's article about the plans of International Director Maurie Selth, this week we look at the wprk proposed by Mike & his Committee

We have started the new Rotary year under the most trying times ever, but we will not be daunted, for the show must go on! It will not be easy, but with the Youth Team we have, all like-minded and focused, it will be as a good a year as we can possibly make it.

We are currently responsible for an Overseas Youth Exchange student, Chloe Holmes, who is currently in Finland. What a rising star she has turned out to be? We, the RCME, are fortunate that we have her mentor and President elect, Neil Heron on our team. Chloe and her parents are well pleased about the situation and send their thanks.

One of our Youth projects for the new year will be when we can draw (RCME) students from our local schools, to attend the District MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly) conference at Phillip Island. Hopefully they can again debate themselves right into the National MUNA Assembly, to be held in Canberra like our team did last time. All things being equal, the first round of MUNA should happen in April or May 2021.

Our club has always sponsored a team or at least some students for this most amazing of events where young people really shine!

PP Ross and Rotarians Mike and Brynton, have been requested to be part of the mentoring team for District 9820 when it all takes off again. This is in recognition for our physical support during the 2019-2020 gathering of the minds in Canberra.

We plan to allocate and subsidise two students to NYSF this Rotary year in January 2021. Sophie Nolan, who is an automatic candidate due to her tenure being lost in 2020 as a result of Covid-19 that caused the event to be cancelled.

The other candidate will have to be interviewed as part of the standard procedures. This is not an auto-fill position and only the select students go through to the event. PP Ross (Youth Team) has made himself available to formally participate in the Canberra forum as a team facilitator on behalf of RCME. Fortunately we are closely connected to our DG Mark and Past ADG Steve who may consider us favourably for this role.

We can only plan, but if there are no available funds or the Covid-19 issue prolongs, and we cannot go, then so be it, but at least let us be prepared!

Again, this year, the Youth Committee will work closely with the Vocational Group, so that together we can make things happen.

It will not be easy, but it will be challenging, and we will face each opportunity from a positive angle.

This of course, has all to fit into the path which Pres. Sue has chosen to lead us in.

Once again, a big thank you and a bigger welcome to my Youth Team members.

Together we will make it happen and hopefully have fun while we do it.

Mike Weber - Director Youth 2020-2021

Bespoke Face Protectors
Ros and Eugene Notermans were bespoke tailors and recently retired to South Queensland [that place you can walk around]. They hand made suits and shirts for many State and Federal politicians including our longest - serving Treasurer Peter Costello. Ros and Eugene are long - standing friends of ours, and Ros has taken to tailoring face coverings......
So, as everyone now starts their sentences with. These items are hand - made from premium cotton 'shirting' material and can be reversed [see photos] just like bachelors do with their underwear.
They [the face coverings] are adjustable for depth of coverage, they breathe so your spectacles don't fog [mine did not] and can be machine or hand washed. A variety of colours are available and the are in two sizes. A fine wire is embedded so the covering moulds around your nose.They are soft as .........
Disposable 'masks' are around one Dollar each. All the ones I have seen come from China.... 3M N95 masks are close to five Dollars each, in boxes of five. One of Ros and Eugene's [and you can order one] are $23 each and we retain $3.00
Just let me know how many you would like and send your payment to our PROJECT Account 633 000 152 498 135
Reverse of navy face cover.

Ross Schweitzer Presents
Fox hunting in Canada. And other exercises in English Language.
A reasonable person may ask is the topic relating to the actions of a humans [or humans] or alternatively the fox. What is the opinion of said le renard, I hear you ask?
What is the opinion of a person who hears a NSW 'Public Servant' state:
A:'some of this data [not these data] are anonomised and I appreciate the fact that the people [?] expect us to de - anonymise it [not these].
B: Allegations were made, yes. We are currently checking just who the alligator is......
[Conclusion: Our Victoria Police are better educated than NSW Police].
I suggest that the title Fox hunting in Canada  needs no explanation; it relates to humans hunting foxes. This observation is not as apparent to a non - English speaking native. A person whose primary language is not ours. The problem is disambiguation ; an open problem concerned with identifying which sense of a word is used in the heading.
In English, our reliance on the single words ‘a’  ‘an’ and ‘the’  confuse a foreigner even further. With many European languages, any noun has a gender. These are referred to as noun cases, or nominative cases; often two, as with the Latin languages [French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romansh and so on] with three in German. Der  Mann, die Frau, das Kind. [A man a woman a child]. When referring to nouns in a sentence, the gender of the noun carries forward to the noun in its other cases: accusative, genitive, dative.
The nominative case is used for sentence subjects, the accusative for direct objects, the dative  for indirect objects and genitive expresses possession. The adjectives ‘agree’ with the case. The dative case also serves the purpose to dismiss ambiguity:
In English ‘In the restaurant’ instead of clarifying if we meant ‘into the ……’. Many non – English languages use the dative case to specify direction. Into the restaurant  versus in the restaurant, for instance. Speaking of which, there is a side issue here. [Not that we may not go to one]. No, our forbears in their wisdom made rules, first in the early 14th Century by Dante Alighieri if your were 'Italian' per se.
The much misused it's [NOT its the pronoun] is an Rule from the 16th Century allowing one  form only: it is. Given we all agree about the Plague of The Errant Apostrophe, witness sic: Car's banana's chair's.... ad nauseam, the fundamentalists of 'Cancel Culture' - whoever made that up - will be horrified [with any luck] to learn that:
The apostrophe as in / Sue's house / banana's price or bananas' [plural] actually meant .... wait for it ... Sue [HIS] house / banana [HIS] price. Worse, German, Italian etcetera - see previously - assign a gender to every noun: A table is masculine, a pizza is feminine and a car is neuter. There are some 'rules'; Europeans still use Mr. Mrs. Miss. by the way.
There is a famous example of this tortuous grammar to be found, as Chris would know:
The Ministry for the district office of the controller of traffic regulation ….
Das Ministerium für das Bezirksamt des für die Vekehrsregulierung Verantwortlichen innerhalb der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.
Believe it or not there is no ambiguity as to who is doing what to whom if you are German. Therefore, it would be easier to determine that the fox in Canada is headed for the high jump if it is not alert.
Speaking of which, the Romans  did influence grammar in their Known World. I attest that the majority of non – Swiss believe that they [The Swiss] have three official languages: German French and Italian. Well four, Romansh. Official since 1938 and spoken by residents of the Canton of Graubünden. This area abuts north – eastern Italy and is 'related' to Romanian and some Slavic languages. The Romans did get around.
If the Normans had not lost the language battle to English [which was the argot  of the conquered English] we would not have these difficulties. Mind you, I am convinced that ‘Avance Australie juste’  does not have quite the same sonnette  to it. And we'd be speaking foolent Fronch.
Laughter the Best Medicine - 28 July
A church in the Southern USA appointed a new preacher.
While the congregation had high hopes for the new pastor the organist was not impressed.
On his first Sunday morning the preacher thundered from the pulpit threatening, hectoring and frightening church goers such over the next couple of weeks that attendances started to drop.
The organist had an idea.
The following Sunday morning the pastor preached on the subject, We should all dedicate our service to God. The organist lead with the song, "We shall not be moved'!
The next week saw a sermon on tithing and how the preacher expected that members of the congregation should pay 30% of their income to the church. The organist followed playing, "Jesus Paid it All".
On the third week the pastor preached on the topic of gossip and he went read in the face as he demanded that everyone should watch their tongues. The organist then played, "I Love to Tell the Story".
With all this going on the preacher became very angry and the following Sunday he told the congregation that he was considering resigning. The organist immediately played, "Oh, Why Not tonight."!
The then next Sunday the pastor stood up and made the following announcement, "I came to this church because of Jesus. I am now leaving because I see that Jesus would rather that I had a congregation that appreciates me."
The organist quickly played, "What a Friend We Have in Jesus."!
A wealthy English businessman who take taken up golf with a passion long dreamed of playing golf at Wentworth in Surrey.
One weekday when he knew that the course wouldn't be too busy he took a chance and drove to the Club.
Entering the Clubhouse he asked the Club Secretary if he might play the course.
The Club Secretary asked if he was a member.
"No, I'm afraid not." came the reply.
"Guest of member?" asked the Club Secretary.
"No", he answered.
"Sorry, Sir. I cannot help you", said the Club Secretary.
As the disappointed businessman turned to leave he saw a familiar figure seated in the lounge, reading The London Times. It was Lord Parnham, who was the President of a charity to which the businessman had donated two millions pounds the previous year.
He approached, bowed low and said, "Pardon me, Your Lordship," and he introduced himself. 
His Lordship nodded in recognition.
The businessman went on, "I wonder if I could crave Your Lordship's indulgence. May I play this beautiful course today as your guest?"
His Lordship looked the businessman up and down and asked, "Church?"
"Church of England Sir. Member of the synod", came the reply.
"Eton, Sir, followed by a Masters at Oxford."
"Rugby, Sir, played cricket for England in two tests, a spot of tennis and number four on the rowing crew that defeated Cambridge."
"Brigadier, sir. Coldstream Guards, Victoria Cross in the Gulf War."
"Private tutor in French, fluent German, and conversational Greek, Italian and Spanish."
His Lordship considered briefly, then nodded to the Club Secretary and said, "Nine holes."  
A white horse ambled into a bar and ordered a beer.
"Funny thing," said the barman, "We've got a whisky named after you."
"What?" responded the horse. "Timmy?"
Five bikers walked into a country pub and, having order their beers, told the lone drinker at the other end of the bar to shout them.
"No way", came the reply.
At this the bikers went up to the man, punched him and threw him out the door.
After a couple of minutes one of the bikers said to the barman, "Not much of a fighter was he?"
The barman looked back and said, "Not much of a driver either. He's just driven his truck over five Harley Davidsons."
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