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Apr 06, 2021
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Apr 13, 2021
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Apr 20, 2021
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Meeting Responsibilities
Meeting Responsibilities 6 April
Horscroft, John
Miller, Rowan
Assistant Cashier
Stamp, Trish
Edwards, Bernie
Sullivan, George-Ann
3 Minute Speaker
Schweitzer, Ross
Meeting Responsibilities 13 April
Juraschek, Hardy
Selth, Maurie
Assistant Cashier
Rew, David
Welsh, John
Gilbert, John
3 Minute Speaker Suzie Adam
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President's Message
Sue Voss
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Hi everybody
It is with great regret that I was away on Tuesday this week and missed hearing from our Rotary Exchange Student Chloe Holmes and that I was not able to participate in the Joint meeting with the Rotary Club of Muehldorf WaldKraiburg in Bavaria, Germany.
Than you very much to Treasurer Chris Angerer for arranging this meeting. From the reports that I have received it was a great success and members enjoyed very much the opportunity to hear about Rotary activities and programs in Germany. While I am unsure of all of the details I understand that several of our members were quite taken with the German Club's "mud run"! Perhaps Chris can explain it to me in more detail.
Thank you to Club Service Director Neil Heron and Rotarian Bernie Edwards for organising all of the technical aspects of out link up with Muehldorf WaldKraiburg and to Jim Young who stepped in as acting President in place of both Ross and me.
Chloe Holmes has proved to be an outstanding international exchange student and I know that all members are proud of her, especially having to be away from her family during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chloe will always be a special part of our Club and I am delighted that her father Luke will be a member of our Satellite Club. 
A quick reminder that Barefoot Bowls is scheduled for 20 April. Please make every effort to attend what will be a great fun night!
Until next time
Yours in Rotary
District Governor Mark Humphries and Past President Linda Humphries
Greetings to all members of the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza and other readers of this Bulletin.
Linda and I are excited to invite you to our District 9820 Mini Conference as we gather in person for the first time in 12 months to celebrate our District.
Our mini conference will be held face to face on the 1st May following the online virtual 2021 Multi District Conference, information following.  Jump in your car, drive down the highway and meet us all at Nossal High School for an afternoon and evening of fun and entertainment.
This will be our first conference in two years. We have quite a lot to catch up, so we are breaking the conference into three components.
  1. The Conference component will bring us together to pay our respect to those called to higher service, to celebrate and acknowledge award recipients, to hear presentations and to ratify some short mandatory business resolutions.
  2. A friendship break in the foyer where we can socialise over finger food.
  3. Conference Dinner and entertainment in the main Hall where you will enjoy time together over a two-course meal, beverages included, while being entertained by our Nossal High School students as they showcase their amazing musical and dance talents.
Venue:        Nossal High School
                      100 Clyde Road
                      Berwick  VIC  3806
Time:             3:30pm Start – Mini Conference
Cost:             $70 per person
RSVP:           24th April 2021 including any medical dietary requirements to Jane Moore -  THEN make your payment as below
Payments:   District 9820  BSB 633000   ACC 134811736
                          Your Name Conference eg:  SmithConf
Looking forward to seeing you in person soon.
Until next time
Warm regards
Mark & Linda
Club News
Joint Meeting with Rotary clubs of Mt Eliza and Muedldorf WaldKraiburg
What a fabulous meeting we had on Tuesday 30 March when our Club held a joint meeting, via Zoom, with the Rotary Club of Muehldorf WaldKraiburg (RCMW) in Bayern Germany (Bavaria).
Our Treasurer Chris Angerer is originally from Muehldorf and he was able to arrange a connection between the two clubs through his school days friendship with Andreas (Andy) Holzapfel.
The evening proceeded with presentations by the RCMW team led by President Marcel Huber and supplemented by Michael Hell and other members of the Club.
In the absence of President Sue who was away on business and Past President Ross, a presentation outlining information about our Club was led by PP Jim Young with input from each of our directors.
Both Clubs showcased a broad range of activities being undertaken by each Rotary Club. 
Our District Governor Mark was in attendance and he responded to a toast from the German team to Rotary International and added further information about Rotary's worldwide programs.
This surely had to be the first, or at the very least one of the first joint meetings held by Rotary Clubs in Germany and Australia. 
Thank you to Chris Angerer for all of his work in arranging this meeting and to President elect Neil Heron and Rotarian Bernie Edwards for handling all technical issues.
Welfare Report
Great to see Rotarian Frank Flowers back on Tuesday following some surgery. Frank looks well and is clearly on the road to recovery.
Best wishes to Past President Ross Schweitzer who is in hospital. Hopefully you will be up and about soon Ross.
Barefoot Bowls
Rotarian Bernie Edwards has arranged our annual Barefoot Bowls evening at the Mt Eliza Bowls Club to be held on Tuesday 20 April. An email will be shortly sent to all members with details of the evening.
Guest Speaker
It was wonderful to have our 2020 Rotary international exchange Student Chloe Holmes attend Tuesday's meeting. After our link with Germany was terminated, Chloe provided a most interesting report on her year in Finland,
Chloe was accompanied by her father, Luke and Grandfather Mark.
Mark is a member of the Rotary Club of Korumburrra and it is great that Luke will be a foundation member of our Satellite Club when it is chartered in May.
Luke, Chloe & Mark Holmes
Together with her parents. Chloe first visited our Club as our new International Exchange Sudent in November 2019.
Her trip to Finland was planned well before we became aware of COVID 19 and, in spite of lockdowns and lots of coronavirus issues over the last twelve months she was able to successfully complete her assignment in Finland.
We were fortunate to hear from Chloe, via Zoom, several times during her year in Finland.
Chloe spoke confidently about her experience both in a school and home environment. Her stories were informative and at times inspirational. Her stories about the Finnish peoples infatuation with saunas were both entertaining and somewhat eyebrow raising. 
Rotarian Karina Webb, Luke Holmes, Chloe, Mark Holmes and Treasurer Chris Angerer.
It is clear that Chloe thoroughly enjoyed the year away and during that time she has matured into an outstanding young woman. Chloe and her family will always be a part of the RC of Mt Eliza family.
One Sunday during the 1960's a poodle in Darwin died and went to Heaven.
At the Pearly Gates he was met by St Peter who refused him entry.
"Why?" asked the dog.
St Peter replied, "Because you haven't got a tail. You will have to go back to Earth and get your tail."
The dog returned to his owner and told him of his plight.
The owner said, "Well, I can't help you now, however if you go to the vet who also runs our local supermarket he might be able to help you."
So the dog trotted down to the supermarket and, sure enough, there was the vet behind the check-out counter.
The vet immediately recognised the dog and asked what he could do for him.
The dog told the vet of his problem.
The vet sadly shook his head and said, "I am so sorry, but here in Darwin, we are not allowed to re-tail spirits on Sundays!"
Many years after his adventures in Sherwood Forrest, Robin Hood, now Lord Locksley, lay on his deathbed. 
All of the Merry Men joined with the Maid Marion, now Lady Locksley, waiting for the inevitable end.
Friar Tuck arrived to deliver the last rites. 
Heroically, Robin struggled up and said, "Tuck, fetch me my trusty long bow. I will fire an arrow into the air and wherever it lands that is where you will bury me."
Deeply moved, Little John placed the long bow and arrow into Robin's trembling fingers, popped him up and faced him towards Sherwood Forrest.
With an immense effort Robin aimed and fired.
And so it came to pass that they buried him on top of the wardrobe.
Thank you to the 21 Members, Honorary Members and Friends who have submitted their memories of our great Club.
Unfortunately a number of people have not yet been able to provide their stories. Hopefully they will be able to so do in the near future. 
In the meantime, thank you to a much loved Club Member who has, anonymously, provided the Editor with a copy of our Club's Bulletin for the 2000/01 Rotary Year.
From that Bulletin, the following has been obtained:
* The President was Malcolm Hull with Alex Pigdon the Incoming President. Vice President was Keith Burren, Alex Pigdon was Secretary and Ray Manchester was Treasurer. Harry Macdonald was the Club Service Director and Elizabeth McCormick was Vocational Service Director. Ric Berg was Community Service Director while Judy Coultas served as International Service Director and Neil Heron was our Youth Service Director.
Other Club Members in 2000/21 who are still active Rotarians include David Rew, Maurie Selth, Graham Reid, Brendan Hoban, Trish Stamp, Rob Cracknell, John Gilbert, Frank Flowers, Carolyn Such, Rhonda Vincent and Karina Webb. It is wonderful that twenty years later these members are still active contributors to the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza.
* A very interesting article in the 2000/01 Bulletin was headed "Champagne". The article reads as follows:
"A letter from the Bishop, being the last as Treasurer Peter (of the Pearly Gates) naturally has to be about liquid assets.
The method of making Champagne was originally discovered by Dom Perignon, a Benedictine monk who died in 1715, (maybe Rev James in a prior life). Champagne is sold in a half bottle, sometimes called a pint, a standard 750 ml bottle or a magnum which holds two bottles. 
Bigger bottles have Biblical names ... no-one knows why: it is simply an old custom carrying on from wine lore of the past.
JEROBOAM - after the first King of Israel. A double magnum! 4 bottles
METHUSELAH - defeated Jeroboam in a war 3000 years ago - 6 bottles
SALAMANZAR - a warrior king of Abyssinia - 12 bottles
BELSHAZZAR - the last king of Babel, grandson of Nebuchadnezzar - 16 bottles
NEBUCHADNEZZAR - a king who re-built Babylon - 20 bottles".
* The District Governor was Ian Pickering and the World President was Frank Devlyn
* The Bulletin also provided the Rotary Invocation, The Four Way Test, the words to the second verse of Adnace Australia Fair and a list of district club meetings where members could attend for make-up purposes.
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