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Jul 06, 2021
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Meeting Responsibilities 6 July
Manchester, Ray
Flowers, Frank
Assistant Cashier
McCauley, Kay
Fennell, Brynton
Stamp, Trish
Three Minute Speaker
Young, Jim
Meeting Responsibilities 13 July
Assistant Cashier
Three Minute Speaker
Meeting Responsibilities 20 July
Assistant Cashier
Three Minute Speaker
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President's Message
Neil Heron
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Hi everybody
Greeting from both Carl and I as we continue our interstate trip. I trust that all Club Members, Honorary Members, Friends and other readers of our Bulletin are keeping safe.
This is my final President's column and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support and great work in what has been a most difficult year due to COVID-19.
In particular, thanks to the members of my Board - our hardworking Secretary Pauline McFarlane, Past President Ross Schweitzer, Treasurer Chris Angerer, Fund-raising Director Carolyn Such, Community Director Linda Morris, International Director Maurie Selth, Youth Director Mike Weber & Vocational Director Brynton Fennell.
Board members put in an extraordinary amount of time and effort and, in spite of coronavirus, we have had a most successful year.
From my point of view there were three major outcomes over the last 12 months:
1. We have set the pathway forward through the Club Visioning Project;
2. The Satellite Club is now up and running; and
3. We survived and flourished in spite of COVID.
Thank you to everyone who has made this past year a pleasure and a success.
Finally, I want to wish incoming President Neil and his team every success in the 2021/22 Rotary Year. I know that you will have the full support of everyone in our Rotary family.
Kind regards
Yours in Rotary
PS from Editor - Club Runner has automatically named Neil as President as this Bulletin is going out after 30 June
District Governor Mark Humphries and Past President Linda Humphries
Greetings to all members of the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza and other readers of this Bulletin.
As my year as District Governor comes to an end this will be my final column in the Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza. I would like to thank Past President Ross Schweitzer and President Sue Voss for inviting me to write this weekly column over the last two years.
Elsewhere I will be thanking all of those members across District 9820 who have made this an amazing Rotary Year.
However in this Bulletin, as I finish as District Governor, I want to thank all members of the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza for their encouragement and support both in the lead up to and then during my time as District Governor. There are so many people thank I could thank however space does not permit this. However, I must thank Linda Morris who has been a magnificent worker and whose arrangements for our District Conference were first class.
Finally I would like to thank my wife Linda for all of her hard work and support and to wish her well as she assumes the role of District Governor nominee.
Warm regards from us both
Mark & Linda

Following the floods at Traralgon last month, Past President Ross reported to our Club meeting last week, that our Club had purchased and donated a generator to the Rotary Club of Traralgon. 

In associated news, District 9820 Disaster Relief Chair, Janne Speirs, reports:

"DG Mark and I have had some recent enquiries regarding our position as a District in response to the Traralgon flood situation and I do apologise that it has taken time to get back to you while we got things sorted. Please find below the latest disbursements.

At the June Board meeting the following disbursements from the Disaster Relief Fund were approved-

  • $5000 through Disaster Aid Australia to the appeal for rehousing after the recent Indonesian typhoon
  • $5000 to RAWCS for the NSW flood appeal
  • $15000 to Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund for the Latrobe Valley flood appeal

This wonderful ability to support local and International disasters from the D9820 Disaster Relief Fund, is possible, thanks to the incredible generosity of Clubs in D9820 and again, I thank all those who have donated through the Fund over the years. Many others generously give to other appeals as well and thanks go to you also.

Our Disaster Relief Fund is in a ‘good’ position, in that we can still help those in need BUT we need your support to maintain and grow the Fund so that we can continue to move quickly and decisively on disasters whenever and wherever they occur, regardless of whether it is around the corner or across the globe. PLEASE as you consider your response to these disasters and as your CLlub finalises its annual disbursements, do as many have done in the past and remit your donation to our District Disaster Relief Fund, which will allow your dollars to cover a number of situations as needed. If so desired, you are also able to designate your support to a particular cause – eg Latrobe Valley floods

I ask that you give serious consideration to this email so that we can continue to serve people in their time of greatest need. If you are able to assist, please direct debit your donation to

BSB 633000

Account 137927174

Account Name RI District 9820 Disaster Relief Fund

Along with an email to me at as a confirmation

As an addendum to this email, I would like to let you all know that our District is being called on by a number of agencies in regard to the Latrobe Valley floods which have really rocked Traralgon but also done a great deal of damage at Yinnar to the South West, which was still in recovery mode after fires in early 2019. In conversation with DG Mark, DGE Bill and incoming Emergency Management Chair PDG Adrian Froggatt, we will be establishing a Recovery Committee to oversee our District response to this crisis and will keep you all informed of developments.

Thank you in advance


Home Hosting
Home hosting has proven to be very popular with Club Members over many years.
Unfortunately as a result of COVID, the home hosting program in the 2019/20 Rotary Year was not fully completed and in the Rotary Year that finishes this week it wasn't held at all.
It is proposed to re-introduce Home Hosting in the 2021/22 Rotary Year.
Rotarians who participate invite two fellow Rotarians and their partners (where applicable) to lunch or dinner. In turn they will be invited to dine at the homes of two other Rotarians.
Participation in the program is totally voluntary.
Single Rotarians are able to fully participate.
It is important that people who wish to participate must commit to their hosting responsibilities.
In the past there have been some people who did not reciprocate and this caused some concern.
If you would like to participate in the coming year's home hosting program, please email Jim Young - - no later than Friday 10 July 2021.
A reminder will be circulated at Rotary next week.
Club News
Farmers' Market
While there seemed to be fewer people in attendance than usual, a lovely sunny day saw many people out and about at the Farmers' Market on Sunday, 27 June. 
The BBQ was steady all day and and the gross takings were $1546. Our share of the gate, at 50%, was $1250.
This was a most successful outcome. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and, in particular, thanks to our leader Rowan Miller for his continued great work.
Satellite Club at Farmers' Market
It was great to see enthusiastic members of our Satellite Club busy running a plant/ bird hide stall at Sunday's Market. Members have produced a flyer explaining what the Club is and encouraging new members. Rotarian Steve Holland informed the editor that there is a goal of having twenty members as soon as possible.
Rotarians Steve, Rebecca and Ellen at the Farmers' Market 
Guest Speaker - 29 June
Our guest speaker on Tuesday 29 June was Rotarian Dorothy Gilmour from the Rotary Club of Melbourne.
Dorthy spoke on the topic of Rotary SAFE Families Ambassador Clubs.
Dorothy's message was that we are creating through Rotary Clubs in Australia a Collective SAFE voice.
SAFE stands for Stopping Abuse in Families Everywhere .
As part of her very interesting talk Dorothy encouraged our Club to become a SAFE Ambassador Club.
Dorothy Gilmour address our Club
New Bulletin Editor
We are pleased to report that the new Bulletin Editor is Justin Mason with the support of Reporter John Horscroft. 
The New Editor and Reporter
In the 1980s, a shearer from outback Queensland with a huge pay check decided to spend a few days on the town. 
He rode his horse to the nearest large town and booked into a pub for the week.
At the end of the week he went to settle his account.
"What do I owe mate?" he asked the hotelier.
"Well, your room with the ensuite comes to $700. You ate steaks every night totalling $350. Your bar bill is $320 for beer and $140 for whiskey. That makes a total of $1510."
"Fair enough", said the shearer.
"Oh", said the pub owner, "You also owe $30 for hay, water and storage of your horse."
The shearer gave an intake of breathe and snarled, "That &%#$@(=^* horse is gonna ruin me!"
Mabel was pleased when Dave told Dad that he no longer wanted to work on the family farm and he got a job at the local orange juice factory.
However, after several days Dave was sacked. He couldn't concentrate!
The farmer was taking flying lessons so that he could get part-time work as a crop duster.
On his first solo flight he was preparing to land at the local outback airport when the radio crackled and a voice asked, "Please give us your estimated height and position."
Wanting to be seen to be on the ball, he quickly grabbed the radio and said, "I'm five foot ten and sitting in the front!"
"I'm looking for a fugitive from the law."
"Tell me what he looks like?"
"Well, his name is the Brown Paper Kid."
"The Brown Paper Kid?"
"Yeah, he wears a brown paper Akubra, a brown paper shirt, brown paper jeans and brown paper boots. And he's got a brown paper holster which hold a brown paper gun."
"What's he wanted g]for?"
A city bloke was holidaying at a merino stud.
The farmer that he was staying with said, "It's a beautiful morning. Why not take the dogs and do a bit of shooting?"
"Great", said the visitor. "Thanks."
At lunch the farmer inquired, "How was the shooting?"
"Terrific,"came the reply. "Got any more dogs?"
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