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Melbourne Cup Calcutta
Le Hoang Restaurant
Oct 29, 2023
6:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Rotary Club of Mount Eliza Christmas Party
Toorak College
Dec 12, 2023
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
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President Carolyn's Notes
President Carolyn's Notes
  Carolyn is having a well earned break this week.
3 Minute Speaker
This week's 3 Minute Speaker was Rob Cracknell speaking about the Impact of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine on the World
Grain Market

I last spoke to the Club on 30 August 2022, some 14 months ago and I don’t think anyone, least of all
Vladimir Putin, believed that this war would still be unresolved today. Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb
24, 2022, and immediately imposed a blockade on all shipments of grain from Ukrainian ports via
the Black Sea which lasted 5 months, crippling the Ukrainian grain industry.
The issue is that between them, Russia and Ukraine are the World’s No 1 grain exporter providing
vital food sources for much of the 3 rd World, particularly North and sub-Saharan Africa. Grain prices
immediately rose dramatically creating a food crisis with even Humanitarian Food Aid being heavily restricted.

A deal was soon brokered by Turkey and the UN with Russia to allow the export of Ukrainian grain
through the Black Sea as well as Russian grains and fertilisers. This Agreement worked well but was
due to expire in late November 2022 after some 9 million tonnes of grain had been exported, but
common-sense prevailed and it was extended for a further 4 months to allow continued grain movements.
In the meantime, matters were getting worse with Russia carrying out missile attacks on Ukrainian
port facilities and setting land mines over reputedly some 2 million hectares of Ukrainian farmland
to limit grain production and further impact the Ukrainian economy.

In response Ukraine sought alternative routes via rivers, roads and rail through Romania, Slovenia,
Poland and Hungary but the quantities were relatively small relative to demand. Ukraine’s grain
production for 2023 was estimated to be down 37% compared with 2022, which under the
circumstances is still remarkable.

The infamous grain deal was extended twice for two months in March and May of this year whilst
the Russians attempted to extract more benefits from the arrangement and at the same time
inflicted untold damage on the Eastern parts of Ukraine. The International grain trade stepped away
from what they saw as a steadily deteriorating situation with Cargill, Viterra and Louis Dreyfus
closing their Russian offices in June 2023.

Through mid 2023 Russia continued with its bizarre activities, withdrawing from the Turkish/UN
brokered Grain deal, but hoped to placate the international community by offering free grain to
struggling African countries, little of which actually transpired. The market factored all of this into its
pricing, anticipating that Turkey and the UN would provide convoy protection for Ukrainian ships
moving through the Black Sea, and increasing its shipments via barges on the Danube.
At roughly the same time Turkey voted to admit Sweden into NATO and the Wagner group mutinied
and headed for Moscow, both of which were thought to have weakened Putin’s position. Then Putin
negotiated a mega grain deal with China to supply 72 million tonnes of Russian grain over 12 years,
but as China also purchases a third of Ukraine’s wheat via shipments through the Black Sea it was
hoped that this would restrict Putin’s desire to sink grain vessels sailing from Ukrainian ports as they
could be destined for his new trading partner, China!

However, the Russians continued to attack Ukrainian grain loaders, an action that the Ukrainian
Agriculture Minister described as a Terrorist act, not against Ukraine, but against the whole World.
Ukraine’s inability to export its normal vast quantities of grains through the Black Sea has placed
ever-increasing financial pressure on its farmers who are unable to source fuel, seed and fertilisers,
with many choosing not to plant at all, other than for home consumption. However, in early
October, Poland and Lithuania reached an agreement with Ukraine whereby Ukrainian grain will
pass directly through Poland to Lithuanian ports for export, which should help significantly.
In Summary, and as I see it, the World needs Ukrainian grain, but it will take many years
to recover from this disastrous invasion.
This Week's Speaker
Winston Marsh, from WOW, How to Build A Bloody Great Club
Winston Marsh a motivational speaker, gave a very enthusiastic talk on 
How to be a Build Great Club
His overall message was to always think positively and HAVE FUN!!
To present our speakers with enthusiasm and make it 
FANTASTIC for all concerned.
Some positive thoughts to take from it to attempt to attract a younger membership,
which in turn would support our club's longevity
Club Meetings
Club Meetings for November - December
October 31 Club Night
Chairman    - Carolyn Such
Fellowship - Annette Ferrier
Cashiers - Phil Keyes and Chris Angerer
No 3 Minute Speaker
Furniture - Tim Worrell
Sergeant - Trish Stamp
No MeetingMelbourne Cup Day    
Nov-14Program ZoomMt Eliza Bowls Club - Bowls & Petanque  
 ChairmanBernie Edwards     
Nov-21ProgramYouth Program -  NYSF students from Toorak College
 ChairmanJim Voss     
 3 Minute SpeakerRay Manchester    
 CashiersJim Young / Frank Flowers   
 FellowshipJanet Richards     
 FurnitureFurniture Group    
 Heads & TailsTrish Stamp     
Nov-28ProgramDG Linda Humphries Official Visit & RCME AGM 
 ChairmanCarolyn Such     
 3 Minute SpeakerNo 3 Minute Speaker    
 CashiersSuzie Adam /John Horscroft   
 FellowshipCaryl Coulthard     
 FurnitureFurniture Group    
 Heads & TailsTrish Stamp     
Dec-05ProgramNew Member Profile    
 3 Minute SpeakerKay McCauley     
 CashiersJenny Baker / Rhonda Vincent   
 FellowshipCarol Wallace     
 FurnitureFurniture Group    
 Heads & TailsTrish Stamp     
Dec-12ProgramRCME Christmas Party    
Melbourne Cup Calcutta
Melbourne Cup Calcutta Night - MC Jim Young


Melbourne Cup Calcutta Night 
- Monday 6th November
In the words of Winston Marsh at Rotary last night, it will be FANTASTIC!
Just a final reminder of the Annual Melbourne Cup Calcutta evening to be held at Le Hoang Vietnamese Restaurant on Cup Eve, Monday 6 November.
The function will start at 6.30pm.
Our auctioneer, the ‘Fabulous Phil Key’ will auction each of the 24 runners in the Cup. This year we shall have a straight auction; unlike last year, the horses shall not be put to re-auction.  In addition, a range of other wonderful items will be up for auction.
Le Hoang will, once again, be providing a great banquet menu. BYO drinks (no corkage) or beer/wine can also be purchased.
Tickets are $40 per person.
Bookings are limited to 80 people. Please invite your family and friends and remember to BOOK NOW as bookings close next week.
The following link will take you to the Humanitix Booking Site
Melbourne Cup
And just a Melbourne Cup Thought for our ageing population.
The Hipster Club – When You're Just TOO Hip…
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