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Nov 03, 2020
Nov 10, 2020
Making Sour Dough Bread - Fundraising Event
Nov 17, 2020
Third World in COVID Environment
Nov 24, 2020
Research A/Professor Main will speak on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)
Dec 01, 2020
Dec 08, 2020
Dec 15, 2020
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Remembrance Day
Nov 11, 2020
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Meeting Responsibilities - 10 November
Fund-raising MC
Such, Carolyn
Meeting Responsibilities - 17 November
Selth, Maurie
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Horscroft, John
Meeting Responsibilities - 24 November
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Voss, Sue
Meeting Chair
Sullivan, George-Ann
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President's Message
Sue Voss
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Hi everybody
With this week's welcome news easing the COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria, we are now seeking advice from Toorak College as to when we might be able to anticipate returning for our regular weekly meetings. 
For the foreseeable future, once we return to Toorak, it is likely that we will have a combination of Zoom and in person attendance meetings.
Following on from last month's highly successful Tim Wilson fund-raiser, Director Carolyn Such has arranged a very special evening on Tuesday 10th November. This will be our second major fund-raiser this half year. 
Our very own Chef, Rotarian John Welsh, is going to run a Zoom Sourdough Bread-making Masterclass.
John will share his formula and provide commentary on his secrets as to how to successfully make sourdough bread.
The admission price is $12 per person and for a further payment of $8 you can receive a loaf of John's bread. Delivery will be made within 25 km of Mt Eliza.
Bookings close at 5.00 pm on Monday 9th November. All Rotarians, Honorary Members and Friends of the Club are encouraged to attend and I ask that you invite your family members and friends in order to maximise attendance on the evening.
It will be an interesting, fun evening and I look forward to your support.
Until next time
Yours in Rotary
District Governor Mark Humphries and Past President Linda Humphries
Greetings to all Rotarian members at Mt Eliza and other readers of this Bulletin.
After all the excitement of the football grand finals on the weekend you will need a quiet night to relax and enjoy some camaraderie with your fellow Rotarians.  So why not log into the my next Fireside Chat on Wednesday October 28 (tonight) for an hour for fun, fellowship and information.
The night will include a short presentation from Steve Phillips, the Manager of Community Support Frankston.
Also for your pleasure, District 9820 will host the first "Rotary's Got Talent" on Sunday 8th November at 7.30 pm
So if you can sing, dance, juggle, or any have any other talent - we want to see it!
There is a limit of 10 acts (maximum of 3 minutes each) so register your act with the attached form and start rehearsing now.
While it won't be a certain Simon C, there will be a mystery judge on the evening.
The event is a fundraiser for Linda's DG Partner Project RAM, with a suggested donation of $10 to
Don't forget to save the date in you diary to log into this great event.
For more information contact Jane Moore via email
Until next time
Warm regards
Mark & Linda
Louise Keramaris & Chloe Holmes Guest Speakers
We had 29 members in attendance at our weekly Zoom meeting on Tuesday 27 October.
Our guest speakers for the evening were Louise Keramaris, from the Mornington Branch of The Australian Conservation Foundation, who spoke on a range of environmental issues and our Exchange Student in Finland Chloe Holmes, who provided us with an update on her activities over the last four months. Chloe's parents, Trish & Luke, also attended our meeting. They must be very proud of the way in which their daughter has matured and thrived whilst on the other side of the World during these difficult times.
Thanks to Chloe and Louise for a most entertaining and interesting evening.
Kindly note that there is no meeting next week, Tuesday 3 November, as it is Melbourne Cup Day.
Remember When - 50 Years of RC Mt Eliza
This week long-term Rotarian Alex Anderson shares his memories of our Club
I joined the Rotary Club of Five Dock in Sydney in 1980 after returning from a five  year busines assignment in New Zealand and South Africa.
I was made very welcome at the club and it was ideal for me as we lived only a five minutes walk from the Five Dock RSL where the club held their meetings. I don’t remember much about my time there as it was forty years ago, but I do remember there were always BBQ fundraisers in the little town and I am still in contact with one of the oldest Rotarians I know, a club member named Claude Bennie.
We moved to Melbourne in 1984 and after settling into Mount Eliza I made contact with the Rotary Club of Mount Eliza and joined (the first time) in 1985. There was a break in my membership in 1989 and I re-joined the club in March 2002, and the rest is history as they say. 
I have held most positions in the Club including that of President, and it was in my year as President that women were finally admitted to the Club. The lead up to this event was marked by numerous phone calls to my wife Patricia and myself from the wives of Rotarians stating “They did not want women in the Club dining and drinking with their husbands” which seemed rather over protective when I looked around at some of our members at that time. Additionally, three members of the club threatened to resign if I pushed this resolution through, and I’m afraid my comment to them was that I would be sorry to see them go.
In hindsight, it was one of the better decisions made by the club during my time, and the proof of that is in the results we achieve annually which I’m sure we would not if we had remained a male bastion. The ladies in our club, in my opinion, are more effective generally, achieve great results,  are on the whole, not interested in playing petty politics, and I believe some of our greatest assets.
Moving from our (my) original meeting place, The George Vowell Centre, then to Cobblestone Manor on the Nepean Highway, and then to our current meeting place, Toorak College, has seen the club prosper and grow, and we have a very good relationship with the staff at the College. 
In 2007 I was made a Paul Harris Fellow, primarily I suspect for my work as a Bail Justice and work with the Disability Services sector, and in 2008 I became a Rotary Centurion member.
I have had some wonderful experiences with Rotary, making up in clubs in Canada, USA, Spain, UK, Germany and Italy. My best experience was visiting the Rotary Club of Naples when the dinner meeting commenced at 8.00 pm and was served on the viewing deck of a five star hotel overlooking the starlit Bay of Naples. Most of the members were very senior legal practitioners, surgeons, physicians and initially the hotel staff did not seem to be terribly welcoming until I mentioned Rotary. There was also a couple of parliamentarians……and as a guest visiting Rotarian I was not allowed to pay for my dinner or drinks. Additionally, I was driven back to our hotel in a black limo with dark tinted windows in the company of what I guessed to be two very influential people.
My most interesting experience was working for two weeks (as a builder and electrician….unqualified) ) in Timor Léste on a project updating accommodation and toilet / shower facilities for young women in need who were brought from the country to this area by the Church and given education and other training. This RAWCS project was run in the village of Atabae, north east of Dili, by the Rotary Club of Flagstaff Hill in South Australia and was highly successful. We installed running water, new toilet and shower outbuildings and an enlarged and (nearly) modified undercover cooking area. Additionally we installed electric lighting in the girls dormitory, which was frowned on by the nuns as a waste of electricity…although the exterior lighting of the church was on 24/ 7. Rotarian Joe Meuris of Flagstaff Hill Rotary Club was the co-ordinator for the project and I understand that Joe is still involved in the area from time to time.
In 2018 I was awarded a Sapphire Pin to add to my PHF, and in 2019, an OAM for services to the Mornington Peninsula Community. Again, I believe both of those awards were connected to my activities with Rotary and the wider area.
My Rotary experience has been one that I greatly treasure and I have fond memories of Rotarian such as Carl Seales, John Gordon, David Watts, Herman Roth and many others, and it has been an experience I wouldn’t have missed for anything.
John Welsh's Sourdough Bread Masterclass
Tuesday 10 November 6pm (normal Club meeting time)
The art of home baking sourdough bread is much sought after, but even if you are not a breadmaker, this will be a fascinating journey. We know John's skills and he has been putting a lot of preparation into this event - he has been very generous with his time for this modest fund-raising activity. There is the opportunity to have John bake you a loaf and have it delivered to you.
Go to the separate email that has all the details for booking into the Zoom. 
The event is not restricted to Club members .... invite your friends and pass on the email so they can book too.
Laughter the Best Medicine - 27 October
An elderly fellow went into bush-nursing hospital for an operation.
When he came around he found that he was in bed in a very dark room with all of the blinds and curtains drawn.
He called for the nurse and asked why it was so dark in the room.
"Well", the nurse replied, "there's a bushfire outside and we didn't want you to think that the operation had been a failure!"
A woman rang her family doctor and said, Please doctor, can you come around and see my husband. He says that he is feeling most unwell."
The doctor replied, "I think that your husband is a hypochondriac. I'm not coming around and that's flat. He only thinks he's ill."
The next day the woman rang again.
"What is it this time?" the doctor asked "Does he still think that he is ill?"
"No," the wife replied, "This time he thinks he's dead!"
The Australian Prime Minister had been invited to Moscow by President Putin.
He wanted to make a good impression and he had the staff in his Department write a 15 minute speech in phonetic Russian. Though he didn't understand Russian, by sounding it out phonetically he would give the impression that he could speak it fluently.
Before he left Canberra he had a Russian interpreter listen while he practiced the speech and the feedback was excellent. 
Just before he was leaving his hotel to deliver the speech in Red Square, he realised that he had forgotten to get the words for "Ladies & Gentlemen".
So he rushed to the bathrooms in the hotel lobby and wrote down the words for Men and Women.
Afterwards Vladimir Putin came up to him and said, "What a wonderful speech. You held the crowd's attention and your Russian was perfect."
He went on, "Just one thing, why did you start your speech by addressing the audience as 'Water Closets' and 'Urinals'?"
"Great Presenter" - International Director
Our International Director, Maurie Selth, recently drooped a line to the Bulletin following last week's guest presenter.
I would like to commend the programme organiser, Kay McCauley, for having Etienne de Lavauix speaking about, plus playing and singing with his zither and guitar at our Zoom meeting on Tuesday 20th October 2020. It was most enjoyable and a real delight to hear and see him play his instruments.
In these COVID-19 disrupted and politically troubled times, it was great to have a relaxing break from all the bad news. Well done Etienne. 
Ritchies Card
For some time, a number of our members and friends have been using their Ritchies Cards to participate in Ritcies’ community program with the Trust Fund being their beneficiary. This has benefited the Trust Fund quite well over the years.
Ritchies is in the process of updating their Loyalty Card program. This will operate via a phone app or a NEW plastic card. Existing cards will no longer be effective.
    Ritchies is in the process of updating their Loyalty Card program. This will operate via a phone app or a NEW plastic card. Existing cards will no longer be effective.
    Regardless of your using the phone app or the new card, the Club has to be re-input via the Ritchies website to be set as the beneficiary for your registration. The earning rate shall be 0.5% of your docket value.
    To use the App:
    1. download the Ritchies Card app. Follow the prompts to register
    2. following confirmation of your registration, login to your account, click the “community” icon and then click “Select or View your Favourite Recipient” button; using the shortcut to locate the Club, input ‘rot’ and then identify our club.
     To use a plastic card:
    1. collect a new card in-store
    2. go to the Ritchies web page
    1. click on the icon ‘register here’ and then follow the prompts. To nominate the Club, go to the Community tab/recipients listing -  the Club is a fair way down the list at around page 18.
    Meals from TOORAK
    Kindly note that there is no meal from Toorak for 3 November (Melbourne Cup).
    Past President David Rew and Secretary Pauline have both suggested that it might be well worthwhile obtaining meals from Vinnie's, owned by our own Rotarian Tony Kafrouni.
    The next Toorak Meal will be on Tuesday 10 November.
    Link for RCME Zoom Meetings
    The following link should take you to our weekly Zoom meeting -
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    P O Box 95 Mount Eliza 3930
    We meet at 6:00 PM Every Tuesday at Toorak College