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Mar 24, 2020
Mar 31, 2020
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Apr 07, 2020
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Meeting Responsibilities 24 March
Flowers, Frank
Assistant Cashier
Morris, Linda
Angerer, Chris
Juraschek, Annie
3 Minute Speaker
Hoban, Brendan
Such, Carolyn
Meeting Responsibilities 31 March
Sullivan, George-Ann
Assistant Cashier
Cracknell, Robert
Weber, Michael
Selth, Maurie
3 Minute Speaker
Falkiner, Hanne
Coultas, Judy
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President's Message
Ross Schweitzer
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The Thoughts of President Ross
Is there only ‘room’ for so much news in our World? I wonder how the victims of ‘The Fires’ are faring? You know, just our @#!%^& luck! We’re living in tents and caravans and shipping containers, and now we are getting less media coverage than the war in Eritrea. You didn’t know about that? Either. 
There’s always someone worse off..... Switzerland has [at date 2,600+ cases of  corona virus with 14 deaths]. Switzerland shares a border with Italy.... Switzerland’s population is ‘only’ 8.57 million, barely one - third of ours.
I have a life - long friend living there; so I thought to copy you into their situation. So my friend and his wife and family, their problem is geographical, too!
Switzerland’s situation leaves Australia’s ‘in the shade’. I do accept this is a bit like saying ‘Hey, it is only your end of our boat that is leaking’. 
Dearest Evelyn and Ross,
We live in a world which releases new and unexpected situations.
Our government has yesterday decided to call for the whole of our country an alarm step.
Since Midnight Switzerland is almost closed that means the border to Italy, Germany, Austria and France are closed the reason is the Corona Virus which is spreading out in a drastic speed.
Until April 19th in our country all shops, restaurant, bars, clubs, cinemas, sportevents, churches even Golf Courses are closed.* The only exceptions are shops which sell food. The airlines mostly have to stay on ground.
Companies ask their employees to work from Homeoffice. All public transport as trains, trams and buses are reduced to more than 50%.
We are asked to stay at home and if possible not to leave the houses or if only for the necessary shoping. 8,000 soldiers are called in to serve as assistants in Hospitals.
Switzerland never ever had experienced such a drastic reality not even during of after world war II.
The most important now is to try not to get any influenza.
I hope you all are well, personally ............. and myself are fit and well.
* My friend is also a Golfer. Calamity!!😬😂
There are matters happening at RCME and CSD Sue, Hon. Sec. Pauline and I will keep you posted. As will PP Jim via the Youngstown Bulletin smiley including in this issue. 
TOORAK College, in spite of their issues, or out of sheer grit and determination, have offered a meal service [unasked] to members who are house - bound. Mike Weber and I will enable [evening] delivery to occur. How good is Toorak!
Mind you, Mike said that if makes a delivery to you, please be sure that you are sick! There’s no menu, I add ’let’s not look a gift horse 🐎 in the mouth’.
Greetings from Australia!
There are some members who are assisting in keeping us ticking over; unlike many Clubs who have folded their tents, albeit temporarily. Often by a very small but important deed, and I thank them. Everything matters, everything counts.
Our attended meetings will occur as long as I can get a quorum. WE have access to ZOOM and I  / Mark will use this by sending members a link to join a scheduled meeting in the coming days, as a test. Members need to download ZOOM onto their computer, Tablet or ‘phone. Participants get sent a ‘link’ by email, and all you do is ‘click’ on it.
Finally, for now, at least: For what ever reason [and maybe other Clubs were treated thus] I have benefited [therefore our Club] immensely in recent days by receiving messages and voice calls from DG Adrian Froggatt, AG Steve Daley and DGE Mark Humphries. First - hand, facts, not rumours. 
And, and in Steve’s case, he was isolated pending a result after ‘being near’ .... an Italian ... hmmm. Steve worried, in this order; about Rotary Mt Eliza and needing to go to Bunnings Hardware Store. What a Man!
Actually, Steve was telling me ‘that which does not kill you, will make you stronger’. EXCEPT for bears; Bears will kill you. 🐻 😂
District Governor Elect Mark Humphries
Well, we are all in uncertain times. There is a wealth of information out there, we need to ensure we heed the advice that is from the authoritative sources.
What can we do as a club? That is a club decision. We are a service club, we can continue to function, BUT we need to do things differently. We don’t need to meet face-2-face, we can meet online, we could setup a WhatsApp group, we could run webinars and broadcast these across our District. We can run different projects online, we can fundraise online. We are limited by our imagination. I certainly don’t have the answers, but I would encourage everyone to start thinking outside the square. Let’s start a discussion. Would you like to start a WhatsApp group? How about we meet online sooner rather than later and have a discussion.
There is no right or wrong at present, we need to think as a collective and work on a solution, we are a service organisation, we do good in the community, our challenge is how can we still do this? I throw you the challenge, help me. email me
Lets be bold, remember Rotary Connects the World and Rotary Opens Opportunities. How are we going to grasp this Opportunity
Mark & Linda
Chloe in Finland 
Chloe. Our Youth - Exchange Student in Finland 🇫🇮 A student of Balcombe Grammar.
........ That’s a lovely email thank you Ross. I’m very happy to hear Chloe is in your thoughts.  We’re all super proud of her!
I’m currently comfortable with her staying in Finland, and I know she is in very good hands with her exchange family – Eeva, Timo and their girls.
This is such an evolving new experience (the virus and how the world copes), but I don’t want it to be how her Rotary exchange ends. I’m hoping that the virus will peak and die down and there will be a chance for an absolute awesome last half of Chloe’s overseas adventure!
Thank you Barry for keeping us up to date on everything.
Kind regards,  Carolyn (Chlo’s mum)
From: Ross Schweitzer <
Sent: Tuesday, 17 March 2020 3:07 PM
Subject: From Finland: Corona virus information
Finland 🇫🇮 
Dearest People, 
I am pleased by your mutual decision; whereby we all agree that simple arithmetic regarding people infected in Finland and Australia, divided by their combined population, points toward a ‘zero sum’ probability. 
That is, by definition, the advantages of coming back are equal to the advantages of staying. In addition, Finland is a World - leader in health care and technology.
The probability is that the ‘risk’ factor will attenuate in the coming months; so travel later ‘would’ be safer. 
There are peripheral but no less important personal welfare considerations; If you are in a known situation you control, stay there. Don’t stick your head above the parapet. 
Or, in Luke’s case, don’t break down a door with your arm.😂😂. Use someone else’s. 👮‍♀️ 
On a personal level, if I may, we think about Chloe all the time; she is ‘one of us; for Life now’. We at Rotary are just so proud.
I’m thinking of retail therapy too; and the Newspaper article about Australia - Mexico exchange. 😂
There’s, I told, a Jewish expression they use in place of good bye /  Hyvästi In Finnish 

It is: Be in good health.
Best regards,
Ross da Prez🏴‍☠️
Ross Schweitzer
Sent from my iPad

On 17 Mar 2020, at 13:35, Barry Rogers <> wrote:
Hello everyone,
I received this from Rotary Finland today and wanted to be sure you have a copy too.
Luke – we talked last week and at that stage you were happy (and said that Chloe, Carolyn and Tess agreed) with Chloe remaining in Finland.
I will check in with you pretty often to be sure that is still the case.
Can I presume your advice remains the same – Chloe is staying in Finland?
Thanks for your support and feedback too.
Barry Rogers
Rotary District 9820 YEP Chair 2019-20
0418 515 864
From: Immi Rönkkö <
Sent: Tuesday, 17 March 2020 4:16 AM
To: Michelle Westlund <>; Barry Rogers <>;
Subject: Corona virus information
Dear all
Please find attached the information from our RYE Multi District Chair concerning Corona virus situation in Finland.
Despite of this serious situation we are still continuing the process to get our new OB-students for an exchange year 2020 - 2021.
If you have any questions please let me know.
All the best for everyone of us!
Rotary Dinner Meetings - FOR ACTION PLEASE
In order to plan alternative venues for our Dinner Meetings over the coming weeks, the Club needs to ascertain approximate numbers of attendees.
Each member is asked to email the Secretary ASAP please, indicating whether or not they will be attending Rotary on each of 24 and 31 March and 14 April (Keeping in mind that the Bowls evening is on 7 April).
Toorak College has advised the Club that, as a consequence of COVID-19, they will be teaching remotely which involves a minimum 3 week period of minimised contact within the school community.
An outcome of this decision is that the school will not be allowing external events during this period. As a result Rotary will  not be able to hold our regular meetings at Toorak for the next three week and it is highly likely that this period may be extended
President Ross and Club Service Director Sue are examining alternative venues and members will be advised in due course.
Kristy, the Catering Manager at Toorak, has also advised the Club as follows, "Just wanted to mention that if you have any members that are struggling over the coming weeks with meals, please let me know. We are cooking every day for our boarders and would be only too happy to put together some care packages - no charge. I know that this will be a very stressful time for some people and if we can help by providing a meal would only be happy to do so."
For any members in need who would like to avail of these 'care meals' President Ross will collect them and Director Mike Weber will deliver them after 7.00 pm. If you would like to take up this offer please email President Ross.
In these uncertain times the COVID-19 Virus has resulted in a rapidly changing situation and an escalation in Federal & State Government actions and advice.
As a consequence of advice and direction from governments, health authorities and other medical scientists, the following Rotary activities have been cancelled:
* District 9820 Annual Conference in Bendigo
* The Rotary Club of Mt Eliza's Bark in the Park
In addition, the District 9820 GUMBUYA Fun Event has been postponed to a date to be fixed.
District Governor Adrian Froggart has expressed regret at having to cancel the District Conference and postponing the GUMBUYA Fun Event.
Adrian has advised that "by taking the decision (to cancel District Conference) the District Board was very much influenced by our Rotary responsibility to protect attendees health and welfare in an environment we were not confident we could control."
In announcing the decision, Adrian also thanked PDG Tim Moore and the Conference Organising Committee from the Rotary Club of Berwick, saying "Two years of work lost in just one work short of the finish line. We're all gutted, but are still confident that this will be the best conference you never attended!"
Rotarians who registered for the Conference will receive a refund - the exact amount to be determined after fixed costs and obligations to suppliers that cannot be refunded are taken into account.
In announcing the cancellation of Bark in the Park Mt Eliza Fundraising Director Carolyn Such said, "We are very disappointed as Bark in the Park was looking very good. Thank you to everyone who had worked so hard to prepare for this event."
George-Ann Sullivan had commenced preparing rosters for the Bunnings BBQ on 12 April and the April Farmers' Market.
However, on Tuesday 17 March Bunnings announced that it's Sausage Sizzles have been suspended. Therefore it is most unlikely that our Club will be doing the Bunnings BBQ on Easter Sunday, 12 April.
Similarly, as the Mt Eliza Farmers' Market attracts crowds of more than 500, we can assume that the next market day will not proceed.
RCME Bowls on Tuesday 7 April
A reminder that in place of our regular dinner meeting on Tuesday 7 April the Club will be holding a Bowls Night at the Mt Eliza Bowls Club.
Booking are now open and members are encouraged to attend for a fun time.
You do not need special gear or any prior experience. On the evening Bowls will be provided and some guiding tuition will be available.
The event is not restricted to Club members - you can bring as many friends and family as you wish.
Dress is casual and flat soled shoes or bare feet will be needed on the bowling green.
The cost of the evening is $28.
Members should arrive from 5.45 pm. Bowling will  commence at 6.00 pm and a two course dinner will be served in the Clubhouse at 8.00 pm
There is no BYO, however drinks can be purchased at very reasonable prices.
The evening will conclude at approximately 9.00 pm.
To book you can either see Bernie Edwards at a dinner meeting or, if you are away and won't be able to see Bernie beforehand you may email him.
Club Visioning
President elect Sue had arranged for Rotarian Phil Dressing from the Rotary Club of Phillip Island & San Remo to attend our meeting on Tuesday 17 March to undertake a Club Visioning activity.
However, as a result of the meeting being cancelled, this Visioning Session will now take place later in the year.
When it takes place, this session will allow us to speak some quality time brainstorming, thinking about our Club, envisioning the future and determining follow-up actions. 
RCME Golf Day - 17 April
Rotarian David Rew and his organising committee are working hard on planning the details of the Annual Rotary Club of Mt Eliza Golf Day, which is being held at the "Little Frankston" Golf Club (Golf Links Road Frankston) on Friday, 17 April 2020.
At the time of writing it is planned that this event will definitely take place.
The charity Shine for Kids will benefit from all monies raised on the day.
The format of the day is both 18 or 9 holes Ambrose.
Registration and coffee will commence at 7.45 am and the 18 hole event will commence with a shotgun start at 8.30 am. The 9 hole event will have a 10.30 am shotgun start.
With lots of prizes, a succulent roast lunch, drinks (wine beer and soft drinks), novelty items and auction items, an outstanding day is assured.
To repeat, at this stage the event will definitely be proceeding in spite of COVID-19. 
As reported in the last Bulletin, please note that the proposed Rotary Bushfire Appeal Dinner at the New Peninsula Centre, Baptist Church, 370 Craigie Road, Mt Martha will now be held in October.
More details will be provided later in the year.
Please add to your safe sender list or address book.
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P O Box 95 Mount Eliza 3930
We meet at 6:00 PM Every Tuesday at Toorak College