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Service Above Self
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President's Message
Ross Schweitzer
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The Thoughts of President Ross
First, my thanks to all of you who attended the Meeting of last night. PP Jim Young is awarded Sommelier Grand Cru for 'seeming' to imbibe the most wine without drawing attention to himself.
Our numbers were up, with most of our 'rusted on' Members; variously, Linda Morris, smileyDG - almost Mark and wife Linda, Alex Anderson, PE Sue Voss, laughBrendan Hoban, Frank Flowers, PPs David Rew and George - Ann Sullivan, Jim Young, Hanne Falkiner wink our Hon Sec Pauline McFarlane and .....
A couple who said they were 'in' did not. You do not have to install anything really. Just the 'app' - it takes < a minute, then just click on the link.
Every Tuesday at 6PM. We should be getting 30 - plus.
Last week I had an agenda which never really was followed; so this week it was 'open' in turn by each member present. Neither deemed satisfactory by some... we are hoping to run to our standard format of many Years. This would enable the meal break to be replaced by a 'forum'.
We would like opinions, presuming also you read last week about needing more members' attendance so the decisions are not unintentionally skewed.
Ideas: Any belief that I should be the font of all ideas and actions, so other members can find fault, does not hold water [a pun - Font: Water].
Ideas create motivation and variations; last night I said I was doing a number of activities to help our community. Like producing / delivering hand sanitizer; also circulating its formula. One idea related to gaining access to higher volumes of some supermarket items, so we can assist those who cannot make it by 07:00 AM..... After discussion, Linda Morris said that she will approach Ritchies in order for Linda or me to get an 'exemption'. On the understanding we can assist the elderly to get access to 'necessities'. That's how ideas [thought bubbles] work. [I'd also like to start a delivery service for some members]. I'll even spray everything with my sanitizer smiley. BTW I am importing a small quantity of proprietary alcohol - based sanitizer to give to Members.
We can get guest speakers to participate by ZOOM / Webinar, We can! ... but I need enough Members to 'show up'; not to waste the time of the speaker or.... embarrass us blush.
I know that MHR for Dunkley Peta Murphy would participate. So would Evelyn, who was bumped for another; then we ran into this. I'm thinking of approaching David Morris for his State insight to0. Too valuable to ignore; especially now.
My other idea is that Dr Hanne could address us ALL [Dr F is our Designated Batter for Welfare and is more than highly qualified]. If not on a Tuesday night, then another time. If we get poor attendance to this [proposed event] I, your Prez, will be Õhko - Ta. As we all know, this is Japanese for Seriously Pissed Off.
Lastly: Did you know that the 'C' disease affects people differently according to their geographical location? Trust me. You did.
This means we can take advantage of the situation by 'niche' marketing. In fact Peta Murphy has passed this on to the Minister For Trade, Simon Birmingham MP via the National Cabinet.
It seems that the 'C' virus causes the Singapore Chinese to crave noodles; they are stripping their supermarket shelves of instant and 'cup' noodles.
For our Part [and for whatever obscure reason, given the 'C' virus causes head and lung issues] we are beset by a need for toilet paper.
Now, the cognoscente are already ahead of me [see Ideas: above] .. we can sell our noodles [back] to Singapore in return for weight - for - weight importation purchase of toilet tissue]. Given that noodles weigh more w/w that Kleenex, Australia will be up to its collective XXXX / NECK.
Every criminal NZ deportee can be allocated a few sheets, in the name of mate shi _.
🏴‍☠️ 🐻
Da Prez
District Governor Elect Mark Humphries
It is really pleasing to see many of our clubs turning to the digital platforms to continue doing Rotary. Whilst we are very limited in what we can do, clubs are still doing. Doing things differently, we are Breaking Chains. District Governor Adrian encouraged us right from the outset, Do things differently, perhaps, DG Adrian new something none of us did!!, lets ponder that!
I personally would like to see people writing an email to me and telling me what they are doing, what ideas they have on how we can keep each other’s spirits up, how they see, we can work on some projects, all from within our 4 walls.
It was great on Tuesday night to see so many of our club members online, the opening chatter was fantastic, we all had a chance to speak and we all had a chance to ask questions. Next week will be even better. See technology is not that scary, everyone is embracing it.
Please communicate with me your ideas.
Mark & Linda
District 9820  "Chain Mail"
District Governor Adrian Froggart's Chain Mail (Issue 9, March 2020) was distributed to all members by email and arrived at 12.12 pm on Wednesday, 1 April.
This email contains a vast array of information which is both important and informative. If you haven't already taken the time to read Adrian's Chain mail, you are urged to so do now.
Pandemics of the Past
In this day and age of instant communications and government preparedness to do "whatever it takes" to prevent as many people as possible from being infected or dying from the COVID-19 virus, we shouldn't lose sight of past pandemics, many of which caused catastrophic loss of life, AND ALL OF WHICH WERE OVERCOME!
The Plague of Justinian in 541 Ad was first identified in Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, having been carried over the Mediterranean Sea from Egypt. That plague decimated Constantinople and spread like wildfire across Europe, North Africa and Arabia killing around 30 to 50 million people, estimated to be half of the then population of the world.
The Black Death, which resulted in the introduction of quarantine, was a version of the same plague which struck Europe 800 year later in 1347 and killed with reckless abandon. Over a four year period it is estimated that over 200 million deaths occurred.
The Great Plague of London occurred after the Black Death plague, which had resurfaced in that city every 20 years or so between 1348 and 1665, struck with great loss of life in 1665. With each new epidemic every 20 years any number up to 20% of the English capital's population died. The 1665 outbreak was the last and worst with over 100,000 people dying in a seven month period. All public entertainment was banned and victims were shut in their homes (quarantined) to prevent the spread of the disease.
Over centuries, Smallpox was endemic to Europe and a persistent menace that is estimated to have killed up to 30% of the population. In the newly opened Americas it is estimated that Smallpox killed over 90% of the indigenous population in what is now Mexico and the United States, because those native peoples had zero natural immunity to it. In the late 18th Century, Smallpox became the first virus epidemic that was ended by a vaccine when Edward Jenner, a British doctor, discovered that milkmaids infected with a milder virus called cowpox seem to be immune to Smallpox.
In 19th Century Britain, Cholera tore through England killing tens of thousands of people. John Snow, an English doctor, discovered that poor sanitation and contaminated water were contributing to cholera outbreaks. While cholera has largely been eradicated in developed nations, it is still a persistent killer in poorer third-world countries. 
The 'Spanish Flu' epidemic of 1918 is estimated to have caused up to 50 million people to die. First identified in Spain, this Flu spread around the world as many of the soldiers fighting in the recently completed World War I were returning home. During an 18 month period it is estimated that 500 million people were infected with a mortality rate approaching 10%. Previously influenza epidemics had killed only the elderly, the infirm or the very young. However, the Spanish Flu often struck down health young adults.
In 1956-58 an estimated two million people died from the 'Asian Flu', which started in China and spread across Asia, including Australia, and then to the United States and Canada.
HIV/AIDS, first identified in the Congo in the late 1970s and being listed as a global pandemic in 1981, has killed an estimated 36 million people. As awareness has grown and new treatments have been developed, the HIV death rate has been significantly reduced.
Earlier this Century in 2003 the world saw outbreaks of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), a form of Coronavirus which was first identified in China and quickly spread to over two dozen countries. 
MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), is another Coronavirus respiratory illness that was first reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012.
While there have been a number of deaths from SARS and MERS, quick action by health authorities, quarantine and the importance of personal hygiene have limited fatalities by these two viruses. 
So, as we can see, pandemics are not new. However, to avoid the current threat of COVID-19, it is important that we follow the advice of Health Authorities and the Government, and look forward to the time when the pandemic is over and, hopefully, things begin to return to normal.
Over millennia, the human race has been confronted with life threatening disease.  While things are inconvenient at the moment we should give thanks for the fact that we are living at a time of instant communication and well prepared health authorities.
Welcome to Janet Richards
A very big welcome to our newest Rotarian, long term Mt Eliza resident Janet Richards.
Through her friendship with our Sergeant Trish and several other members of the Club Janet has been involved in many Rotary functions and activities over the years.
It is a delight that she is now a member of our Club.
Janet's formal induction will be held over until our normal Club dinner meeting resume. 
CANCELLED RCME Bowls on Tuesday 7 April
A quick  reminder that Rotarian Bernie Edwards has advised that the Bowls Evening scheduled for 7 April has been cancelled.
RCME Golf Day - Now 20 November.
Rotarian David Rew and his organising committee are now planning to hold our Annual Golf Day on Friday, 20 November.
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