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President's Message - John Welsh

Hi Fellow Rotarians,
Andrew Edgely’s presentation of his involvement in the systems analysis of laboratory related issues
of covid detection was amazing. The long-term effects of covid are still being researched and have
affected our community greatly. I have the notes and graphs of his talk, if you would like a copy let
me know and I will send it to you. I have also sent to Suzie the references to the Doherty web sites
for your review.
We have the market on the 23 rd of October. We haven’t Rowan or Neil to set up so I will pick up the
trailer and will need some expertise on how to set it up. If you have done it in the past, could you
assist on the morning, we will have CFA people to help.
The presentation ceremony for the jubilee tree planting has had to be cancelled due to but will take
place on the 2 nd of November.
Jim Young and Neil have been meeting with local schools to set up a contact network. We would like
to offer Rotary community and or environment awards and to be able to communicate the things
that Rotary is involved with and the youth opportunities that are available. This week we are
involved with the sandwich delivery scheme with the Peninsula school, thank you David, Phil,
Bunnings 28 th Oct
We have a board meeting this week on Wednesday, notes will come out next week.
The meeting is at Toorak next week, the speaker is Kate Horton from Farrells book shop.
Hope you have a good week and will see you next Tuesday.

3 Minute Speaker
There was no 3 minute speaker this week
This Week's Speaker
Associate Professor Andrew

Assoc Professor Andrew Edgley gave a wonderful presentation on being a senior systems analyst and programmer in the Pathology sector.

In 1988 he wrote a laboratory management system (Medipath) and from 1989 to today I have been fully employed installing and supporting that system.  This system manages all aspects of a modern laboratory.
After 33 years, there are still 6 sites running the original system and many sites dependent on spin-off systems.
Today, at the unusual age for a programmer of 82, Andrew still provides support and development to Royal Children’s and Royal Women’s hospitals and the main lab in the Peter Doherty Institute.
During the development of the Covid-19 pandemic, all labs had to go from Zero COVID-19 tests to 15000 a day (or more)
Andrew related most interesting Long Covid information:

These comments are based on articled written by Professor Peter Doherty

In a group of 2649 patients out of a Wuhan hospital, around January to May 2020, studied 2 years later:
89% went back to work. (That is 11% could not return to work after 2 years)
55% of those who returned to work reported at least one post-covid-19 symptom.

We know that, unlike Flu, COVID-19 spreads throughout the body. This virus is also a blood-clotting disease. This feature is the underlying cause of lung
disfunction – by creating micro-clots in the tiny capillaries of the lung alveolar circulation.

In Australia, about 5% of patients who have had a diagnosed case of COVID-19 suffer Long Covid symptoms 3+ months after the first positive diagnosis.
That 5% means 510,000 LC cases in Australia!
The immunology industry (as represented by Professor Peter Doherty in this talk) consider that there are two potential pathways for LC:
          Persistent viral presence and recurrence; Covid-19 and other viruses.  Our own immune system over-reacts. Most of us will be aware of dormant viruses that reoccur:
          Herpes Simplex is responsible for cold sores. The first instance for an infant is usually a loving kiss on the lips.
          The virus creates the sore and out immune system deals with that.
          But meanwhile, the virus moves up the nerve pathways and establishes a position in the main facial nerve (trigeminal).
          An abrasion or sunburn can stimulate the immune response and also trigger the dormant Herpes – via the same nerve pathways: thus repeating the cycle.
          (Acyclovir ointment interferes with viral replication and is a good treatment for the cold sore)
          Chickenpox virus (varicella zoster) can cause shingles after decades
          Other herpes viruses: Epstein Barr and Cytomegalovirus also have a dormant mode, and both these can cause chronic fatigue syndrome.  COVID-19 can trigger these viruses to               reappear from dormancy.  On the other hand: a wide NSW recent study shows that patients with mild COVID-19 followed by LC symptoms have significantly elevated immune markers 8 months after the initial diagnosis.  
Covid conclusions:

Do not catch the virus: vaccinate; wear PP gear when you are forced into close company; get anti-viral therapy as soon as you can if you have a positive diagnosis.
There is very extensive research going on in Australia and the World – but no golden bullet has been cast!
Long COVID symptoms include:
fatigue, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing, memory, concentration or sleep problems, a persistent cough, chest pain, difficulty speaking, muscle aches, loss of smell or taste
depression or anxiety, fever.
In children, symptoms predominantly include mood symptoms and fatigue  
Club Meetings
Here is the Roster for the next few Weeks
Speaker - Kate Horton - Farrell's Bookshop
Sergeant - Mike and/or Ross
Furniture - The furniture crew have asked to actually be rostered each week so it will be 1810 David, 2510 Trish then Mike, then Tim.  Please swap around if you can't do your week.
3 minute speaker - Rowan Miller on 18th October via Zoom if possible.  If you can't do your 3 minute talk please organise for the next person on the Rotary Members list.
Linda Morris has informed us that Hearing Australia will be at the Mt Eliza Neighbourhood House in November for FREE hearing checks
DATE: 29th November,  TIME: 9.00 - 2.00pm
90 - 100 Canadian Bay Road, Mt Eliza
Phone: 9787 8160
The Melbourne Cup Calcutta on Monday 31 October, Le Hoang Restaurant - is still on - don't forget to wear your best fascinator!!
Please book early via Humanitix  -
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October 18th - Toorak CollegeKate Horton - Farrells Bookshop Brendon HobanCaryl Coulthard & John HorscroftKay McCauley
October 25th - Toorak CollegeThe Muna Experience - Our 2 reps & teacherJim VossSue Voss & Pauline McFarlane?Karina Webb?
October 31 - La HoangMelbourne Cup CalcuttaAuctioneer - Phil KeysN/AN/A
November 8 - Toorak CollegeInterplastTBAFrank Flowers & Carolyn SuchJohn Patterson
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