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Jan 12, 2021
Variety is the Spice of Life
Jan 19, 2021
Rotarians Against Malaria
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Zoom Meeting 12 January
Young, Jim
Three Minute Speaker
Anderson, Alex
Zoom Meeting 19 January
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Sue Voss
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Hi everybody
In spite of very inclement weather our New Year's Breakfast at rotary Park was a great success. Thanks very much to Linda Morris (assisted by David) and Rowan Miller for all of their great work in making this a very successful morning.
I have had discussions with Kristy from Toorak College and can confirm that at this stage our first meeting at Toorak will be on Tuesday, 2 February with a maximum of 30 persons in attendance.
Over the next couple of weeks the Board will determine how our meetings operate and confirm our priorities for the rest of this Rotary Year.
Let's be positive and look forward to a great 2021.
Until next time
Yours in Rotary
District Governor Mark Humphries and Past President Linda Humphries
Greetings to all members of the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza and other readers of this Bulletin.
January is Rotary's Vocational Service Month, a great time to start leveraging vocational service.
Vocational Service calls on us to empower others by using our unique skills and expertise to address community needs and help others acquire or refine skills and advance their professional opportunities. By bringing together people from diverse professions and backgrounds, Rotary recognizes the importance of all skills and occupations. A vibrant Rotary club reflects the businesses, organizations and professions in its community, embracing diversity in experiences and perspectives.
Your professional life and vocational service go hand in hand. Rotarians have a dual responsibility: represent their occupations within their club and exemplify the ideals of Rotary in their places of work.
As you can see from the quote above it is about us, Rotarians, helping others, by giving of our skills and expertise to empower them to do great things.
We often get the message wrong, we often do the work for people, when in fact we should be mentoring, teaching, supporting and developing those around us. When we empower others great things follow, we can then look back and say, we were a part of that person’s life and WOW doesn’t that feel great. We made a difference.
Until next time
Warm regards
Mark & Linda
Club News
Welcome to 2021.
Our first two meetings this year are via Zoom - on Tuesday, 12 and 19 January.
There is no meeting on Australia Day, 26 January and we resume our dinner meetings at Toorak College on Tuesday 2 February with a maximum of 30 in attendance.
Thanks to everyone who participated in our first Bunnings BBQ for almost a year on Sunday, 10 January. It is great that some of our regular fund-raising activities are underway.
Thanks and congratulations to those who organised our New Year's Breakfast at Rotary Park on Tuesday 5 January. In particular thank you to Linda Morris, who did a wonderful job in organising the morning and to Linda's husband David and Rotarian Rowan Miller who did such a great job. 
Laughter the Best Medicine
Q. Why do birds fly south for New Year's Eve?
A It's too far to walk.
My New Year's resolution is to stop procreating. However, I'll wait until tomorrow to start.
If 2020 was a person, I'd sue him/her for pain and suffering!
Q. What's the problem with jogging on New Year's Eve?
A The ice falls out of your drinks?
Absolute belief?
Ross Schweitzer presents:
Now the Festive Season [?] is over......
There is a Father Christmas. The fact that you have not seen Him does not prove His non - existence.
Australian Aboriginal tribes / first settlers have a recognisable gift - giving culture. I suspect that their gifts were more valued than those now given by ‘us’ and evident in this Age of gimme more. [No relation to Roger or Demi].
If you visit the Library in Prague there’s a 16th - Century painting of  ‘The World’ on its ceiling. Guess what’s missing? Apart from New Zealand, but there is a point of view about its relevance that persists anyway. Except for John Gilbert; like any man who misses red wine and white bait. surprise
This has been edited for Political Correctness.😂
But I digress: I had been wondering aloud about the hierarchy of Christmas lunch / dinner in various families [read: mine]. I meant about whose 'turn' it is / who brings what / family truces and the like. At that point travel was not an issue - we only had to get one brother here from Canberra - and we had Covid Normal...... we did. 
Since Christmas Day I have heard various tales of the venue and attendees changing at short SHORT notice, so I think I am not alone. There is also a bifurcation of opinion of 'short' versus 'E X T E N D E D' lunches, a term I use loosely. 'Bonhomie' taken to extremes.
The Prize for the 'Best Lunch' indeed encompasses an event that unfolded over several months of arrangement and was not even decided until it happened. The Key Participants could have made a TV program from it. There are folks who you see blissfully sailing along and leaving a trail of carnage; these are called ‘guests’. [THREE alterations to firm plans in as many minutes I was told].
Yet, when I bowled up briefly, without notice, to deliver a gift at the hacienda of the hosts, Sherlock Holmes himself would not have detected anything out of the ordinary. After the sotto  voce, ritual  ‘Oh Bu**er, it’s him’, I was well received and offered a noggin. Did I mention that the said Couple had even had an external venue [RACV Healesville] scuttled? Only a flesh wound..... 
The heart of the matter is this; selfless folk willingly create their own nightmare. The same way that First Responders always run toward the threat, stoically resigned to the possibilities. indecision
Epilog: Latterly it has been my pleasure to note that they survived. Well done you two.
Happy New Year; what could possibly go wrong? smiley
I’m inwardly pleased that I have plagiarised ‘precious little’ without accreditation. Nothing I have written in my columns has been proven false. Ghosts Appear and Fade AwayColin James Hay. 
This is my last Column. 
Be in rude health.
guuguugarra [wiradjuri word] now sits in the sand bunker 
not now allowed in the gaiyanaiyung jarrah [noongar word] old gum tree 
Unless granted a permit by Council..... smiley
In researching this I discovered what has been in front of we transplants since Captain Cook; most Aboriginal languages do not assign gender; neither is the default him and its derivatives, if one used at all. They use ‘a’ and ‘the’ equivalents. Trivia.
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