Ross Schweitzer presents:
Who is the arbiter of what is 'allowed' to be said or written? A professor in Queensland was fired for stating an alternative view to the deterioration of part of The Great Barrier Reef. So there is legislation going to Federal Parliament that will make the expression of non - conforming belief a right. Failure to observe this foundation of teaching will result in the Institution being denied some Federal Funding and be punishable by law.
The Professor did not flat out deny a concept, he stated that it may not be the main cause, and was branded a climate - change denier among other things. His attackers used methods worthy of the Peoples' Democratic Republic of China to hound him. So now legislation regarding funding will be in part tied to the right to speak freely; a right we are supposed to have. If it is not written into the funding, students [including the agitators!] will not get necessary money. Now for the good part.... The Coalition needs two 'One Nation' Senators to pass the legislation.
What is 'politically correct' shifts gradually, and we Australians copy other countries. I'm not going to provide an example you may expect. The Welcome to Country statement often now includes .... 'future respect'...... We cannot respect matters that have yet to occur.
Secondly, do you remember the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting [CHOGM] in Melbourne in 1981? The State Government [wanting a bob each way] said that it did not want any Security cameras in the CBD. No matter the Queen is coming. Australians aren't like that* / Victoria won't pay / the Commonwealth can! There are more than 80 in Mount Eliza. 
*So in 1986 we had the 'Russell Street Bombing'. The Hoddle Street Massacre in 1987. When Gillian Meagher was murdered in 2012 the first lead was from colour CCTV. 'The man in the blue jacket'. In 1981 'we' thought CCTV was an invasion of privacy, not correct, political or otherwise.
Remember the 'public' outcry about Protective Service Officers PSOs on trains / trams / buses / at terminals... building toilets for 'them' and so on? Variously, the then Labor opposition cried waste of money / you'll never get 900. Guess how many we have now? 1,484. Oh? Assaults on Public Transport nowadays ???.... What is 'politically correct' shifts gradually....
I write this on Police Remembrance Day [not assigned as male, female, black, white or brindle, protestant, Liberal, Labor, ... etcetera. Thank the Lord].
Be in good Health