Posted by Ross Schweitzer
Thoughts from your President.
I am the most junior member of The Rotary Mt Eliza board. My tenure coincides with advanced planning for the imminent 100 – Year Rotary Australia anniversary and our forthcoming World Conference.
It is my good fortune to head a board of past presidents, governors, and other members experienced in every aspect of Rotary. For good measure, Mark Humphries is a supernumerary board member and District Governor – elect. His professional expertise involves, among other skills, data handling and management; an essential asset for our Club.
We have several accounting and finance specialists on the board, and indeed within our overall membership. I trust and rely upon each board member, some of whom volunteered to serve without my asking. This is indeed a compliment.
Mt Eliza Rotary does not operate in a bubble; we rely upon contributions from our Cluster and District 9820. D G Adrian Froggatt, assistant Steve Daly and Andrew Best at RISSPO have each provided guidance and assistance. President Chris Such from Somerville – Tyabb, with his Years of experience, is also of significant assistance.
The Break The Chains commitment that Adrian asked all Clubs to embrace is being addressed by Mount Eliza. Change is a fact of Life; Thinking outside the Square May mean that the ‘square’ is too small. A glass half – full / empty means to me that the glass is the wrong size to begin with.
When I consider ‘Service above Self’, neither I nor District qualify it by length, type or venue. There are a multitude of facets to Service, and one type is no more or less worthy than another.
Ross Schweitzer.
Why should I join a Rotary ?
A guest looking around our meeting will see people from all backgrounds. They may ask why they should join us, and what they could contribute. 
I answer them thus: Are there people you know who need help? A visit to a War Widow. A student, however gifted, whose family cannot put a uniform on his back? Children who go unfed, or whose parent may be in jail. 
Just who who do you think assists the Council. With beautification of our parks, and underwrites amenities? 
The value put on these voluntary Rotary and other activities in Australia is audited to be in the tens of millions of Dollars. Governments allow for this benefit of ‘free’ support in their budgets. 
So, why join us, indeed?