Ross Schweitzer presents:
Many cars have 360 degree 'birds - eye' view of themselves as well as self - parking. The 'self' in this case referring to the vehicle, not the driver. Some do require the driver to manipulate the brake and / or accelerator. Other ones do not, and you can abandon the car entirely once you have gotten within the necessary proximity parameters. You should see the looks on 'older folk' [I should talk].
The only 'shortcoming' of the 'birds - eye view' in brother Paul's car is that it doesn't operate when driving faster than walking pace. Short of driving at said speed south on Wurundjeri Way [yet another 'virtue signalling' name by the Council] to enter the Westgate on - ramp, I defy anyone to wind up in the correct lane. Stupidity in road design has triumphed over signage and the ubiquitous GPS. I drove a friend from Boston through it on our way to Williamstown and he is still telling his mates about it back home. Try driving in Boston's downtown area and you'll understand. Trust me.
But I digress: A number, a plethora even, of circumstances segued into Category of 'Who'd a thunk it!?' These involve Officeworks,  Chairman Dan's edicts, VicPol, our President Sue and drones. There is a prize for the best story combining these components.
At a recent meeting President Sue while and I were discussing the usual suspects, I remarked that the offer to her Good Self and our Club, to tour the Mornington Police complex still stands. Of particular interest [I think] is the fact that surveillance cameras are placed close to Robinson Voss Partners. Our Police boast a Star Wars control room where one may see places on our Peninsula you may never expect they can.
So, I asked Prez. Sue between topics, if she had seen any more lights in the sky of an evening ......... near her domicile since Stage '1' lockdown? Indeed! Were the AFP / ASD / ASIO likewise onto the fact her office is juxtaposed to a Chinese restaurant? Did I ever see lights and hear strange buzzing ????
So now it is today, and I'm bidden to locate a manufacturer of a sign of indeterminate specification. Nearing frustration because of the moving parameters, I went to the Officeworks site. Naturally, the sign I wanted was not available; too big / small / wrong material/ ....
What did I 'find'? I wasn't even looking; it was listed in the 'drop down' menus. It costs $350* and you can complete it on line.
A Drone Training Course. * A drone, equipped with air to air missiles is extra.
We should buy one for President Sue. 
Be in good health.