Never be condescending.... to a small child. - The expurgated version.
A young girl, let us call her Eloise, say around 6, visited a pet store. She was with her father [the keeper of all pocket money]. Eloise asked to buy a Country Rabbit. The store owner, let's call him Mr Gilbert, happened to have in his stock [don't they always?] a plethora of such critters.
Let me see, Eloise, said Mr Gilbert, we just received one from Traralgon, one each from Mirboo North and Omeo, and a special white bait eating one from New Zealand.
Eloise turned to her dad, Andrew, and asked which one do you think Philip would like, daddy? 
Her dad, Andrew, replied Oh, I don't think he'll really mind, lovely girl; you pick.
Mr Gilbert [John to his mates] interrupted Eloise and asked 'Is Philip your baby brother, Eloise?'
No, Mr Gilbert, Eloise said, Philip is my pet python. smiley