Ross Schweitzer presents:
I read [sic] that to dance like no - one is watching, love like you really care ... etcetera, should be added:
'talk on the telephone like no - one is listening'. Carolyn Such, I add in my own defence, is always pleasant angel[See later].*
Failed politicians seem to come back for more [Andrew Peackock, Kristina Keneally]....  the list is extensive. Few men and women demur in Life because of  their inner knowledge of their own shortcomings. Each will later provide a tailored excuse, often in their memoirs. Peacock, sprung on an eavesdropped phone call to Jeff Kennett later took up roles with Shirley MacLaine and Boeing. Keneally having failed as Premier of NSW  was offered a Senate seat, at the expense of a colleague; now she herself is under threat from within.
When Bob Menzies was PM, he had an office staff of ten... that's right. TEN. Apart from John Howard, Menzies was the only politician that I can think of who did a 'Lazarus'. Why therefore are the knives out for Dan Andrews and Gladys Berejiklian? At least she is not being picked on for having a non - Anglo Saxon name; and being a woman. Maybe she should have not accepted the job when offered [except this deprives her of the 'coodabeen' excuse]. Andrews believes he's on a crusade, and for the Electorate to not realise this means only one thing; that goalposts move. Fewer that 30 per cent of 16 - 18 Year olds can name a politician; let alone one who influences them. Face Book influencers; well, how many names would we like, but they must have pneumatic lips.
But I digress: OK then. So Menzie's pay and his benefits in 1952 adjusted for inflation would curl your hair. [Hair will be provided to several Members, upon written request]. He did however know what was going on, as did Arthur Calwell, Gough Whitlam and ... Jeff Kennett. I met the former two more often, and they remembered my name [really]. Jeff Kennett; over meals I saw his daily diary. It was in ten - minute blocks, but he still knew what was happening.
* Someone who heard the NSW Premier on the ICAC phone taps said .... gee, she sounded really nice, not like her as Premier. [Wot!]
Peta Credlin on Sky News last night said [I'm told] sic.... If all the women who ever had personal relationships with dickheads [her words] they'd have left the workforce; there'd be no women employed. I'm told there are more women than men, so go figure. smiley
In this Age of  Separate States I ponder how 'we the people' Rotarians, a cross - section of our Community [ours is] can get Oxygen for our Community Efforts. The aforementioned Carolyn et. al. may be our Martyr. For answers to this, and more ....
Most sincerely,
Be in good health