So. Time is nearly up! In a desperate [actually disparate] observation of the Editor’s request about my background, with fewer than two weeks of this Year remaining, I submit my Profile. [It being somewhat enhanced by my recent non - negotiable nose job]. wink A literary reviewer wrote that ‘The Moon’s a Balloon’ being the autobiography of the late David Niven, contained more information about others than about he himself. Smart.
With that sage observation in mind:
The attributes and skills people possess ‘often’ become used against them. In earlier Years I worked for two successive CEOs each of whom was replaced because they were set tasks not achievable in a given tenure. Poisoned chalices.
Never accept an ‘executive’ role in a family company. Rearranging deck chairs under instruction is akin to driving along the Great Ocean Road and navigating by looking only in your rear - view mirror. 
The allegory to Family Companies? Joining a Rotary Club at the invitation of someone you have known for a score of Years an discovering [it being your first exposure] that perhaps their vision differed from yours. Chris Angerer told me subsequently that the feeling was by some, mutual.  It no easy matter to undertake due diligence on a Rotary Club.
In any business [and Rotary is that] cabals develop, and to me that is why an induction must occur. I very often, very often at both Clubs was told [with variations] ….. that’s not what we do….. OK? Which ‘we’? Is it going to be the ‘WE’ of President Sue, or that of P - E Neil? Or was it ‘mine’ which I’m assured nobody liked because ‘we’ve never done it that way before’.
So my ROTARY ‘experience’ at Mount Eliza moved rapidly from tyro to Secretary twice then Prez and back to Spear Carrier with non - speaking role within < 5 Years. Oy vey! [whatever that means angel]. Personally, I blame ALEX ANDERSON. In his defence, not that he needs any, as my Proposer, his description of this Club was accurate, and remains so. Alex is one of a coterie of Members who agreed to participate on ‘my’ Board. Without exception I am indebted to each, singularly and collectively. I feel that the sum of the Board exceeded their individual efforts. A mathematical impossibility, I know, but Prez Voss was the Treasurer and a Killer CPA [since even more highly qualified, so watch out].
In my time here, I enjoyed my application interview especially by Mike, separate weekly discussions with David Rew, Jim Young and John Gilbert who mentors me, still. Jean would ring me to send him home, saying that John spent more time herewink. I am afraid of Carolyn Lipstick and Linda, and Ray Manchester [ever since a cheque of his was ‘went on holidays]’ sad.
I did take seriously the preparation of presentations of the PHF / Rotarian of The Year [ that to Mr J Gilbert!!] and facilitating recognition of ‘silent achievers’ when they had no idea of what was about to happen [especially Ray Manchester] and latterly George - Anne Sullivan and John Horscroft. Did I mention that my Secretary ‘Lady Penelope’ from Thunderbirds McFarlane has a wicked sense of humour? devil And a GOOD memory…
I hope this is twenty Dollars worth.
Ross Schweitzer