Posted by Ross Schweitzer on Sep 26, 2019
Who'd a thunk it? 
The phrase Who'd a thunk it? was coined way back in the 1930s and '40s by Mortimer Snerd, a ventriloquist dummy voiced by vaudeville star Edgar Bergen. Mortimer was a likeable character, but buck-toothed, slow-witted, and famous for saying, "Duhhh."Some of our senior Members will remember this.....
Rev Chris Cohen. Our recent Guest Speaker. Talk about hedging your bets for entry into the next world. devil Being a Christian Minister, albeit with a Jewish surname.
My English friend and regular visitor to Mt Eliza from Richmond, UK, is indeed by name Daniel Cohen. Now, in Daniel's case he is Jewish [but not a Rabbi Cohen; a fact that he had to explain to his Rabbi, whose name is Seamus O'Reilly or something very close to it in pronunciation]. One this basis, Daniel asks, rhetorically 'Maybe I could become a Monsignor?'
An equally amazing story is about the Cardinal of Paris Aaron Jean Marie Lustiger who was born Jewish and was Archbishop of Paris from 1981 until 2005. He was created a Cardinal in 1983 by Pope John Paul ii. Please look him up on Wikipedia.
It was said that he was offered the possibility to become Pope but he turned it down.
Can you imagine what the conspiracy theorists would have made of that one!? No doubt it was hatched by Capitalist Roaders, the Running Dogs of Imperialism, or the Puppets of America. We'll know that's true if it pops up on 4 Corners........
They have made a movie of his life. Cardinal Lustiger's, not Rev. Chris Cohen's. Le m├ętis de Dieu