Ross Schweitzer presents:
Flight Cap doesn’t fit our civil rights, Mr Morrison * 1
The Expensive Epidemic of Runaway Stupidity* 2
Shibboleth [noun] a custom, principle, or belief distinguishing a class or group of people, especially a long – standing one regarded as outmoded or no longer important.
Hypocrite  [noun] the contrivance of a false appearance of virtue or goodness, while concealing real characteristic traits or inclinations: dissimulation, pretence, or sham.
Dare I mention for our readers who study such matters, there is a significant difference in ‘apolitical’ and ‘non- political’.
'Dog – whistle politics’ is evident on P17 of the Weekend Australian. Two columns juxtaposed and espousing differing views: ‘do as I say, not as I do’. The Associate editor who wrote the Sco Mo article gets the Daily Double of a shibboleth and a hypocrite. First of all, business class fares do not cost ‘$15k each one way’ [which agent is she booking with, and it is not her money?!]. Second, hypocritically, she publishes a photo ‘my 3-Year-old using empty Economy as her running track from Doha to Sydney’. It was probably her one free look at moi moment.
People do not fly Economy by default. I admit that's a generalization.  Some of our citizens 'stuck' overseas [it may be argued] are self - inflicted, dubious - excuse travelers, but that does not mean we tar and feather the rest. 'kill them all let God sort them out' Crusader AD 1209. The cognoscenti among us who studied the Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade called by Pope Innocent III will be au fait. And said 'penniless' citizens are not being put to the sword just now, eh. :-)
Wide – body jets were primarily designed for London – New York in eight hours; the economy cabin was only 8 – breast, seats were wider and with a greater pitch. Passengers used real cutlery, glasses and china plates. The blame – shifting for ‘stranded’ citizens, along with our daily dose of  ‘statistics’ means that ‘journalists’ have their work [?] handed to them every day. Our beloved journalists routinely say ‘a – polo’ when they mean ‘a – pollo’. Sco Mo used ‘chronic’ when he meant 'severe', 'fulsome' instead of 'full'. Still, he does follow the Cronulla Sharks, not the Cats. 😊
The second article [and I recommend both to you] by Steve Waterson predicates “if we cancelled Victoria’s lockdown immediately, and its cases were permitted to grow at 1,000 a day, the whole state would be infected in no time. By “no time” of course I mean 18 Years” …. over 70 Years for the whole Country. [He adds that Victoria's population grows by the same amount].
I commend both articles to you for a couple of reasons. Each writes [generally] differing views of a global, yet local, subject. Second, one article quotes data sources with just a touch of humour so we can decide; the other holds that the people who choose to spend less money, or have little spare, should be scorned. In ‘Technicolor’. [See her gratuitous photo].
Now, I know PADG Steve Daley 😊 does not read the ‘Murdoch’ Press*, so he will not have seen the said ‘OPINION’. That said, taken in specie, I think each article holds a mirror to the credibility of ‘The Media’. Opinions quoted as facts. Witness the rise of TRUE Facts [huh?] and FAKE News [opinion]. What legacy are we leaving when 'a majority' of the younger generations get their information from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and whatever comes next [or may have just been released :-( ].  I mean, well, The Bulletin is far more relevant. :-) Trust us.
*It is said that ‘all journalists are leftist’, yet Rupert is somewhere to the Right of Donald Trump it is claimed. Maybe Rupert was having his post – breakfast nap when this edition was published, so he didn't swallow his Viagra® and it hardened his head. Otherwise there would not be parsing errors in both articles.
Be in Good Health.
Ross W Schweitzer
  1. Caroline Overington Associate Editor [same publication, same page.
  2. Steve Waterson journalist ‘The Weekend Australian Aug 15 – 16 2020