People are victims of their own beliefs in how ‘things should be; or are’. You see on the news every day how ‘journalists’ have watched a presentation by [say] the Federal Minister for Health, then subsequently mis - report his remarks. I believe that this is primarily because ‘they’ are focused on a question they have been told to ask. 
They then hear neither what went before, neither the response. I can prove it. 
The astute among us will see the same game played at every CORONA press conference held by ScoMo, The Federal Health Minister and The Chief Medical Officer. These three know who will report accurately and question accurately; Ms Michelle Grattan. The doyen of the press gallery. She is older than Methuselah and [although her politics are possibly somewhere to the left of Joe Stalin, brutally bi - partisan]. 
Michelle Grattan always always sits ‘front, speakers’ right’ [God help any poor devil who even thinks of sitting there]. She always gets the first question; because of trust. Other ‘reporters’ will button hole Michelle afterwards to check FACTS. People who listen to what is said or written, not just ‘hear’ it, will always have the jump on the rest of us. 
Ms Grattan always writes her questions and the answers down. She does not solely rely on her memory; let alone that of anybody else.