Le rapport inaugural de plumeau smiley

From March 13 2020 .....

Alarm was already rife in sections of the media, with ABC resident medical expert Norman Swan predicting 70-80,000 infections within weeks.

"No magic fairy will bring that down. 14-20 days behind Italy. Believe in maths not magic," he would tweet.


Alfie, with a non 70 to 80 - thousand victim. How good are trampolines!


Luckily for Alaylie and Eloise, les petites - filles  des plumeaux, the tooth fairy was not quarantined. heart


So, if you go into the Village at Mount Eliza the hardest thing to do is to find somewhere to park.
The second - hardest; to find someone who has actively helped our community [I exclude the Mornington Shire and First - Responders]. The media [see above] who take no responsibility for the mischief they create, are wont to parrot ‘adversity always brings out the best in Australians’. This is not the case; it [the best in us] is more honoured in the breach than that observance. For those among us that didn’t study Shakespeare’s Hamlet Act 1, scene 4, 7 - 16. It means we more often don’t do the things expected.
While I’m at it: Domestic and other violence against innocent citizens.
‘Virtue signalling’ is defined as doing or saying [or not] something to broadcast the ‘fact’ that you agree with an opinion; like being politically correct. This term itself hijacked by leftists.We are not supposed to wear plaits now because it insults the American Indians’ heritage. The word ‘happy’ is now used in Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree....Did you know that the term ‘unarmed’ is used by the media, and unquestioningly accepted by most, to infer that the person is not a danger to the Community - at - Large? That he or she should not be contained and subdued.
Was the Holden Commodore in Bourke Street not a weapon? The driver was described as ‘unarmed’. What about ‘domestic violence’, a weasel - word for physical and mental assault? Yet the media begin with .... an unarmed man... Are sexual predators, stalkers and child molesters et al ‘armed’? Yes! I answer rhetorically; with F E A R.