Presience (n) 1325 - 1375; Middle English < Middle French <Late Latin scientia knowledge, equivalent to scient - (stem of sciéns) present participle of scíre to know + -ia
Participle: an adjective or complement to certain auxiliaries that is regularly derived from the verb in many languages and refers to participation in the action or state of the verb; a verb form used as an adjective. It does not specify a person or number in English, but may have a subject or object, show tense, etc., as burning, in a burning candle, or devoted, as in his devoted friend.
You heard it here first, Biggles. wink .....
As you all know because our Members participate willingly in our East Gippsland & Peninsula Relief Program [some still are, thank you]. A plethora of new donated items, like an oil immersion electric radiator, post - hole shovels, knitted items, riggers' gloves etc., aggregated at our house for collection and distribution by Victoria Police, Mornington. This latest consignment  was collected by LSC Greg Kraus PHF.
In subsequent discussions, Greg mentioned the number of citizens around our area who, with winter coming on, the Corona Virus impact on jobs and so on, that the Charity outlets were hard - pressed to keep up with demand for such items. I remarked by way of a bon mot 'we probably don't have a charity store in Mount Eliza', because we're too proud to admit we need help. Alternatively that we wouldn't give anything away; either because it is too good, alternatively we don't want to see our old clothes on someone else. I segued into the fact that being seen in the Salvo's Store could draw false assumptions.
Later that day I took my ritual walk to the Village (it was a sunny day and the golf was not on Foxtel yet) to get my Solidarity Coffee from The Sand Bar Cafe. The Salvo store on the corner of Mount Eliza Way and Canadian Bay Road was permanently closed. Spooky.