The thoughts of the Feather Duster smiley
I was invited by President Sue [and subsequently Past President Jim Young] to contribute a column to our Bulletin beyond my tenure. It may or may not be weekly, depending on their wishes.
Last night's Changeover from the ZOOM aspect, was a triumph of tenacity over probability. As late as 5:10 PM we were uncertain of success, given the recalcitrance of the WiFi and the flat panel TV at CBs, assistance from three of their staff ...... In addition, the venue with so few people, has the acoustic qualities of a barn.
We knew that the sound quality was lousy, however this is a work in progress. The room is acoustically poor. We are using my $80 camera - sound unit. It's location is trial and error. We will probably be holding hybrid meetings well into the future ... Your understanding and support would be appreciated. No doubt we will perfect it a week before going back to TOORAK. I had the feeling that we were driving along the Great Ocean Road at speed, all the while navigating by utilising in the rear view mirror 😂....
This segues me to the presentations we made last night, which is what Editor Jim wants. The nature of presentations is in two parts. Awards by the President [personal Citations KCVO - style including Rotarian of the Year] and secondly PHF recognition for Service. Selected by a Panel [according to our Constitution]. More than once by our Board, also on the nomination by a Member and thirdly by acclaim.
The PHF recipients last night [and I don't want pedantry about terminology] were mooted in the early part of my presidency. One was considered at Board Meetings, because he himself was on the Selection Panel. laugh You can imagine the ritual whispering that would have ocurred ... Now see here, Old Chap, Jim and I were just wondering .....
Dare I say, pragmatic and thoughtful person that I am, the then P - E Sue was  included in the decisions, because by that stage any decisions impacted on her own wishes. By half - term, a President must be well and truly considering, by consultation, the President - elect. One must aim where the duck is going to be, not where it is. smiley  P - E Sue understood this; she was loading her shotgun at the time.
The honor recognizes a person whose Life demonstrates a shared purpose, including the improvement of living conditions and opportunities. Without doubt, contribution to activities within, and external to our Club, should be comprehensively and selflessly provided, over an extended period and without fanfare. Although a PHF is 'of Rotary' it is not Rotary - centric; it is Community - centric.
Plagiarism being one of my skills, I purloined these Pearls of Wisdom from District Governor Mark Humphries.
It is said that Trouble always comes out of a clear blue sky. Trust me. Rotarians  Rew and Young were to receive their Honors in February - March; Rotarians Morris and Hoban at Changeover by President Sue. indecision
What to do? I thought President Sue would decide the schedule, but she had other Plans. Whilst partaking of coffee at Pop's recently 'we' decided that [and I was placed with the Sun in my eyes!] I would bestow the Recognitions on both pp David and IPP Jim; because I had the 'wood' on them. Sue said. It made sense, given that Brendan had both sponsored Super Sue and insisted that she follow me as President. Likewise, it seemed fitting that by President Sue, along with David Morris PHF recognizing Linda Morris, either justice or retribution was served. Linda you see had put forward Sue's recommendation for a PHF.
So, the System is self - regulating and fair. We consider [lit.] unique service.
Sue Voss, President, at the Changeover
President Sue, Rotarian Linda Morris (Community Director) and David Morris, MP, at the Changeover