Coriander: It is the last resort of the scandal chef; along with chilli and Nutella and other fake foods.
I’d wager very few of our population are aware of this; trendy Chardonnay - sipping chefs have for some time foisted coriander upon us. Along with lemon grass, curry leaves and chilli, etcetera.
These ingredients ... to use the word loosely, were all, all, all, meant to be cooked; never ever served as a garnish. Ask the 67.7 million citizens of a Thailand. 
The reasons? I hear you ask! Well, you see, as the Welsh say at the beginning of every answer; first, one never sees the Thai people eating uncooked coriander. [See Chardonnay - sipping chefs, above]. 
Second, and the prime reason that all of the above plants and derivatives were never meant, and should never, be eaten uncooked is ..... their pungent ‘taste’ was employed IN COOKING, to disguise the taste of the putrid ‘meat’ and offal that the local had to eat.​​​​​​
(Did you know, it is legal to eat road kill in The Southern States of the USA? But I digress). 
The above - named ‘ingredients’ contain, in their makeup, matter that can be detrimental to our health. 
Oh, rhubarb is another candidate for an early demise; its leaves are toxic. The CIA and Russians used it as a poison. I don’t eat rhubarb, so it is academic. 
Now for two brain - teasers:
1. How do you know if a vegan 🌱 is in a group at dinner? They always tell you.
2. How do you distinguish tourists in Mexico? They are the only ones who have been sucked into putting a wedge of lemon 🍋 in the neck of their Corona Cerveza.... A plot by the locals to show up Gringos as ‘Babosos’. 
Baboso is a Spanish insult (the Latinos are really superb at slander). It means, literally, one who dribbles / slobbers. Rather fitting, given this is exactly what happens if one tries to drink beer from a bottle with a wedge of lemon wedged in it. Hard to look cool 😎 (as the liquid runs over your tattoos and onto your thongs). 😂