Clifton Creek Primary School has relocated [temporarily] to Nicholson Primary School.
You heart it here First...
Most of this is true; I just need some moral support [apart from Kerry Margalit, a Saint if ever there was One].
A house at Lakes Entrance [we have to book ahead through Kerry]
Message: I am willing to fund one night. After that it's $20 a night per room (not per person).
Bring your own sheets & towels. Doonas & pillows supplied. Double set up in kitchen with all kitchen utensils etc. I can book the whole house for several days. I'll send you photos of the house. The kitchen is fully set up, as is wood supply for heater. It is well set up - comfortable & spacious. Two bathrooms & three toilets. Two covered verandas. Five bedrooms in all. I would take one of the five bedrooms.
The driving time between Nicholson and Lakes Entrance is 30 minutes / 32 km. Longer drive time if / when you are towing a BBQ Trailer and a freezer. [Rowan / Brynton / Mike].
I think, when the School opens, at Nicholson, we go down and put on a bbq. Sue Paul, the Principal, will be in awe and will get lots of support. WE will / they will advertise it.
What else is at Nicholson, I hear you ask? The winery, bar restaurant. It's great wine, trust me.
WE fill the trailer for the return trip and sell the contents for EGRFA.
Volunteers needed. Please