Posted by Ross Schweitzer
Ros Thompson tells us of a few ‘home truths’ about caring for children who, through no fault of their own, do not enjoy a secure home life.
The situation that children in foster care find themselves in, seems at first to be surreal. We cannot imagine how they imagine their plight. This is especially true of siblings who are divided between foster families. The lottery of the Devil.
The number of children in the foster community does not count the invisible population; children who are passed between their uncles and aunts, and grandparents. Every layer of society ‘hides’ such cases in plain sight.
Fostered children are not ‘lesser’ humans. Indeed, if our Society cannot look after its own next generation, whom do we expect will? The Government is, like it or not, ill- equipped to deal with any issue that is not ‘one size fits all’. Anyway, The Government won’t take a child to a footy match, or Maccas; for a treat. 
Whereas foster families receive compensation for the work they do, payments do not cover the overheads of looking after children. We all know that from personal experience. We know that no person who fosters children is doing it for the money, if they’ve bothered to apply for any in the first place.
Foster families don’t expect perfection, just children. Ones who in turn are grateful in their way, who may take ‘a while’ to bond, who laugh and cry and may even be naughty, like ‘real’ children. 
OzChild, a not - for - profit organisation, have provided our community a service caring for at - risk children for over 170 Years.